Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Just for laughs... Don't arrest me!!!

Ahmad Ismail: Malaysian Chinese are illegal immigrants!!!!
Chinese citizens: WTF!!
Sin Chew Daily reporter: Wah!!! Ahmad Ismail say like that ah! Ok!!! I write in newspaper!!!
MCA: Ahmad Ismail must apologize!!!
Pak Lah: Aiyo, why Ahmad Ismail say like that... Ok, ok I apologize on his behalf ok? Sorry, sorry. MCA, please forgive him, ok?
Ahmad Ismail: Oops, so many people angry liao. I better go hide first.
Police: Eh, where Ahmad Ismail go? Cannot find him!!!

*in the mean time...**

ISA: Lets arrest Sin Chew Daily reporter because she wrote nonsense in the newspaper!! We cannot arrest Ahmad Ismail because although what he said is wrong, he is a Malay and Malaysia must protect Malays. Malays are more important than the Chinese.
Sin Chew Daily reporter: Ahhh!!! Why you arrest me!!!! I didn't do anything wrong!! Sobsobzz...
Chinese citizens: WTF!!! Why ISA arrest the wrong person!!
ISA: Oh, no lah. You misunderstand liao. We arrested the reporter because we care for her safety mah. Scared later some people will try to hurt her for what she wrote in the newspaper.
Chinese citizens: Walao. This kind of bullshit also can ah. Swt...
Pak Lah: Ok, ok. I know Ahmad Ismail was wrong. So I suspend him from UMNO for three freaking long years. Ok? Happy?
MCA: No!!! We want apology!!
Ahmad Ismail: Nenebubu!!! I dowan to apologize!!! Pah Lah is protecting me so you can't do anything to me!! Blek!!!!

Exam results are out.

My CGPA is damn freaking low.

I'm one of the stupidest students in NTU and I feel like killing myself.

No more playing for the next semester!!!!!!!!

Die die also must study liao!!

P.S.: But at least I know I'm smarter than most of USM's students lor...

Saturday, 27 December 2008


After lots and lots and lots (and I mean lots) of procrastinating, I finally finished another piece.


Drop comments!!!!

Friday, 26 December 2008

Tis the season to be jolly

Was out for a Christmas Eve celebration.

As usual, the main reason I go out isn't because of what the day is. Nah, I'm just there to, well, join the crowd.

Festivals mean very little to me. As I see it, they're there just so that people can use them as an excuse to party and go crazy, just for that one day.

So screw Santa hats, Santa costumes, and Christmas tree decorations. I'm just interested in the booze and the crowd.

Jia, Phaik Yean, Xing, Cindy, Jack and I went for dinner at Jemputree, a Malay restaurant at Burma Road. The food was okay, but there was just this one thing which annoyed me:

On the menu, it wrote:

Mermaid -
Soda mixed with strawberries, strawberry-flavoured ice-cream, with whipped cream. RM 8.90

It sounded good, so I decided to order it; despite the fact that deep down, I knew it was waaaayyy overpriced for a glass of beverage.

When my 'Mermaid' came, I realised it was just F&N strawberry-flavoured carbonated drink with a scoop of cheap ice-cream at the top.


I could get that for RM 2 anywhere else.

Still, I'd recommend that you pay the restaurant a visit, coz their ambiance definitely makes up for their overpriced food and drinks.

After dinner, we went to Gurney which was, as usual, awfully packed with people.

I met up with K and we went window shopping for awhile, then we met up with a few other ex-classmates at Starbucks. We pretty much spent the rest of our night there (with the occasional toilet trip), playing lame games coz nobody remembered to bring poker cards.

At about 11.30 p.m., we finally came to the sad realisation that Christmas at Gurney was just all noise and crap and snow spray, so we went to the nearest 24-hour convenience store, got some snacks and beer, and headed back to PY's place.

Here's a picture of me, half drunk (kiddin), trying to french kiss Bobby the dog.

We gossipped till we fell asleep.

We took other pictures too, but I'm waaaay too lazy to upload them here.

I won't promise that I'll upload them anytime soon, because I've just realised that I'm pretty bad at keeping promises.

Besides, I still owe you guys the pictures from the Little Grass outing to Penang.

I'll try asking the photographer to send them to me.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Walaoeh...testing my brain leh.

It's harder than it looks! Copy and paste to your own journal, erase my answers, and add your own. Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names and/or objects, but nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person you got this from has the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question. And have fun with it!

GIRL NAME: Rebecca
BEVERAGE: Raspberry juice
FOOD: Rice
SOMETHING FOUND IN A BATHROOM: Rubbish?? (My rubbish bin is in my bathroom one what)
A PLACE: Reading room in Hall 8
REASON FOR BEING LATE: Ran and fell down and bruised my knee.

You think damn easy to think of R words is it? You try and see!!!


Is very contagious.


It's funny how the holidays make people go emo. I guess lack of studying and stress does make you think more about your real purpose in life. It kinda makes you think about what you're doing right now, and all of a sudden, it seems like your life is filled with the emptiness of studying, studying, and more studying, with the occasional play times.

Also, how people change. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

"Your're worse than a Shinigami. Shiori really loved you deeply. Did you ever loved her?"

"I'm not sure."
-Ryuuku and Yagami Light, Death Note-

The more you think about it, the more confused you get.

Then, the more complicated stuff comes in. Like how you've wasted the first quarter of your life doing absolutely nothing, and how it might just as well continue this way for the next three quarters.

What have I done? Like, really. What real things have I done?

I'm turning 19 in another six months, and I can't even recall what I've done all this while to get this grown up already.

Speaking of which, is there actually any special requirements for a person to be considered a grown up?

I'm beginning to believe that nobody really turns into a grown up. They are just because we think they are.

What do people think of me?

I don't think I will ever get to know.

Nobody ever sees this emo side of me. Outside, I'm a fun-loving, outgoing and extroverted person, but when it comes down to personal matters, I'm just a young, helpless, confused kid who doesn't know what to do with her life.

Lately, I have been browsing through people's friendster profiles, and I've got this feeling of unspeakable emptiness and delusion which just gets stronger and stronger.

I don't know why.

