Saturday, 31 May 2008

Birthday bash

Was horrible, horribly, horribly busy for the past few days.

Some people may beg to differ.

Alright then, maybe a more appropriate word would be being occupied.

And so, I was horribly, horribly being occupied for the past few days.

It all began last Monday.

We went shopping at Queensbay.

Then, Yoke, Diana, and I decided to eat at Tao.

We skipped breakfast and lunch entirely, to save our appetite for Tao.

All I had for brunch was a tiny piece of sweet potato.

For those of you who don't know what Tao is, it's an eat-all-you-can Japanese restaurant. It's RM 48++ per person, and you can order as much food as you like. Their menu includes sashimi, scallops, and the likes. A very good bargain if you asked me.

This May, we found an even better bargain. 50% off for customers whose birthday falls on that month.

So it was only RM 24++ for Yoke and I. Which totals up to RM 27.60. Damn super freaking cheap leh if you asked me.

A really, really, really, good bargain.

We ordered lots and lots and lots of sashimi, salmon papaya (its pieces of papaya wrapped in smoked salmon. Seems like a weird combination, but it tastes superb), and scallops. Lots of scallops.

The waiter who served us sort of caught my eye.

His name tag said "Isaac".

After the hearty meal, Yoke overnighted at my new house.

The next day, we went to Tao again. This time, with my parents. Yoke tagged along.

Isaac remembered us. He even smiled at me. AT ME!!!!

Yoke said he wasn't really that good looking. My mum agreed with her.


Wanted to ask for Isaac's contact, but I couldn't because my parents were around.

The next day, Yoke woke me up damn early. Shopped for groceries at Tesco. Damn, didn't know grocery shopping was that hard. Trust me, it was horribly tedious, boring, and tiring.

Went to Tao again.

Yes, a third time.

If you haven't noticed, we've been to Tao three times in three days.

Anyone wants to break my record?

The waitress who served us could recognize us from our previous two visits.

Isaac wasn't working that day. Sob.

The manager was nice enough to suggest that I leave my number, and he'd give it to Isaac when he comes to work the next day. Or, I could just come to Tao again. Lol.

I wanted to leave my number, but I didn't have a pen with me.

Later, we went 'shopping' at Batu Ferringhi.

The prices there siao one. So expensive. Might as well go Gurney Plaza.

Arrived home at 11 p.m. .

Yoke and Diana overnighted at my house again.

Spent the following day preparing for my Yoke's and my birthday party.

Damn, it was hard work.

Especially hated lighting up the BBQ pit. I blackened my hands and nose in the process.

Began work at 3 p.m.. Worked non-stop till 7 p.m., when the guests finally arrived.

List of foods:
Fondue, seaweed crisps, nuggets, wedges, sushi, hash brown, birthday cake (duh), spaghetti, chicken, hamburgers and frankfurters.

BBQ foods were:
Fish, sausages, chicken, and meat patties.

Was too busy working (for the party's preparations) and enjoying myself (during the party) to actually take any photos.

However, Pin Yin took some. Click to view.

Yoke and Diana overnighted at my house again.

Had a hearty breakfast the next morning while watching Zathura on HBO. Mostly foods left over from last night's party.

They went back later in the evening, in which I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Don't get me wrong, though. I don't loathe them or anything; I love having them around. But after five days (went shopping and Tao on Monday, had Yoke overnight at my house after that, Tao again on Tuesday, grocery shopping, Tao, and Batu Ferringhi-ing on Wednesday, overnighted at my house again, prepared for the party and then partied on Thursday, then having a huge breakfast feast on Friday morning.) of hanging out with them, I sort of missed being bored at home alone.

And today, I finally found the time to update my blog.

Phew. It has been a long, busy week.

Signing off.

I deserve some rest.

P.S.: I finally found Isaac on Friendster!! Woo hoo!

Monday, 26 May 2008

no make up hides all flaws

Was chatting with Leet Liang, a.k.a. Rolo.

Rolo says:
no beauty sleep

Rolo says:
it makes you ugly

Rolo says:

Rae says:

Rae says:
no make up hides all flaws

Rae says:

Rae says:
no, make up hides all flaws

Rae says:
forgot the comma

Rolo says:


Watched Indiana Jones. Not bad...


