Friday, 26 December 2008

Tis the season to be jolly

Was out for a Christmas Eve celebration.

As usual, the main reason I go out isn't because of what the day is. Nah, I'm just there to, well, join the crowd.

Festivals mean very little to me. As I see it, they're there just so that people can use them as an excuse to party and go crazy, just for that one day.

So screw Santa hats, Santa costumes, and Christmas tree decorations. I'm just interested in the booze and the crowd.

Jia, Phaik Yean, Xing, Cindy, Jack and I went for dinner at Jemputree, a Malay restaurant at Burma Road. The food was okay, but there was just this one thing which annoyed me:

On the menu, it wrote:

Mermaid -
Soda mixed with strawberries, strawberry-flavoured ice-cream, with whipped cream. RM 8.90

It sounded good, so I decided to order it; despite the fact that deep down, I knew it was waaaayyy overpriced for a glass of beverage.

When my 'Mermaid' came, I realised it was just F&N strawberry-flavoured carbonated drink with a scoop of cheap ice-cream at the top.


I could get that for RM 2 anywhere else.

Still, I'd recommend that you pay the restaurant a visit, coz their ambiance definitely makes up for their overpriced food and drinks.

After dinner, we went to Gurney which was, as usual, awfully packed with people.

I met up with K and we went window shopping for awhile, then we met up with a few other ex-classmates at Starbucks. We pretty much spent the rest of our night there (with the occasional toilet trip), playing lame games coz nobody remembered to bring poker cards.

At about 11.30 p.m., we finally came to the sad realisation that Christmas at Gurney was just all noise and crap and snow spray, so we went to the nearest 24-hour convenience store, got some snacks and beer, and headed back to PY's place.

Here's a picture of me, half drunk (kiddin), trying to french kiss Bobby the dog.

We gossipped till we fell asleep.

We took other pictures too, but I'm waaaay too lazy to upload them here.

I won't promise that I'll upload them anytime soon, because I've just realised that I'm pretty bad at keeping promises.

Besides, I still owe you guys the pictures from the Little Grass outing to Penang.

I'll try asking the photographer to send them to me.

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