Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My day.

I have been living in Penang for 18 years, but have never really explored the place.

Today, I woke up at EIGHT IN THE FREAKING MORNING, just to 'go for a walk around Penang'.

The entrance fee to the Penang State Museum was only ONE RINGGIT.

Super duper *cupper-upper-califragilistic* damn freaking cheap lar. (^-^)

Was an educational (and historical) experience. Lol.

Then, we visited The Chocolate Boutique. I didn't know Beryl's was a local product!!! I spent RM 75 on chocolates. I couldn't help it!!! They were sooooo tempting!!!!

Later on, I went to Gurney Plaza (yes, again; you should have noticed by now that Penang is an awfully small island with very few places to go) for some window shopping.

I am broke. Broke as in, really broke. Like how my wallet would break into two coz it's out of stuffing. Like how I'd break a leg in the hopes of finding at least an RM 50 note on the side-walk. Like how my heart is broken coz I can't buy things anymore. You get the idea.

Ever since Queensbay opened, it has become my new favourite shopping mall coz it has more shops (not to mention more branded goods) compared to Gurney Plaza.

But ever since Guney Plaza opened its' new wing, I have fallen in love with it all over again.

They have brands like MNG, Quiksilver, Billabong, and even Ripcurl, which previously couldn't be found in Penang. Even more high-end stuff can be found like Paris Hilton, and Kipling, just to name a few. That's like soooo much better than Queensbay lah!!!!!

Okay, okay. I'll stop being so materialistic. Especially when I'm the one being the broke-est here.

Watched Twilight.


Oh, how I wished he could be my boyfriend. Being cold-blooded doesn't bother me too much. At least he will never die and leave me a widow.

I didn't win the Kakii's contest.


So much for hoping for the Sony digicam.

UPDATE: Just thought I'd like to add that among the few boxes of chocolate I bought, one of them was chili flavoured. Yes, the chocolate's spicy. Literally.

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