Monday, 29 June 2009


"I'm not lazy; I just don't see the point of working when my parents are giving me enough cash already. Besides, I'm a student. Everyone knows students don't work for money. They work for grades."

Ingrown hair is a condition where the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin. It may or may not be accompanied by an infection of the hair follicle (folliculitis) or "razor bumps" (pseudofolliculitis barbae), which vary in size. While ingrown hair most commonly appears in areas where the skin is shaved (beard, legs, pubic region), it can appear anywhere.

Source: Wikipedia

An ingrown hair is a hair that curls and penetrates the skin with its tip, causing inflammation. Ingrown hairs are more common among people with very curly hair and African-Americans. Most ingrown hairs occur in the beard area.



There are patches on my legs where I can feel tiny bumps on my skin, and when observed closely, one can actually see hair growing underneath my skin in a circular direction.

I'm currently using a needle to pick them out.

So much for waxing my legs.



P.S.: I just came back yesterday from Port Dickson!!! Wow, it really edified me and helped me grow in my Christian life. I really learnt quite a lot there. Met with many of my old friends too!! It was pretty fun.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

tech noob

"I know how to use command prompt, I know what chkdsk is, and I know how to repartition my hard disk!! I'm a computer genius!!! Whee~~~"
-Ignorant Rae-

I think my computer skills are getting better and better.

At least now I know what chkdsk is and how to use Command Prompt.

I also repartitioned my hard disk all by myself!!!

Am I pro, or what???

As of yesterday, my laptop's hard disk has got two drives: The main C drive, and a new B drive, which is still practically empty (until I figure out what files to dump in it).

The main reason I created a new B drive was because I wanted to move my stuff temporarily into it, because I wanted to reformat my C drive, because there's this corrupted file in there that I can't delete, because...


Long story.

It all started out when I wanted to transfer some songs from my laptop to my iPod, but I realised that I couldn't run iTunes, for some unknown reason. Stupid computer errors.

Then I ran chkdsk but the error refused to go away, so I went through my whole computer (conveniently cleaning up all my junk and deleting and uninstalling stuff - gosh, I didn't know my computer was THAT messy!! Talk about chaos in the midst of order) and I finally found this weird file named iPod under my Program Files folder in my C drive.

I thought it would be probably what's stopping my iTunes from working, so I tried to delete it, but I couldn't because the file - quote - was either corrupted or unreadable.

Whatever that means.

I even tried downloading a program called CCleaner, which apparently helps you to detect errors on your computer as well as keep it clean.

10 minutes later, I realised that I didn't need CCleaner; I had chkdsk for that.

Kevin mentioned that maybe I could use Command Prompt to delete it, so I Googled a million websites on Command Prompt and such.

I learnt all about directories, changing directories, commands, and such. It was pretty interesting; and frustrating at the same time. Whoever knew typing "cd.." would back step the directory and typing "cd filename*" would change the directory to that file?

Lol. Yeah, I know I'm babbling. Don't bother.

So I tried deleting that stupid corrupted annoying file using Command Prompt, but it STILL DIDN'T WORK. All it said was "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".

See?? I actually used command prompt to manually command my computer!! I'm smart!! I'm not a tech noobie anymore!!!


So I decided to reformat my whole C drive but before that, I thought "Hey, why don't I repartition my hard disk, and then transfer all my important stuff over before reformatting my C drive?"

I know I have an external hard disk which has more than enough space, but I was just too dumb to think of that option. Yeah, I'm stupid.

So I repartitioned my hard disk, and now I've got my new B drive, but I discovered that it hasn't got enough space to store my C drive's stuff.

*frustrated until die*

Up till now, I still haven't figured out a way to get my iTunes to work so that I can finally transfer all my new songs into my iPod.

At least I learned how to keep my computer clean and free of clutter.

Plus, I finally got around to uninstalling all the unnecessary programs I ignorantly and greedily downloaded and installed during my less sober moments of my hectic uni life.

Now I know why my computer is so laggy. It's all Rachel-the-uni-student's fault, and now Rachel-idling-at-home has to take the blame and make up for her mistakes.

The world's so unfair.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Parit Buntar Steam Bath / GENTING TRIP!!!