The more friendster photos I view, the more I think "Who are they?", even if they're my close friends and the more closely I see their faces, the more they get illusionally distorted. I know it's all in my mind, but it sort of makes me think what people really are.

Are they aliens? Immature beings who, like me, don't really know what they're doing with their lives? I mean, even if I were to try to do something 'meaningful' like volunteer work, helping out in the orphanage, donating to the needy and such, I'd probably be doing it for 'aimless' people, which, in turn, makes my voluntary work seem pretty aimless too. What then, is the point of doing anything at all?

We might as well all be dead.

I view people's photos and I see lots of different things. Mostly, I see people smiling.

And sometimes, when they smile too much, I start to hate them.

Maybe I'm just very bored.

Or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

难道开心的事,我就特别不在意吗? 伤心,是为了什么?为什么伤心就是不好的呢?
-Ah Cheng, Cheng's Friendster blog-

The second semester will be starting soon. That should stop the emo-ness.

Don't worry, I won't kill myself just yet. I still have my four years of university life to complete.

P.S.: I'm going to eat chocolate fondue at Haagan Daz tonight!!!!!! I *heart* chocolate!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Little Grass outing to Penang!!!

So!!! Have been awfully, awfully busy these few days, hosting some NTU-ians who have come to Penang for holiday!!!

Peeps who visited:
The cute gals - Yurong, Wan Theng, Zhi Vern, Jia Yi.
The silly guys - Boon Cheng, Vincent, Wai Hon.

18 Dec 2008

At 8 in the freaking morning, I had to crawl myself out of bed coz Uncle Cheng said he would arrive at Penang early in the morning.

Got an hour or so of sleep after settling him in the guest room, and then my mum brought us for breakfast at 10am.

BC, my little cousin, and I went to Prangin Mall after that to get a fake iPod (2GB for RM *** only!!!! Cheap right!!) for Yurong as her birthday present.

Inside some more got record our voices saying happy birthday to her one okay!!!!

Then, we met Yurong and we wasted some time at the arcade (stupid punya Initial D) before going back home, where BC, Yurong and I teamed up on DotA ( I LOVE DOTAAAA!!!) against AI. Me on my laptop, Yurong on hers, and BC on the desktop. We lost.


Then, my mum brought us to eat laksa!!!! Yum!

Later in the evening, we went to meet the other five people, who just took a cab from the bus terminal to Gurney Drive. Of course, we had dinner at the famous hawker centre there. Damn delicious leh!

After dinner, we went to Gurney Drive for a 'romantic' walk, where we bought 3 bottles of bubble-blowing-soapy-thingy-whateveryoucallit. RM 1 per bottle. Damn cheap leh!!!

Nearby was a little boy shooting bubbles out of his soap-gun. Walao. How come kids these days so high-class one? Bubbles also use gun to shoot already. When I was younger, I had to blow my own bubbles till I went out of breath.

So there we were, a bunch of 20+ year olds (except me lor...), blowing bubbles and popping them. Zhi Vern even had a bubble fight with the boy with the bubble gun. Of course the gun produced more bubbles lar.

Later at night, we went to Coffee Bean, where we bought a mini cake and gave Yurong a surprise birthday celebration. You should have seen her surprised expression when we brought her the cake and sang her Happy Birthday. Just as she thought that was all, we presented her with the fake iPod, which shocked her even more.

I think she was so touched, she almost got teary eyed.


We camwhored a little more at the Christmas tree in front of Gurney Plaza before heading home.

Snuggled comfortably in my room, all of us began our discussion on tomorrow's plans, discussed money matters ("Eh you owe me RM10 leh!" "No lah, you owe me RM 50!!"" "Then Yurong's birthday present not yet include leh?" "I paid for the dinner and the cake!!" "Hey, you owe me money for bus tickets!"), and looked for cars to rent.

19th Dec 2008

The next day (I woke up at eight in the friggin' morning!!), my mum brought the guys to the airport to pick up two Kancils, while us girls went out to the nearby kopi tiam to tah pow breakfast for everybody. After breakfast and some more procrastinating, we finally got into the cars and headed off to Penang Hill.

We had to wait fucking long for the tram lor.

Being the impatient me, I got bored and began molesting the girls' asses, blaming the guys for it. In the end, nobody wanted to stand near me. =(

Penang Hill was okay. We saw some really, really big spider webs with really, really big spiders on them. The canopy walk was closed, though. How sad.

After buying some snacks, Yurong broke her skewer into three parts.

Me: Here are three sticks. Each guy takes one, and he who gets the longest one gets to sleep with me tonight. The rest of you can sleep in the car porch.
*BC got the longest one**
BC: Just now, you said that who gets the longest one doesn't need to sleep with you tonight, right?

Hello!!! some people have been waiting their whole lives to sleep with me okay!! I'm now giving you the opportunity of a lifetime and you're throwing it away just like that!!!


After some wrong turns and missed junctions, we finally arrived at Penang Road for some chendol, and to New World Park for lunch.

In the car, Vincent (the driver of the car) suggested that me and him pretend to have gotten into an argument and he told me to tell Theng (she's in the other car) that I want to swap places with her.

So, when we arrived at the Toy Museum, I walked up to Theng. BC was standing nearby.

Me: Hey, I wanna swap places with you later, okay?
Theng and BC: Huh? Why?
Me: Nothing.
Theng and BC: ...


Theng: Hey, why did you want to swap places with me?
Me: This one you have to ask Vincent yourself lor...
Theng: ...

The Toy Museum had soooooo many toys and action figures!!! I found many favourites there (Lara Croft *Damn, her boobs here HUGE!!**, Nightmare before Christmas, Pokemon, etc), but my favouritest was a life size figure of the Night Elf from War Craft.

After that, we visited the beach, where I emo-ed.

Can't blame me. Beaches in the evenings make me go sappy.

After that we went to Batu Ferringhi.

Me: Eh, Batu Ferringhi got sell a lot of kiam pneah, you know? Wanna buy some? We could watch it together tonight.
BC: Aiya, no need to waste money lar, go home download yourself lar.

('Kiam pneah' literally means salted biscuits in hokkien, which is a slang for pornography.)

Upon arrival at Batu Ferringhi...

Me: Ah Cheng!!! I wanna eat kiam pneah!!
BC: Yala, you always also like one lah...
Me: Eh, btw, have you tried kiam pneah with Milo before? Damn delicious leh.

