Friday, 12 December 2008


There are some people in the cyber world whom I have some issues with.

Especially those people I see in Friendster.

1. Those who TyP LyK Tis aNd ThiNk itS sO CuTE.
You should see their Friendster profiles. Their shout out usually goes something like this:

"Hu wAn b FwEnz wiF miee cAN Add miee aT fwEnZ wiF Miiiee Orhz!!"

My response to that is this:


What the fuck is wrong with them? Can't they type normally like how it's supposed to be? Alternate upper casing makes my head go dizzy. Apparently, they don't think it's enough only for the first letter of every sentence to be capitalized.

One can't help but wonder how their English language teacher taught them grammar.

And whats with the "OrHz"? Is that even a word???

My goodness.

2. Those who upload images of weird, horrendous alien-like creatures and claim that they're pictures of themselves.
You've probably seen them before. Friendster is unmercifully infested with them. Those big, beady eyes and strained, pursed and contrived lips, with the occasional finger on cheek.

Here are some examples:

Who are they think they're kidding? Humans actually look like that??? Thank God they don't, or I'd kill myself already.


3. Those who upload ten IDENTICAL pictures of themselves and expect people to magically develop some kind of patience to view them all.
It doesn't help when all ten of them are as fugly as alien-wannabes.

And what is it with them and public washrooms???

They stand in front of the public washroom mirror and do this:

*repeat above process ten times with slightly different positions*

Can't you people just take normal photos with normal backgrounds instead of the toilet? Nobody wants to look at your mirror image so for goodness' sake, STOP TAKING PICTURES OF THE WASHROOM MIRRORS. Nobody wants to know what chio camera or camera phone you used to take your pictures, coz they're all fugly anyway.

Oh, and do stop uploading all ten identical pictures of yourself. As much as you think you're cute/sexy/pretty, not all people think so. Just pick the best picture and be done with it.

Do. Not. Torture. Our. Eyes.

4. Those who caption their photos with 'glamorous' names and draw weird designs on their faces.
Yeah, they're glamorous alright.

Wahh. So cute.

5. Those who misuse the "About Me" section in their Friendster profile.

Favourite Movies: AlL de nIcE mOviEz I oSo Lyk de...
Favourite Music: AnY NiCe sOnGz...
Favourite Books: I hAtE reAdinG...

^^Rachel Liew^^
^^18 yRs oLd^^

HaNg OuT wiF FweNz


Plz dOn't JuDgE me iF U duNno mE cOz I aM jUz MySelF.

Plz adD mE iN MsN anD FriEnDsTeR!!!

My gosh.

You might as well just leave the favourites part blank, if you're as shallow as to "like all the nice movies and songs".

Yes, you're SHALLOW.

If you haven't noticed, different people have different preferences. So when you're asked to name your facourite movies and music, you're supposed to actually say something concrete, you know? Or else I'd just assume you like all the movies and music in the world.

Which probably wouldn't be true now, would it?

Your likes and hates are very general. It'd be better if you could at least write something more...uh...interesting about yourself? A little more substance, maybe? I'm getting bored of seeing the same likes and dislikes in everyone else, coz if that were the case, the world would be a pretty boring place to live in, wouldn't it?

How un-intellectual.

And of course I'm gonna judge you. Please do not tell me not to judge you. How can I not, when you tYpE LyK TiS, act cute, call yourself a Pwincess (when you're obviously not), draw weird graffiti on your face, and keep on inviting strangers to add you on MSN and Friendster??

Friendster would be a much better community if these people just stopped being so weird.


I have three piercings on my left ear, and two on my right.

Should I go for a fifth one?

I'm kinda nervous about the throbbing pain afterward.

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rae ah, who tek chui u ah?? hahaha!! which girl? haaahahahaha!!

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