Saturday, 29 November 2008

Xenon T.

K got his fingernails stained at purplish blue-black after helping me dye my hair black the other day.

K: Whatever will I say to my mum when she sees my nails?
Me: Just tell her you accidentally stained yourself with some permanent ink or something lah.
K: Oh wait, I know. I'll tell her I stained myself with some chemicals during Lab.
Me: Yeah, tell her you got some iodine on your fingers.

I said iodine coz that was the first thing that came to my mind. His fingers were dark blue, and iodine turns dark blue when comes in contact with starch. You get my point.

Me: ... Wait. Iodine washes off easily and everyone knows that.
K: Just tell her I got some sort of chemicals on my hands and it stained my fingernails lah. As if she'll ask what kind of chemical it was.
Me: Ahh.... I know!! Tell her you got xenon trisulphide aqueous on your hands during an experiment coz you forgot to wear safety gloves.

I love being intellectually inaccurate.

It annoys the educated and confuses the not-so-learned.

I annoy K, I confuse his mum.


P.S.: Of course I know Xenon is a noble gas and therefore it cannot react with other elements, you idiot.

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