We made a fool of ourselves.

Wai Hon and I took silly 'lala/act cute' pictures together.

BC and I checked out hot chicks.

Vincent and I (or maybe it was just me alone) tried our best to act like we were still fighting.

That night, we had snacks while watching Death Note, but we were too sleepy and tired to even finish the movie.

Apparently, Vincent and I weren't very good at acting, because nobody even realised we were fighting. In the end, Theng just laughed at us.

20th Dec 2008

Boon Cheng barged into the girls' room (my room) and made so much noise ("Oi!!! Time to wake up!! Don't sleep anymore!! We guys got ready a long time ago. Why are you girls still sleeping??") that I had no choice but to wake up.

We went to return the two cars to the airport, then we walked a little at Queensbay.

Vincent: Eh, lets go to the lingerie shop.
Me: Har??? Who do you want to buy underwear for?
Vincent: Of course I want to buy it for somebody who can wear it for me to see lar...
Me: Who? I thought you don't have a girlfriend?
Vincent: Yeah, I'm waiting for one.
Me: Ohh... Okay. Then why would you want to buy lingerie now? Oh, I know! Did you want to follow the idea of the Cinderella story?
Vincent: What Cinderella?
Me: Remember the prince had the glass shoe and he said that whichever girl whose foot can fit the glass shoe perfectly gets to be his wife? So why don't you get a D cup bra, and you let all the girls in NTU try it on? Who fits the bra best gets to be your girlfriend.
Vincent: ...

Zhi Vern was the main photographer in this trip. I'm still waiting for her to send me the tons and tons of pictured we took.

Please be patient!!! I promise, I'll upload them all!!!

P.S.: Vincent, you left your toothbrush at my place. Do you want me to return it to you when we meet again in NTU?

P.S.2: The price of the fake iPod was removed just in case the birthday girl happens to read this.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

An achievement

"Of course, if you pierced the top part of your ear, it'd hurt more than the usual."

"Oh, and when you bath, do take extra care when you're washing your ear."

"You will have to remember to wipe your ear dry after bathing. It may hurt a little though, so wipe it gently."

"If you accidentally sleep on the side of your ear where you just pierced it, it'll hurt, so be careful."

That's what the girl told me, while she was preparing the equipments for ear piercing.

Like my own fear isn't enough, she just had to tell me all those.

"It's just some things I thought you should know, you know?"

Yeah, but what if after telling, I decide not to pierce my ear anymore?

They'd lose RM6 off their total revenue.


Today, I finally overcame my fear of pain and courageously went for a sixth piercing in my ear!!!

Congratulate me!!

Edward Cullen

90% of the blogs I read has at least one blog entry which goes something like:

"Ohmigosh Twilight is such a nice movie!!!!!!", "Edward is soooooo cute that I'm gonna dump my boyfriend for him!!!", "I loooooove Twilight sooooooo much!", and so on and so forth.

Sometimes, of course, it'd be just a mere "I watched Twilight" kinda thing.

Let me show you some examples:


So FINALLY, after hearing so much hype about Twilight, we finally went to watch it. I can see why girls all over the world are absolutely gaga over Edward Cullen. He's sexy, brooding, gorgeous, and a vampire. I liked the storyline, and it's making me that much eager for the 2nd instalment! >_<>_<
-shitakaru_pat, Me & My Life Story-

Edward Cullen is really, really, really cute okay!!! Must watch Twilight!!!! Lets watch it together!!!

-Xing (she mentioned it to me the other time we went shopping)-

Okay, maybe that's like only two examples (Xing doesn't count coz she doesn't own a blog), which does not even make up of 30% of the blogs I read, but you get my point.

Not that I'm not like that. On the 10th of December 2008, I wrote:

Watched Twilight.


Oh, how I wished he could be my boyfriend. Being cold-blooded doesn't bother me too much. At least he will never die and leave me a widow.

-Rachel, Raedarling-

Maybe we bloggers should create a new Edward Cullen fan club.

Anyone interested?

P.S: I really should be more careful about over-coloring my blog entries, or else they might turn into one of those oh-so-colourful bimbotic blogs. The worst thing is, they don't even contain real blog posts; they are just full of messy, jumbled up, meaningless words which come in different fonts, shapes, colors, sizes, etc.

Oh, yes. They're heavily decorated with La-la pictures too.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Desperate Measures

"You have to appreciate the irony. After all these years of being locked up, I'm given the opportunity to kill again. A cop's kid too, and all I have to do is sit right here."
-Peter McCabe, Desperate Measures-

I just finished watching it. It's about a cop who's willing to do anything to stop his son from dying from cancer, but the only one who can save him is a dangerous prisoner.

I'd recommend it.

You know, you can't always hate prisoners. That's what I've learnt from this movie. Sometimes, you just gotta respect them for their sharpness and intelligence.

Respect, respect.

Speaking of respect, yes, I do respect rich people too, but if they're filthy rich but stupid and dumb, then what's the point? I only appreciate people with brains, not people with money. Unless of course, if all the money they'd earned was by their intelligence and wits, then that would be a different story.

Anyway, I love smart people.

"Isn't it nice to be in control?"
-Peter McCabe, Desperate Measures-

Yep, it sure is nice to be in control. That's the privilege people get for being smart.

Like how I am in control of my blog, so that pathetic losers who do not have a life of their own can't contaminate my blog with their uncivilized nonsensical comments.

I mean, there are people out there who actually gain pleasure from spamming others' blog with irrelevant lame stuff?? Oh, and apparently, these people are even creating multiple names for themselves and creating their own conversations, just to make it seem like they're one big group of people ganging up against me, when in reality, it's only one pathetic loser!! Makes me wanna laugh till I gag. Gosh, I pity their sad, lifeless corpses. How pathetic can they get?

I thought people usually gain pleasure from more concrete stuff like money, blow jobs, etc?


Who has the last laugh now? No comments? Replies? Unable to type anything in my chat box? Awww... Isn't that sad. What a pity.


Lets not dwell any longer on the unfortunate fact that they can't type in my chat box anymore, shall we? They're already moping, and it's not very nice to add salt to others' wounds.

