Friday, 21 September 2007

My dramatic life

I just realised how many people have actually linked me up, and how many people actually read my blog. The guilty feeling of not updating my blog for such a long time has finally got to me. So, here I am.

Hello, readers. I'm back.

Not that I have anything really interesting to blog about. No, don't get me wrong. It's not that my life has become mundane and boring. On the contrary, my life is becoming more and more like those typical Cantonese/Korean/Taiwanese soapy dramas. Yes, some things will never happen in real life; we only see them in dramas. And some of us, especially us, the female species (no offense, fellow girls, I'm a female too), wish and wish and wish that we could be in those 'thrilling' situations Cantonese/Korean/Taiwanese female actresses often find themselves stuck in. But, earth to us, we realise that we will never, ever, ever be in their shoes.

We're plain, fat, and boring girls. Who on earth would ever take notice of us?

Surprise, surprise. For the past few days, my life has taken on a roller coaster ride - and a thrilling one at that, too.

You should be so jealous of me. I'm finally experiencing one of those 'superficial' moments that most people think would never, ever, ever happen to them.

The thing is, this stuff is sort of, uh, private. So I can't share it with you guys.

I'm such a show-off, I know.

So you see, I don't really have anything interesting to blog about after all (ref. 3rd paragraph, 1st line).

*Sigh*...I wish I could blog somemore, but I've got to go. My Physics lecture begins at 1.

Oh yeah, don't expect me to be back anytime soon; I'm too busy fussing myself with my new dramatic life.

Besides, my final exam is coming very, very, very soon.

Friday, 14 September 2007


Dammit, I have to study. No time for blogging.


Thursday, 13 September 2007

Friend Test

I'm feeling a little lazy lately, so please excuse the lack of posts. However, do feel free to take my Friend Test to see how well you know me. Do drop comments on what you think of it!

Create your own Friend Test here

Monday, 10 September 2007

Me, Myself, and I.

I am in love with Myself. My best friend, Me revealed that she was a little jealous about it. She didn't mind much though, as long as I still kept my promise to be her best friend forever.

Oh by the way, I am going to an Italian opera performance with Marcus, WJ, and Kevin on Wednesday. I hope Myself won't mind that much. I am bringing Me along to the performance, too. I told Myself that I really, really wanted to spend some quality time with my friends. It took a little persuading, buy finally I got permission from Myself to bring Me along.

Just last night, I had only 2 hours of sleep. I went to bed at 12 a.m. but I was too busy tossing Myself around in bed, trying to get Myself to sleep that I didn't get any. At around 2 a.m., I got so fed up so I tried to tire my eyes out by playing with my PSP. Unfortunately, that didn't work because after 30 minutes of PSP-ing, I still felt as energetic as ever. I began tossing and turning Myself again. I even counted sheep. Then, I got awfully frustrated so I decided to ease Myself by visiting the bathroom. I took a glance at my mobile phone. Oh shit. 4 a.m. already. I went to bed.

The next thing I knew, my dad was waking me up. At six-friggin -a.m..

This isn't the first time I have experienced lack of sleep. I think I'm having insomnia.

As for now, I am getting more and more worried by the minute as I still have much to study for my upcoming exams. Shit.

And its really frustrating having to refer to Myself in 3 different forms. Can't I just have my own freedom and type whatever I want? Why must I be under the control of Myself?

Oh no. I think I am going to develop split personalities soon.

At least I can still drown Myself (pun intended) in the hope that one of my personalities might be a little more like Sleepy, the dwarf from Snow White, so that my body can finally get some sleep.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Dedicated post

It has been awhile since my last post. Blame the never-ending assignments piling up on my study table (Okay, maybe it is partly my fault for not finishing my homework on time. But still...).

I know I'm supposed to be revising in the library right now, but against my better judgement, I'm in the General Lab typing away.

Damn, I'm hungry. It's already 12.50 pm and I haven't had my lunch yet. I plan to have lunch with Yokey later. At 2 pm.

At. 2. pm.

I'm probably going to die of hunger, considering the fact that all I ate for breakfast was half a banana (it was partially rotten. Eww.), a few pieces of papaya and several sips of Japanese tea.

I know, I know. You are probably thinking I'm definitely going to have to rush to the toilet to answer nature's call anytime now.

Well, that's the point. I woke up this morning with a bulging tummy. And constipation. After eating all those food for breakfast, I have not even the slightest sensation of having to 'go'. The feeling in my tummy is awfully, awfully uncomfortable. Plus, I'm hungry. That makes things worse.

I wish I could 'go'. Tummy ache, please come soon. I have been waiting all morning.

I notice that I have put on a lil weight, too. That's the price I have to pay for being happy.

Yup, I am happy. I'm contented with my current life. I love my friends and everyone around me. Life is almost perfect (except for the assignments piling up on my table; I choose to ignore them). However, being in a good mood all the time stimulates my appetite and I notice that I'm eating more during meals. Unlike the measly handful of rice I had during my 'depression period'.


Being fat is too high a price to pay for being happy. Sometimes I almost wish I could go back to the times when I felt that it wasn't worth living anymore, when I spent most of my waking hours crying my eyes out, and when I totally lost my appetite. At least I felt good about my body.


I'm feeling very happy and contented with my current life and I feel really lucky to have true friends whom I know will always be by my side no matter what happens. I feel loved. And I feel like I belong. This feeling is so great, I can't find the words to describe it. So, yeah, even if I have put on a little weight and I'm having constipation, I'm still happy. Because I have everything I want. True friends who are always by my side, my family, and... my phone, my PSP, my desktop PC, my radio, my clothes/accessories, and cash.

Hey, material stuff plays a significant role in my life too.

Not everyone is as lucky as I am.

Last but not least, I want to dedicate this post to one of my best friends, Kevin, who was always by my side when I was down. He helped me get back to the right track. Thanks, Kevin. You are a true friend.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

naughty and vain

Today, my family and I had dinner at a restaurant. After ordering our food, I went out to the washroom. On the way out, a waiter smiled at me and complimented that I looked cute.

Yeah, I guess he was sort of flirting with me. But I don't mind. It boosts my confidence and self-esteem.

Anyway, my main point here is...


So there, Kevin! I told you I'm cute! And I'm sure lots of other people think I am too.

I'm so vain.

* * * *

The other day at college, I got bored and decided to get a little cheeky.

I whacked WS for no apparent reason. Just to get his attention.

He responded by whacking Michele instead.

I responded by pinching WS. He, in turn, pinched Mich.

I rested my arm on his shoulder. He rested his on Mich's shoulder.

I kicked his foot. He kicked Mich's.

I hit his arm. He hit Mich's.

The cycle went on and on and on. With poor Mich yelping helplessly all the way. And the others watching with amusement.

Then, I decided to get naughty. I slapped WS's chest.

*evil grin*