Dyed my hair with henna. Now my head's in a turban. Shall inform you of the results tomorrow. Gonna sleep on it tonight. Yes, literally.


Had Fondue at Haagen Daz.

Damn delicious leh.

Should try.

Friday, 23 May 2008

I'm pretty.

Cap Boy is finally online.

Name's Jason.

A snippet of our conversation: (mine's in red, his in blue)

yesterday ur fren ask u to ask my number wan ar?
nola. they challenge me
wad they say?
they said there got a gal (u), den ask me m i dare 2 noe u
den i ma ask u come lo
mana tau all sacre n run away pulak
means they choose the girl for u wan la
not u choose wan la
zhun zhun wat is in my mind is same as them 1 ma
hahaha lol
y they choose me?
u pretty ma
hahaha really ar?
sure la. they say 1
me too
im more pretty than other girls?
ooo thats nice to know


What else can I say?

P.S: Yes, I know my English is horrible in the conversation. Note that I don't always use perfect English when communicating with people.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

May I have your number, please?

Went for driving test.

Yes, again.

I failed the last time, remember?

Entertained myself with my mobile Solitaire and my PSP.

Got bored of them after awhile. Resorted to gazing around at random people.

Watched a gang of (typical) rowdy boys guffawing around.

Suddenly, one of them, Cap Boy (I call him that because he was wearing a cap), gestured to me.


I gestured back.

"Who, me?"

His reply:

"Yes, you."


So I walked over.


"Um, (the rest of his 'comrades' began shuffling away, and I caught him giving them a panicked glance) may I have your number please?"



"No. I don't give my phone number to strangers."


"What do you want my number for?"

"I wanna be friends with you."

*another awkward pause*

"How about you give me your MSN?"

Hmm... This is getting interesting. It'd be fun to see what kind of guy he is.


And so, I gave him my MSN.

"By the way, is this how you hook up with every girl you see?"

"No, no, of course not. Only selected ones."

"Ah... You mean only cute and pretty ones like me?"


He said he'd be online tonight.

*Half an hour later*

I went to the washroom. When I came back, my seat was taken. I had no choice but to remain standing.

The said group of guys began teasing Cap Boy.

"Hey, look at her standing! C'mon, be a gentleman and show her a seat!"

Joining their gang was a girl. They demanded that the girl relinquish her seat for me. She scowled, but got up.

Me? I pretended I didn't notice anything.

So they called out to me. And told me to sit on the vacant space.

I ... well... Sort of obeyed. While looking sheepishly at the girl.

Seated beside me was another one of their comrades, Black Guy.

Black Guy offered to rent his seat to Cap Boy for ten bucks per minute.

Cap Boy declined.

After the driving test, Cap Boy invited me to have lunch with him.

I agreed.



I made a new friend.

Interesting, huh?

He's 18, currently studying Lower Form Six, has an older brother, a younger brother who loves computer games but hates studying, and an extremely smart sister, aged 22, who is currently studying in England under JPA scholarship.

I still don't know his name, though.

I'll ask him when he comes online.

Oh, and for my driving test?

I failed.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

While waiting for Maple

Decided to play Maple Story but found that it's currently under server maintenance.

So I thought I'd kill some time here.


Since I've just moved house, maybe I should check out my new neighbourhood, huh?

I never did bother with that.

But I have noticed a few things about the three houses around me.

Before I start, let me explain to you about my housing area. There is this row of houses, with four semi-detached houses at the start of the row, and following are terrace houses.

My house is one of the four semi-D's.

Wow, cool!!! Your house is one of the four most privileged ones!!

Haha. But my house is also the smallest among the four.

And so, let me explain about the other three houses.

The house beside mine, the largest of the four, is inhabited by a Malay family. Supposedly very, very rich (like duh, how else would they be able to afford the largest house?) because the dad runs a huge company and their daughter is a doctor. I heard it from my-father's-friend's-customer's-second aunt's-sister-you-get-the-idea.

As for my own experience, so far, I've only once seen an old lady outside watering the garden.

Never seen the corporate dad, nor the doctor daughter. Nor anyone else.