*grins more*

Besides, I'm smart. I can track them down easily if I wanted to, but being the kind and generous person that I am, I shall stop them from spamming my blog, coz their spamming might enable me to track them down (like how I already know that majority of them are from KL, and some from Johor and Kedah) and who knows what I can do to people when they piss me off? I don't want 'innocent people' like them to come to the sad realisation that they might be better off dead.

Ain't I the kindest?

P.S: I hate kids who think they're oh-so-grown up just because they're already in secondary school. Don't make me hate you.


Friday, 12 December 2008


There are some people in the cyber world whom I have some issues with.

Especially those people I see in Friendster.

1. Those who TyP LyK Tis aNd ThiNk itS sO CuTE.
You should see their Friendster profiles. Their shout out usually goes something like this:

"Hu wAn b FwEnz wiF miee cAN Add miee aT fwEnZ wiF Miiiee Orhz!!"

My response to that is this:


What the fuck is wrong with them? Can't they type normally like how it's supposed to be? Alternate upper casing makes my head go dizzy. Apparently, they don't think it's enough only for the first letter of every sentence to be capitalized.

One can't help but wonder how their English language teacher taught them grammar.

And whats with the "OrHz"? Is that even a word???

My goodness.

2. Those who upload images of weird, horrendous alien-like creatures and claim that they're pictures of themselves.
You've probably seen them before. Friendster is unmercifully infested with them. Those big, beady eyes and strained, pursed and contrived lips, with the occasional finger on cheek.

Here are some examples:

Who are they think they're kidding? Humans actually look like that??? Thank God they don't, or I'd kill myself already.


3. Those who upload ten IDENTICAL pictures of themselves and expect people to magically develop some kind of patience to view them all.
It doesn't help when all ten of them are as fugly as alien-wannabes.

And what is it with them and public washrooms???

They stand in front of the public washroom mirror and do this:

*repeat above process ten times with slightly different positions*

Can't you people just take normal photos with normal backgrounds instead of the toilet? Nobody wants to look at your mirror image so for goodness' sake, STOP TAKING PICTURES OF THE WASHROOM MIRRORS. Nobody wants to know what chio camera or camera phone you used to take your pictures, coz they're all fugly anyway.

Oh, and do stop uploading all ten identical pictures of yourself. As much as you think you're cute/sexy/pretty, not all people think so. Just pick the best picture and be done with it.

Do. Not. Torture. Our. Eyes.

4. Those who caption their photos with 'glamorous' names and draw weird designs on their faces.
Yeah, they're glamorous alright.

Wahh. So cute.

5. Those who misuse the "About Me" section in their Friendster profile.

Favourite Movies: AlL de nIcE mOviEz I oSo Lyk de...
Favourite Music: AnY NiCe sOnGz...
Favourite Books: I hAtE reAdinG...

^^Rachel Liew^^
^^18 yRs oLd^^

HaNg OuT wiF FweNz


Plz dOn't JuDgE me iF U duNno mE cOz I aM jUz MySelF.

Plz adD mE iN MsN anD FriEnDsTeR!!!

My gosh.

You might as well just leave the favourites part blank, if you're as shallow as to "like all the nice movies and songs".

Yes, you're SHALLOW.

If you haven't noticed, different people have different preferences. So when you're asked to name your facourite movies and music, you're supposed to actually say something concrete, you know? Or else I'd just assume you like all the movies and music in the world.

Which probably wouldn't be true now, would it?

Your likes and hates are very general. It'd be better if you could at least write something more...uh...interesting about yourself? A little more substance, maybe? I'm getting bored of seeing the same likes and dislikes in everyone else, coz if that were the case, the world would be a pretty boring place to live in, wouldn't it?

How un-intellectual.

And of course I'm gonna judge you. Please do not tell me not to judge you. How can I not, when you tYpE LyK TiS, act cute, call yourself a Pwincess (when you're obviously not), draw weird graffiti on your face, and keep on inviting strangers to add you on MSN and Friendster??

Friendster would be a much better community if these people just stopped being so weird.


I have three piercings on my left ear, and two on my right.

Should I go for a fifth one?

I'm kinda nervous about the throbbing pain afterward.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My day.

I have been living in Penang for 18 years, but have never really explored the place.

Today, I woke up at EIGHT IN THE FREAKING MORNING, just to 'go for a walk around Penang'.

The entrance fee to the Penang State Museum was only ONE RINGGIT.

Super duper *cupper-upper-califragilistic* damn freaking cheap lar. (^-^)

Was an educational (and historical) experience. Lol.

Then, we visited The Chocolate Boutique. I didn't know Beryl's was a local product!!! I spent RM 75 on chocolates. I couldn't help it!!! They were sooooo tempting!!!!

Later on, I went to Gurney Plaza (yes, again; you should have noticed by now that Penang is an awfully small island with very few places to go) for some window shopping.

I am broke. Broke as in, really broke. Like how my wallet would break into two coz it's out of stuffing. Like how I'd break a leg in the hopes of finding at least an RM 50 note on the side-walk. Like how my heart is broken coz I can't buy things anymore. You get the idea.

Ever since Queensbay opened, it has become my new favourite shopping mall coz it has more shops (not to mention more branded goods) compared to Gurney Plaza.

But ever since Guney Plaza opened its' new wing, I have fallen in love with it all over again.

They have brands like MNG, Quiksilver, Billabong, and even Ripcurl, which previously couldn't be found in Penang. Even more high-end stuff can be found like Paris Hilton, and Kipling, just to name a few. That's like soooo much better than Queensbay lah!!!!!

Okay, okay. I'll stop being so materialistic. Especially when I'm the one being the broke-est here.

Watched Twilight.


Oh, how I wished he could be my boyfriend. Being cold-blooded doesn't bother me too much. At least he will never die and leave me a widow.

I didn't win the Kakii's contest.


So much for hoping for the Sony digicam.

UPDATE: Just thought I'd like to add that among the few boxes of chocolate I bought, one of them was chili flavoured. Yes, the chocolate's spicy. Literally.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

I fall for you.

