Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Edward Cullen

90% of the blogs I read has at least one blog entry which goes something like:

"Ohmigosh Twilight is such a nice movie!!!!!!", "Edward is soooooo cute that I'm gonna dump my boyfriend for him!!!", "I loooooove Twilight sooooooo much!", and so on and so forth.

Sometimes, of course, it'd be just a mere "I watched Twilight" kinda thing.

Let me show you some examples:


So FINALLY, after hearing so much hype about Twilight, we finally went to watch it. I can see why girls all over the world are absolutely gaga over Edward Cullen. He's sexy, brooding, gorgeous, and a vampire. I liked the storyline, and it's making me that much eager for the 2nd instalment! >_<>_<
-shitakaru_pat, Me & My Life Story-

Edward Cullen is really, really, really cute okay!!! Must watch Twilight!!!! Lets watch it together!!!

-Xing (she mentioned it to me the other time we went shopping)-

Okay, maybe that's like only two examples (Xing doesn't count coz she doesn't own a blog), which does not even make up of 30% of the blogs I read, but you get my point.

Not that I'm not like that. On the 10th of December 2008, I wrote:

Watched Twilight.


Oh, how I wished he could be my boyfriend. Being cold-blooded doesn't bother me too much. At least he will never die and leave me a widow.

-Rachel, Raedarling-

Maybe we bloggers should create a new Edward Cullen fan club.

Anyone interested?

P.S: I really should be more careful about over-coloring my blog entries, or else they might turn into one of those oh-so-colourful bimbotic blogs. The worst thing is, they don't even contain real blog posts; they are just full of messy, jumbled up, meaningless words which come in different fonts, shapes, colors, sizes, etc.

Oh, yes. They're heavily decorated with La-la pictures too.


vivalive said...

I considered twilight as waste money+time..the storyline sux man..

raedarling said...

ya i noe...but edward very very cute....haha

Yokie said...

Edward is NOT cute. He's not even pretty!!!!