Their doors are always closed and it seems they're not at home most of the time.

Oh, well.

I call it the Yellow House, because their house is painted in yellow.

Reminds me of Royalty.

The house opposite mine is owned by a doctor.

Chinese family.

Haven't met them in person, but there was once when I woke up at 11 a.m., peered out my bedroom window, and saw this guy.

My guess is that he's about 19 or 20. Not too good looking, but not that bad either. Wears glasses, is of average height, and doesn't look too nerdy nor too rugged.

A doctor's son, at that.


A considerable choice...


I call it the Brown House.

The final house, which is adjacent to the Brown House and opposite to the Yellow House, is made a Kindergarten.

Melody Kindergarten.

I've initially thought of working as a part time teacher/teacher's assistant/babysitter/whateverjobicanget there, considering the fact that I've had some experience of being a high school teacher. I figured it wouldn't be that hard to cope with a bunch of four-year-olds. I mean, I've seen worse.

Besides, it'll take less than a minute's walk to work.

Who wouldn't want a job like that?

Fortunately, my rational senses came back quickly enough.

I already promised myself that I'll never, ever involve myself in the educational field again for the rest of my life.

A promise is a promise.

The Colorful House. You know how kindergartens are painted like.


Go watch Narnia: Prince Caspian.

I love the ending song!!!

The Call by Regina Spektor.

Listen to it.


If you were playing a shooting game, would you rather be awarded for:
1. Achieving the highest score.
2. Earning (or looting) most cash.
3. Completing the game in the shortest time.

I think I'll take option 1.

How about you?

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Steven Lim

I was randomly surfing the net as usual, when I decided to drop by Steven Lim's blog.

A snippet from his blog:

Sincerely looking for a girlfriend, no matter you are black, white or orange. As long you r pretty, nice, faithful n gorgeous & RICH. Dun hesitate to adopt me. Application to be my girlfriend/stead now open! Whilst stock last! 我要做小白脸,如想养我请联络我 Call/ sms +(65)93857300 to apply now. You may be the next Cinderella! Tell all your friends about it! (see below videos for more info)

Super clear scans from my Canon MP145 all in one printer....amazing rite?! Just by one button! Good things must share!


House tour

I promised to upload photos of my new house, right?

Well, I've done better than that. I've done a video on my house tour.

It's not everyday that you get an industrious Rachel. It's your lucky day.


P.S: Today's my birthday. Say what???

Monday, 19 May 2008



I realise that I haven't been updating my blog for the past two weeks.


I almost died.


Not exaggerating.

Not overreacting.

Not being a drama queen.

I have also realised that the number of my blog readers are dwindling.


Not that I can help it.

When I moved house two weeks ago, Streamyx refused to move with me.


Apparently, my family does not understand how much I'm addicted to the Internet. They don't see how disconnected I feel being internetless.

My stupid brother went and played War Craft. Despite me almost dying of lack of being online. He. Played. War Craft. And left me feeling oh-so-disconnected from the world.

Imagine you have a draught victim beside you, dying of thirst. And you're drinking from a bottle full of refreshing fruit juice. Would you keep the drink to yourself, or give the entire bottle to the poor dying chap beside you?

Apparently, my brother chose option 1.

Goodness knows how much guilt he'll feel at my funeral.


Damn fucking pissed off at my dad. He thinks I'm not bothered about my university application. I do so much and yet my parents still complain I'm not doing enough.


Fancy being in a bad mood in my first blog entry in weeks.

I don't even feel like being witty or funny anymore.

I hope this blog post doesn't bore you guys.




My teaching has finally ended.

After 3 months of suffering, I am finally freed from the clutches of monster kids.


I received presents from my students.

I took pictures of it, but I'm not in the mood of uploading them.


Also took lotsa pictures of my new home.

Not in the mood of uploading them either.

I'll upload photos of everything in my next post.


I love my new iMac.


My cousin finally got me the highly coveted iPhone.

FedEx will be delivering it to me, all the way from America.

Pretty excited about it. Just not in the mood of expressing it.


When I was a kid, I have always wondered why you need at least three layers of toilet paper to wipe your ass after defecating.