The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before?
I know you don't think that I am trying
I know you're wearing thin down to the core

But hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind

Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find

This is not what I intended
I always swore to you I'd never fall apart
You always thought that I was stronger
I may have failed, but I have loved you from the start

Ohh, but hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind

Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
It's impossible

So breathe in so deep
Breathe me in, I'm yours to keep
And hold on to your words 'cause talk is cheap
And remember me tonight when you're asleep

Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind

Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find

Tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind

Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find

-Secondhand Serenade, Fall For You-

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it.

Every time I listen to it, I'm reminded of that special someone and I find my eyes automatically tearing up.

I'm reminded of the times we spent together. I'm reminded of how we first became best friends. I'm reminded of how we're always there for each other, despite the circumstances.

And that certain someone is so special to me that I don't even bother writing this in my private blog anymore. That person is important to me and everyone deserves to know, because I don't care what others think anymore. All I know is, that special someone has become a part of my life and always will be.

I have said this in my private blog before, but I'm going to say it once again here.

I miss you.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Penguins and the look alikes.

During my visit to Jurong Bird Park, K and I visited the souvenir shop.

I saw many, many, many awfully cute stuffed animals birds there.

The stuffed penguins especially attracted my attention (and of course, I squealed at them like how all girls do when they see some really, really irresistable, adorable, huggable toy) and K proceeded to say that the penguins looked just like me.

He has also mentioned that resemble:

1. My stuffed dog Rufus.

2. The fat, gray cat with a chipped ear which usually sits on the wall near K's room and sleeps on the ironing board (I wonder if anyone still uses it for ironing during the day?) in the laundry room at night. We inauspiciously named it Meow Meow. K once asked me how I would feel if one day I were to walk past the wall and I didn't see Meow Meow there. Surprisingly, I honestly admitted that I would somehow miss it, though it isn't the friendliest of all cats; in fact, Meow Meow seems pretty stuck up and arrogant. It took me weeks for it to finally acknowledge my presence and play with me.

3. The birds we saw at the bird park.

4. The fat owl.

5. The somewhat cute-looking (well, if you were to imagine an animated version of it) cockroach with twitching antennas we saw outside Esplanade.

6. The wooden carved lizard I'm wearing on my neck.

7.The lizards crawling at my ceiling.

Curious, one day I asked him, "You just mentioned ten minutes ago that I looked like Meow Meow. Yesterday, you said I looked like my dog. Now you say I look like that lizard. So, which animal am I?"

To which he replied, "You're all of them. Your features change according to the animal I mention."


He also loves calling me 'wou wou', similar to the noise a dog makes.

Back to the penguins.

K proceeded to make-believe a conversation between two identical stuffed penguins. He even made them move as they talked.

Stuffed penguin 1: (whispering to its neighbour) Pfft... (cocks it's head towards me) That girl over there looks just like me!!!!
Stuffed penguin 2: Huh? Where? (looks around) Wow!!!! Yeah, she really DOES look like you!
SP 1: How is it that somebody can have looks so similar to mine?
SP 2: Hey, have you noticed? She looks just like me too!!!
SP 1: Wow, really? You're right. That's amazing!! She looks like me and you!
SP 2: She looks like both of us!
SP 1 & 2: *amazed* Wah....

K deserves a whack on his head.


P.S.: K has also mentioned before that I'm an expensive (and i'd like to imagine exotic) pet to keep. Geez.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

A moment with my Kakiis

Uni life is great.

New life, new friends, new loves.


I received an email from Nuffnang some time back, about a contest organized by

Have been procrastinating and procrastinating about it till the last minute.

The due date is tomorrow.

Anyway, I want the
Sony Skinny T Digital Camera!!!

So here is one of the best moments ever with my new found uni kakiis.

We were camwhoring at one of the most beautiful and posh buildings in NTU, the School of Arts, Design and Media, during one of our Freshemen Orientation Camp games, which required us to rush about the whole campus, 'The Amazing Race' style.

The building even has got grass on it's rooftop!!!

Somehow, I pity the guys at the bottom of the pile of humans. ;)

The weather was great then; it was fairly windy, with a moderate amount of sunny-ness. I loved lying on the grass, though it was a little prickly at first. A really, really nice place to relax after running about for the whole day.

I heard that exam periods, many students come up here to study and de-stress.

Ahh... Those were the times.

Anyone of you wondering what to do after graduating from high school?

Come to NTU!!!!

I promise you, you'll find lots and lots of new kakiis and there's never going to be a dull moment around here.

I love my Kakiis.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I've been there once before.

This Japanese buffet restaurant.

I agree with the blogger; it's like freaking damn delicious and the variety of food there is endless. You could eat till you're stuffed to death and you still haven't tried all of their food.

I wanna go there again!!!!!

Like seriously, I'm so gonna drag K there with me.

of shopping and jogging.

I bought a new Guess purse!!!

RM 199.00

Nice, right!!!!!

My very first 'classy' purse.

And now, I'm broke. Please don't tell my parents that. I just took 100 bucks from my mum the other day.

Took the opportunity to camwhore a little with Xing...

I meant to upload some photos of my dad's brand new RM 3800 limited edition Tissot watch, but I'm just way too lazy. You can Google for pictures if you want.

Yesterday, my mum took me to Gurney Plaza and we had manicure + pedicure!!!!

They even gave us this sort of waxing treatment where they dipped our entire hands and feet into hot liquid wax. The wax caked on my hands and feet and you could see a layer of thin 'something' covering my bodily organs, reminding me of House Of Wax, much to my disgust.

Though I must admit, the after effects were great. My skin felt especially smooth and refreshed. The manicurist also removed all my dead skin cells on the soles of my feet and gave me a brief foot massage.

You know how I always complain about bad services in Malaysia?

Not this time.

I love their services. The people there are polite and they do their jobs well. Not to mention, I L-O-V-E the ambience. Comfy cushions, pretty curtains and dainty decorations. You could fall asleep in there!

RM 230.


I fell asleep at 4 a.m. last night (or rather, this morning) and woke up at 7.30 a.m.. A crazy thought (yes, it's an awfully crazy idea considering the fact that I just had three hours of sleep AND that I'm so NOT a sports person) crossed my mind and I decided to go for a morning jog. Ten minutes into it, I started feeling queasy and vomited.

Gosh, I didn't even have breakfast yet.

And just three minutes ago my mum came into the room and she was like "Why did you lie to me? You said you went jogging alone but your grandmother said a guy was outside waiting for you in a car."

