Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Of exams.

Ever since I was in primary school, I have always wished that I could refer to books during exams.

I hated it that I had to memorize stuff.
I hated it that I had to study everything that was in the books, only to have them not appearing in exams.
I hated it that I had to read a single sentence over and over again, just to find that it's utterly impossible to understand it.

I wished and wished and wished that I could sit for an open book exam.

That'd be the day I'll finally secure myself an A without even having to study.

How wrong I was.

Try sitting for the Physics 1 open book exam.

You can take a million books into the exam hall and you still can't answer those damned questions.

University students are allowed to refer to books during exams. How fun. I can't wait to get there.



Less than 24 hours before my Materials Science exam, I'm:

- Enjoying a hearty sushi buffet at Sakae Sushi with K. $16 per pax.
- Playing Audition, an online dance game which I've recently got addicted to.
- Crying over irrelevant stuff.
- Procrastinating.
- Sleeping.
- Animatedly discussing about 'un-academic' stuff.
- Boasting about how easy the past years are.

Less than 12 hours before my Materials Science exam, I'm:

- Blogging.
- Not studying.
- Considering playing a couple of rounds of Audition after blogging.
- Not taking into consideration the fact that I might feel sleepy the next day if I don't go to bed right now.
- Happily anticipating the day when exams are finally over.
- Feeling damn confident about Materials Science exam.

Is there something wrong with me, or what?

One day, my over-confidence is gonna eat me till there's nothing left.



J.E.TAI said...

so slack!!! if you had the same bet i'm having with my friends you wouldn't feel so confident hahaha

raedarling said...

haha what bet? dont scare me 12 hours b4 exam leh....lol

Yokie said...

Don't worry~ You're not the only one. My exams starts today. Just finished PA and Chemistry. I have Math tomorrow.


J.E.TAI said...

hahaha it's a very physical bet that will make you keep studying no matter how hard you've studied already. i'll tell u next time =)