I thought one was quite enough and I didn't understand why my mum just had to waste toilet paper.


My kindergarten teacher told us that we should always finish our rice because the farmers work hard to plant and harvest them.

Hence, I had always thought that rice would be one of the most expensive foods. Little did I know that they're one of the cheapest.

Every time I was almost filled, I would try to finish up my rice and leave the other dishes behind.

Because rice are attained with hard labour, whereas the chickens are only needed to be fed thrice a day.

Imagine how confused I was every time my mum told me to finish up the dishes but leave the rice behind. She'd insist I finish up the chicken instead of the rice.

Why eat the cheapest foods and waste the most expensive one?


Fuck my bad mood.

Sorry for this boring, unenlightening post.

I promise I'll do better next time.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Vector TD

Kevin was addicted to this:

I wasn't interested in it at first; I thought it was one of those stupid guys' infatuations with games.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I was soon pulled into the cult.

I know this game seems confusing and complicated (I didn't know what the hell it was about when I first started playing it; it reminded me of complicated intergalactic wars), but you'll love it once you get the hang of it.

Trust me.

I'm so addicted to it now.

I completed the Beginner Maps, but I'm still having trouble with Normal Maps.

Extreme Maps are insanely hard to beat.

Even Kevin couldn't do it.

P.S: Drop me a comment if you enjoyed the game and tell me what you think of it!!!

It's always nice to meet new fellow fans of the game.



I have heard of the word 'procrastinate' many times.

Especially when it comes to giving advice to students who are too lazy to be bothered to study.

"Study hard, never procrastinate...bla bla bla..."

I've had an idea that the word means something negative, but I've never known the actual meaning of the word.

Yes. I've never known what procrastinate means.

And we thought Rachel supposedly posses a good command of English...

Laugh, people. Laugh.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the word on an online dictionary.

Surprise, surprise.

'Procrastinate' has always seemed like a more suitable word to describe defiance, delinquency or rebelliousness.

Never knew it simply meant delaying.

Monday, 5 May 2008


Gosh, before I even come close to responding to my previous tag, I get tagged. Again.

I got tagged.

Twice in a row.

So to make things simpler, I'll just fuse both tags into a single post.

1st tag...

And All That You Didn't Want To Know.

Tag List out 20 names.
1. Jasryn
2. Aimy
3. Karyn
4. Tracy
5. Abigail
6. Adelyn
7. Yokey
8. Ee Ping
9. Wendy
10. Marina
11. Ee Lynn
12. Joshua
13. Kevin
14. Ming Ying
15. Pin Yin
16. Elaine
17. Sue Ting
18. Kah Hooi
19. Xing
20. Jia Ling

How do you know 14?
College mate. Don't really know her that well, though. Just an acquaintance.

What would you do if you had never met 1?
I wouldn't have the privilege of being able to read her enjoyable blog. It'd be a waste.

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you?
Wendy is, uh, my student. I'm not pedophile. Yuck. Jia Ling? Aww... One of my best friends. But she's taken.

Would 2 and 16 make a good couple?
Hmm... For one thing, both of them are females, and neither is gay. For another, they don't even know each other.

Do you think 8 is attractive?
Sorta. She has this attitude that you won't miss.

Do you know anything about 12’s family?
I'm his family. Cousins.

Tell me something about 7.
It's impossible to be able to ever finish telling you about her. She's eccentric, loves pretty guys, pretty smart, lazy, loves food, loves me, loves cute stuff (which explains why she loves me), loves pretty stuff (which all the more explains why she loves me), recently fallen in love with the color pink, and is currently stressed out because her exams are very near.

That's all I can think of, for now.

What is 18’s favourite?
Dunno. I don't really know him that well...

Who is going out with 19?

Unlucky guy.


How old is 16 now?
18, I think.

When was the last time you talked to 13?
Last night. He called me using the public phone.

Looking forward to his call again tonight.

Would you date 4?
She's nice. But I'm not gay.

Would you date 17?
She's my student. No.

Is 15 single?
Yeah, I think so. Unless she already has a boyfriend which I don't know about.

What is 10’s last name?
Dunno. Sorry, Marina...