I said no but she didn't believe me.

*Some contents have been removed because I realised I was too rash in typing them, much to my heated anger for being so wrongly accused*

And I thought I could make it a habit to jog every morning to keep myself healthy.

I'm having second thoughts about that now.

See how parents discourage their kids to practice good habits?

Monday, 1 December 2008

Bird Park.

I've finally found the time to upload a few photos of my visit to the bird park!! I've picked only a few out of the hundred photos I (unknowingly) took to be uploaded here; you can view the rest at my Friendster profile.

Photos are not posted in chronologial order.

Sorry for the lack of captions; it's four in the morning and I'm too sleepy for that.

The characteristics of a Panda.

K was reading this INNOCENT blog post and he commented on how dirty minded I am.


Sunday, 30 November 2008


I'm home!!!!

I love my big home, big bedroom, big bed, my big and fat hamster, my piano, my big Apple computer, my big toilet, my big bathroom, my extremely big mirror on my wall, my parents' big cars, and my big stuffed animals.

Though I've noticed that the Internet connection has become slower, public transportation is fucked up, public toilets stink, and the people have become less courteous.

But things here are extremely cheap.



A random conversation between AD and his girlfriend:

GF: Have you had your dinner?
AD: Yes.
GF: What did you eat?
AD: Fried rice.
GF: What fried rice?
AD: Aiya, fried rice is fried rice lah, what do you mean what fried rice!

Yeah, I know it doesn't sound funny here, but K and I were laughing our asses off when we hear it. Especially when you get to see AD's reaction after the girlfriend asked him the stupid question.


My dad just bought a limited edition Tissot watch which cost RM 3800.


I want one too!!!!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Birthday dedication


There. I wished you.

Happy now?


Annoyed or confused?

On the first day of Materials Science lecture, the professor was explaining how some materials could help further prevent fatal car accidents.

He showed us a video of a car without the "protective material", and how the car was smashed into pieces. Then, he showed us a second video of a car with the "protective stuff", and how the shape of the car was still conserved.

The "unprotected" car was white, and the "protected" car was red.

So I started telling K,

"Do you know why the white car was smashed into mush but the red car was still intact? (To which K rolled his eyes; he was all ready to listen to my nonsensical ramblings) The car's condition has nothing to do with the presence of the 'protective material'. It's the colour of the car that affects it's damages. The white car was more badly damaged because it reflects all light. Therefore, the atoms vibrate more coz it needs more energy to reflect the light, hence, its kinetic energy increases. As the atoms vibrate more, the interatomic bonding distance increases and the interatomic bonding forces are easier to overcome, hence, the material is easier to be broken. The white car then turns to mush."

"The red car, on the other hand, absorbs the red light, hence, it has more internal energy coz it gains energy from light. Since it has more internal energy, its potential energy increases and its interatomic bonding forces become stronger, hence, its material is more difficult to break and it's shape is retained."

*BIG grin*

K rolls his eyes.

Are you annoyed, or confused?

Xenon T.

K got his fingernails stained at purplish blue-black after helping me dye my hair black the other day.

K: Whatever will I say to my mum when she sees my nails?
Me: Just tell her you accidentally stained yourself with some permanent ink or something lah.
K: Oh wait, I know. I'll tell her I stained myself with some chemicals during Lab.
Me: Yeah, tell her you got some iodine on your fingers.

I said iodine coz that was the first thing that came to my mind. His fingers were dark blue, and iodine turns dark blue when comes in contact with starch. You get my point.

Me: ... Wait. Iodine washes off easily and everyone knows that.
K: Just tell her I got some sort of chemicals on my hands and it stained my fingernails lah. As if she'll ask what kind of chemical it was.
Me: Ahh.... I know!! Tell her you got xenon trisulphide aqueous on your hands during an experiment coz you forgot to wear safety gloves.

I love being intellectually inaccurate.

It annoys the educated and confuses the not-so-learned.

I annoy K, I confuse his mum.


P.S.: Of course I know Xenon is a noble gas and therefore it cannot react with other elements, you idiot.

My first dota winning!

I won a game of Dota. Woo!

Friday, 28 November 2008


You guessed it.

Another photo uploaded via cell phone.

Gosh, wonder how high my phone bill will be by the end of this month?

Kiss kiss

One of my crazy (and stupid) photos I took during my visit to the Jurong Bird Park. The rest are coming soon.

Patience is a virtue...

Signing out.


I've recently learned how to upload pictures onto my blog via cell phone and I'm getting addicted to it. Here's my first random pic:

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I promised I'd upload pics of my previous visit to the bird park, but K hasn't sent me the photos yet. They're still in his 5.0 megapixel camera phone.


For the past few days, things have been pretty monotonous. I wake up, procrastinate, brush my teeth, eat, procrastinate, take a bath, procrastinate, eat, play a few rounds of DotA, and whadya know! It's time for bed.

I know I've got some stuff to worry about (yeah, maybe they're not that important, but it's sorta making me not able to enjoy my short-lived happy moments with K) but I guess it turns out I'm just the sort who leaves things undone to the very last minute.

I am usually inspired to work by last minute panic.

Other misc: I'm almost broke, I have constipation, I've put on weight, I'm hungry but I feel guilty for spending money on food.


I wish my daddy were a billionaire.


Monday, 24 November 2008


Holidays are here!!!!!!!!!!!!

To start off, K and I had a sumptuous dinner buffet at Seoul Garden at Takashimaya.

$21++ per pax.

We ate and ate and ate and ate
and ate and ate and ate...

Till we could eat no more.

I finished up an entire plate of beef all by myself!!!!!

I *heart* beef!!!

One of the most delicious meals I have ever had in AGES.


Yesterday, K and I visited the Jurong Bird Park.

We had such a great time there.

I promise I'll upload the pics tomorrow.



If you have read my previous posts, you may have noticed that I've recently got a new addiction: Audition.

Not anymore.

Somehow, I'm beginning to *gasp* see why guys can sit at the computer playing DotA for hours on end.

My fave hero?

Kardel Sharpeye.

He shoots far enough and his speed ain't too slow. Yeah, I like snipers. I don't really fancy melee heroes coz as I see it, you're gonna hurt yourself if you have to get that close to your enemies to kill them.

