Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I promised I'd upload pics of my previous visit to the bird park, but K hasn't sent me the photos yet. They're still in his 5.0 megapixel camera phone.


For the past few days, things have been pretty monotonous. I wake up, procrastinate, brush my teeth, eat, procrastinate, take a bath, procrastinate, eat, play a few rounds of DotA, and whadya know! It's time for bed.

I know I've got some stuff to worry about (yeah, maybe they're not that important, but it's sorta making me not able to enjoy my short-lived happy moments with K) but I guess it turns out I'm just the sort who leaves things undone to the very last minute.

I am usually inspired to work by last minute panic.

Other misc: I'm almost broke, I have constipation, I've put on weight, I'm hungry but I feel guilty for spending money on food.


I wish my daddy were a billionaire.


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