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11?
Haha, can also lah.


Which school does 3 go to?
She's outta school. Was previously in Methodist Girls' School.

Where does 6 live?
Uh, Penang??

What is your favourite thing about 5?
She has a good command of English. I think...

2nd tag...

The rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post this rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight (8) people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know that they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blog.

Random facts:

1. I miss Kevin.
2. I'm happy because Kevin is coming back to Penang in two more days. This time, for good.
3. I want the iPhone.
4. I'm getting the iPhone.
5. I'm excited about getting the iPhone.
6. I hate my job.
7. I'm upset. Over something. It's private.
8. I have just realized that all the 8 facts I've just mentioned mentioned begins with the word " I ". Shows how self centered I am, huh?

I tag:

Jasryn, Lynn, Aimy, Karyn, Yokey, Ee Ping, Pin Yin, Abigail.


Just got back from a tuition lesson.

This time, I was the teacher.

The student??

Pn Peh's 16-year-old kid.



I know I didn't post the tagged part of this blog entry on Raedarling Made Easy.

Yes, I'll admit. I am just way too lazy to do it.

I know I was all excited about my new blog at first, wanting to give my readers the pleasure of reading at their suitable standard of English and all.

the enthusiasm sort of died off.

Yes, I'm that kind of person.

Hangat-hangat tahi ayam.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Fan mail!!!

I received this message from Anton, a guy on OkCupid.

I am pleased to give my input and I really enjoyed your off-beat sense of humor..

Normally I do not like coarse humor laced with profanity as it rings in the ear like an instrument that is out of tune, however, when it is done in an intelligent manner f*ck , sh*t , p*ss and a plethora of other curses flow like the string section in a fine symphony as they spice up the beautiful music..

I can tell by your posts that you are quite intelligent and humor in a person with a high IQ tends to express itself in an unusual way as the mind has a greater potential to process data and does it in odd patterns and variations..
Couple this ability with a mind that has more knowledge inside it and !!Eureka!! you get a very interesting non conforming style of humor laced with a tad of irreverence..

Isn't it nice when people actually acknowledge your blog and compliment you on it?

My high intelligence and vast knowledge is finally acknowledged!

Anton "enjoys reading my blog and he loves my offbeat humor".

This blogger has finally found a fan for herself.



My parents just bought a new Apple iMac.



Should I get the 16Gb iPhone or the 32Gb iPod Touch?

Decisions, decisions.


I'm moving house very, very soon!!!

Very excited.


P.S: Anton, I'm sure you won't mind me posting your message here?


Saturday, 3 May 2008


Labour's Day...

Went to Queensbay with Xing, Cindy, and Jason (Cindy's bf).

Watched The Slit-mouthed Woman. A Japanese horror movie.

It fucking scared the fucking hell out of me.

Remind me to never, ever fucking watch horror movies ever again.

Bought a new (bright pink) Roxy wallet and a pair of Roxy slippers.

Too lazy to upload their pictures here, so you'll just have to imagine their beauty.

wallet - RM 189.90.
slippers - RM 29.90 (damn fucking, fucking cheap!!!)

The original price of the slippers were RM 89.90, but there was a promotion going on.

Spend RM 80 and above, and you get the slippers for (almost) free.

Okay, maybe not entirely free, but still. RM 29.90 is pretty cheap for a pair of slippers, considering the face that we're talking about Roxy here, not Bata.

Spend RM 350 and above, and you're eligible to be a Roxy member.

After all the purchases (plus previous receipts), I was still 21 bucks away from being the proud owner of the highly coveted Roxy membership card.

So I got another Quiksilver phone strap for Kevin.

RM 39.90.

And, yes, he is going to pay me for it.

Met up with Hwa for dinner.

Camwhored a lot. However, the photos are in Xing's camera.

So sorry.

I'll upload them as soon as she sends them to me.

Hey, wait a minute.

Why am I apologising for Xing's folly?

I take back my apology. It's not my fault. Blame Xing for not sending me the photos, despite being constantly online.


Today was fucking, fucking, fucking hot.

Fucking hot weather almost made me dehydrated.


It's only the beginning of the month, and I'm almost broke.