My highest achievement?

Both heroes level 20, AI wins with 3/0 kill on easy mode.

I know.

Don't laugh.

Ask and thou shall receive.

*Due to some misunderstanding, this post has been removed*

But I still hate Kelvin Koay for hurting my best friend.

No bad feelings, Jewel.


Friday, 21 November 2008

Exam's over!!!!


Spent the whole of last night/this morning watching online movies from Veoh, before falling asleep at 7 a.m..

Of course, not before snapping a photo of this scenic dawn:

I never was able to wake up early enough to see the sunrise, but at least I could stay up late enough to do so.


Lotsa post-exam activities planned.

First off, a sumptuous dinner at a posh restaurant.

Stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Of exams.

Ever since I was in primary school, I have always wished that I could refer to books during exams.

I hated it that I had to memorize stuff.
I hated it that I had to study everything that was in the books, only to have them not appearing in exams.
I hated it that I had to read a single sentence over and over again, just to find that it's utterly impossible to understand it.

I wished and wished and wished that I could sit for an open book exam.

That'd be the day I'll finally secure myself an A without even having to study.

How wrong I was.

Try sitting for the Physics 1 open book exam.

You can take a million books into the exam hall and you still can't answer those damned questions.

University students are allowed to refer to books during exams. How fun. I can't wait to get there.



Less than 24 hours before my Materials Science exam, I'm:

- Enjoying a hearty sushi buffet at Sakae Sushi with K. $16 per pax.
- Playing Audition, an online dance game which I've recently got addicted to.
- Crying over irrelevant stuff.
- Procrastinating.
- Sleeping.
- Animatedly discussing about 'un-academic' stuff.
- Boasting about how easy the past years are.

Less than 12 hours before my Materials Science exam, I'm:

- Blogging.
- Not studying.
- Considering playing a couple of rounds of Audition after blogging.
- Not taking into consideration the fact that I might feel sleepy the next day if I don't go to bed right now.
- Happily anticipating the day when exams are finally over.
- Feeling damn confident about Materials Science exam.

Is there something wrong with me, or what?

One day, my over-confidence is gonna eat me till there's nothing left.


Monday, 17 November 2008

Who are you?

...but you've become

Somebody else round everyone else
You're watching your back like you can't relax
You're tryin' to be cool you look like a fool to me
Tell me

Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated
Life's like this you
And you fall and you crawl and you break
and you take what you get and you turn it into honesty
and promise me I'm never gonna find you fake it
no no no

You come over unannounced
dressed up like you're somethin' else
where you are ain't where it's at you see
you're making me
laugh out when you strike your pose
take off all your preppy clothes
you know you're not fooling anyone
when you've become

Somebody else round everyone else
Watching your back, like you can't relax
Trying to be cool you look like a fool to me
Tell me

Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated
Life's like this you
and You fall and you crawl and you break
and you take what you get and you turn it into
promise me I'm never gonna find you fake it
no no no

I just don't understand how some people are like that.

It kinda pisses me off.

But still.

It's forgivable.

I love you.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

I surrender

Why is it that USM students pass their exams with flying colours without studying but NTU students fail their exams although they study like hell?


In my whole of 18 years of life, exams have never succeeded in stressing me out so much that I break down and cry.

This time, I surrender.

I've reached my limit.

I cry.

Happy now?

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Life's greatest lesson.

I am aware that there are a significant number of people who dislike me.

Regardless in NTU, or back in Penang. Or anywhere else, in that case.

They have problems with my attitude, my thinking, my personality, my language and whatnot.

So far, it hasn't bothered me.

It doesn't bother me that there are a significant number of people out there who loathe me, because I know there are many others who love me for who I am.

I know what I am doing, and I know I haven't done anything wrong towards anybody.

But isn't it a little too much when you allow your resentment towards someone influence you to inflict hurt to that person on purpose?

Isn't it a little too much when you adopt her life as a joke, where you can mess around with and enjoy watching her suffer as a result of your irresponsible actions? Is it so fun to make her cry just for your enjoyment?

Is it that fun to be able to ruin somebody's life, just to give yourself the illusion that you're greater than others, because in reality you know you're just a pathetic nobody?

Is it fun to be able to spread vicious gossips about your enemies just to get them into trouble, even to the extent of influencing parents to think that I'm bad company? Is it that fun to see parents coming into play, banning their kids from being friends with me?

There's a parent who thinks that I am a promiscuous, shameless girl who hops from one guy to another faster than the speed of light and thinks I put curses onto my enemies, hence, disapproving of her son's friendship with me.

That's only whom I know of.

So what if a guy drives up to my home to take me out? So what if you see me in the shopping mall with him? Does it necessarily mean that we have something going on? Does it have to mean that I'm flirting with him?

Does that mean I am a playgirl?

Can't it be that we're just friends?

So now I can't even have the freedom to be friends with the opposite sex, without having others thinking I am a cheap slut?

Who knows what other worse things other people might have heard about me?

I have learnt the hard way never to trust anyone.


Not even my closest friends.

Not even the people whom I spent more than half of my lifetime sticking with, through thick and thin.

Friends, please accept my greatest apologies.

I love you guys to bits, but I cannot trust anyone of you anymore.

I only hope that I shall not receive anymore bad news which will eventually result in the closing down of my blog.

It's my life, and I will not allow anybody else to interfere with it. I shall have my privacy respected.

Succeeding this blog post, I am sure the drama will continue.

In a more careful way of course, considering the fact that some of their actions have leaked out to me.

Just a note, isn't it interesting how much I can influence people to think of me, to talk about me, to try to make an impact in my life? Gosh, I must be pretty important in their lives to be able for them to go to so much trouble just for me.

Usually, I don't even bother trying to hurt my enemies coz they're too insignificant for me to waste my precious time on.

It seems that I am a pretty significant figure in many people's lives, for them to spend a significant amount of their time trying to hurt me.

I'm famous. Lol.

Kevin and I? It's none of your business whether we're an item or not.

Get out.

Saturday, 8 November 2008


Exam stress is making me emo.

Hence, the following photos I took of myself.

*I told K1 that I was gonna post them here and he gave a huge disapproval coz it contains explicit elements so I guess its the glums for today*


Friday, 7 November 2008

House keeping.

Me: I can't take it anymore. This room is sooooo dirty. I plan to spring clean it after the holidays when I come back next year.

Room mate: There's something else funny about the room...

Me: What?

Room mate: I dunno why, sometimes the floor can become sticky.

Me: Hmm...

Room mate: Especially during rainy days.

Me: ...

Me: I wish I could fill up the entire room with water, *shake shake shake*, then pour the water away and the whole room will become clean.

Room mate: ...

Thursday, 6 November 2008


Is a very, very cool, interesting, and funny game.

Click to play!!!!!

Yes, I mean it. Click.


You won't regret it!!!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

How to dry your body after a bath without using a towel.

Stand under the blowing fan.


Sunday, 2 November 2008

Garlic bread.

A few days ago, I was procrastinating in K1's room as usual, cursing the horribly humid weather.

I was telling him about how my friends and I cooked pasta and garlic bread together for dinner.

Me: Hey, why don't we cook garlic bread together? It'll be fun.
Him: Huh??? Now???
Me: Yeah, why not?

Can't blame me. I love doing things unplanned.

Him: Okay... But I dunno how to cook garlic bread wor...
Me: Don't worry, I know. My friends and I cooked before. (A half-lie. They cooked, I helped by being the amateur food critic.)

So, out of the blue, we decided to cook garlic bread.

We walked to the nearby mini mart to get some ingredients.

Butter, bread, garlic, and garlic powder.

First, I applied butter on both sides of the bread while he chopped the garlic into tiny pieces. Then, I showered the buttered bread with lots (and I mean lots) of garlic powder. On both sides. Finally, I sprinkled the chopped up garlic onto the bread. Also on both sides. I used up the whole loaf of bread and the whole bar of butter.

Of course, in the process, there were lots of trials and errors...
"Oi, I thought you said you cooked before with your friends????" "Yeah, I helped them taste the food..."

He fried them to a aromatic, golden brown.


Okay, maybe it doesn't look too good in the picture, but still. We cooked it all by ourselves!!!

Thus, we wasted three hours of studying time cooking garlic bread.

Exam's coming so awfully soon.


UPDATE: When I came back today, my roomie was already asleep, while still hugging a bear. I suspect it's given by her boyfriend, since she told me she was going to visit him yesterday. Aww... How sweet!!! (I know this is none of my business, but I just felt like saying it here coz I'm happy for her. Lol.)

Another HORRIBLE day.

Yesterday, I woke up early for a two-hour Physics lecture.

I. Had. Physics. Lecture. On. A. Freaking. Saturday. Morning.

I was thirty minutes late coz I overslept. After paying considerable attention for the next thirty minutes, I feel asleep for the whole of the second hour.

Wonder why I attended the lecture in the first place.

At least there got air conditioning. Better sleeping there than sleeping in my room. Lol.

After the lecture, I was sooooo sleepy I fell right back to sleep. Later, I arrived at church thirty minutes late coz I overslept. Again. Stupid freaking cab fare cost me $22.20.

After church, I had to go all the way to Bukit Batok coz I had some problems with my new phone. The stupid battery cover didn't close properly. Apparently, there's something wrong with the design/shaping/whatever. I stood at the roadside for ten whole minutes but I couldn't catch a single cab. I could walk to the MRT station which is just 15 minutes away, but I was too lazy. Having no choice, (it was apparent that I wouldn't be able to catch a cab) I walked.

When I was just about three minutes (yes, only THREE FREAKING MINUTES AWAY) from the MRT station, I FINALLY caught a cab.

Lucky me.


I checked the cab but I couldn't see any device for NETS payment (i.e., payment by ATM card).

My wallet was almost empty. I was (yes, though I hate to admit it) cashless.

How embarrassing; I didn't have enough money to pay for my cab fare.

So, I told the cab driver to turn back to the MRT station.

A brief, five minute cab ride which took me practically nowhere cost me $5.

In addition, the cab driver told me that considering the traffic jam, it would probably be faster if I took the MRT anyway.

First, I wasted time coz I couldn't catch a cab. Next, I wasted time and energy walking to the MRT station, of where I finally caught a cab. Then, I realised I didn't have money to pay for it. Hence, I wasted even more precious time in the cab. Not to mention, the FIVE FREAKING BUCKS. Finally, to receive news from the cab driver that I would probably save more time (and money) if I took the MRT instead.

Double, triple, quadruple pissed off.

If only I had just walked straight to the MRT station after church, I would have saved myself a whole lot of time and money.

After an awfully long ride, I finally arrived at the Bukit Batok MRT station. There was an ATM machine there.

YAY!!! CASH!!!

But when I stuck my card into the machine, it said "We are currently unable to dispense cash. Sorry for the inconvenience caused."



Feeling even more pissed off than ever, I went to the Singtel store.

Stupid que was awfully long. Again, I had to wait.

As if waiting for a cab, waiting in the MRT, and wasting lots and lots of precious time isn't enough.

When it was finally my turn, the girl who served me told me to wait while she changed a new battery cover for me.

See? Wait again. Sigh...

Then... Voila!

The new cover didn't fit either. She said that there must be something wrong with the phone and I'd have to change the whole handset if I wanted it fixed.

So, she said, "Please wait while I get a number for you."


I was about to explode.

After I got my number, I had to wait another 10 minutes.

When I was finally served, the attendant told me that if I wanted to change my handset, I'd have to bring along the box which the phone came in when I first purchased it coz they needed the serial number which was on the box or something.


I didn't bring the box.

I was so frustrated that I was speechless.

She asked me to come back the next day, because if I came any later than that, my request wouldn't be entertained anymore coz the exchangeable period was only seven days after purchase.

I took the public transport back to campus.

No more cabs for me.

By the time I reached back, it was already 7.30 p.m..

I wasted THREE WHOLE FUCKING HOURS, and I accomplished nothing.

My mood was worsened by the fact that I could have spent the time studying for my exam, which is due in 10 days.

So, today, I went back to Singtel.

I finally got to exchange for a new phone.

So much time, so much energy, so much money.

Just because my phone's battery cover couldn't close properly.


Sometimes, you just wonder how much your sacrifices are actually worth.