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who just had one.
-Elbert Hubbard-

Sorry for the late update. Was kinda busy lately -- I JUST CAME BACK FROM A TRIP TO GENTING!!!! WHEE~~~

Genting pics coming up soon but first, here's about my little church trip to a steam bath located at a tiny village in Parit Buntar.

Woke up at 6 a.m. in the morning - yes, I know it's inhumane; what to do, my parents forced me up - and then had breakfast at some random coffee shop (apparently, it's famous for its chai koay - literally translated, vegetable cakes - but personally I don't think they're that good) somewhere in the mainland.

Arrived at Parit Buntar's steam bath at about 8 in the morning. Kids were playing around, swinging on the hammocks.

Looks like they're having lots of fun. Ahh... kids...

Then, the steam bath was ready, and most of them went in to sweat. I decided not to go, because you'll have to take a bath after that, and I noticed that the bathrooms were AWFULLY, AWFULLY STINKY AND DIRTY, and I didn't fancy taking a bath in such a condition. Besides, there wasn't a water heater. I DON'T WANT TO FREEZE TO DEATH.
Here's the dirty, smelly, stinky, icky bathroom...

Who on earth takes a bath without a water heater????? This is crazy.

Here are the 3 steam baths (2 for males, 1 for females):

It cost only RM 5 per person.

Many of them went anyway, while I relaxed in one of the hamocks, and almost dozed off.

About noon time, I went for a Thai massage, which lasted for an hour.

Here's the massaging shack:

Beautiful shack, isn't it?

It was actually pretty relaxing (though a little painful) and I'd recommend it to anyone interested.

Next, lunch!!!

I especially loved the salad, but I forgot to take a picture of it, because I was too busy eating it up.

Then, the kids went for a little fishing, and I joined in too.

My cute little cousin trying to catch some fish.

The fish they caught.

Everyone relaxing and enjoying themselves:

Last but not least, me, relaxing...




Enjoyed myself TO DA MAX!!!

Thanks to all Grassies for this beautiful and memorable trip!

The day before going to Genting, Uncle Cheng came to my house and we played PSP the whole day... wakakaka...

Then he took a bo liao picture of my mirror (unfortunately, I was caught in the picture in a relatively ugly pose):

Next morning, we met up with Chee Seng at the bus terminal, and hence began our long and uncomfortable journey to Genting.

Arrived at about 2 p.m., and met up with the rest: Kevin, Zhi Vern, Wan Theng, and Jia Yi (Jia Yi, if you are reading this, KANASAI LAH YOU LAST MINUTE ONLY SHOW UP!! LOL) We waited SIBEH LONG at the First World Hotel's reception area coz got too many people...

So we started to bo liao and take bo liao pics at the hotel lobby.

The 2 guys playing PSP... The PSP on the left belongs to me, btw.
Haha, play until so syok...


Walao waited at lobby for 2 freakin' hours...

That night, we went out for a walk at First World Plaza.

The next day, we went to the OUTDOOR THEME PARK!!

Us on the spinner.

I got somewhat hungry and had sweet potatos which cost some FREAKING TWELVE EFFING RINGGIT.

Me, enjoying my potatos to the MAX, because they were too expensive to be eaten in a bad mood.

Shying away from the camera.

Group pic!

That night, Grassies threw me, Uncle Cheng, and Zhi Vern a surprise birthday!!!

I was sooooooo happy!! Thanks, everyone!! I didn't expect you guys to remember my birthday!

The 3 birthday kids. From left: Age 19, 23, and 21.

Ahh!! Cut the cake!!! Uncle Cheng, your face looks damn retarded >.<

Here's Uncle Cheng's birthday present from me and Kevin:
G-string!! Hehehehe... Cute present for a guy. Please line up, guys.

My handmade birthday card!! Everyone had a chance to write something for me. So happy!!! ^^
Italic Thanks everybody!

Whoops... The card is rotated the wrong way.

Here's Wan Theng's birthday present for me. It came with a lollipop, but I ate it. >.<

We went out for a stroll that night...

Loved the cool air...

The 4 gals~

We were star-gazing...

Kinda romantic.

We took like over 200+ photos; will be uploaded onto Facebook soon.


UPDATE: My birthday card was handmade by Jia Yi, Yurong, Wai Hon, and Pui Mun. Special thanks to these 4 creative people (they're so special that I just had to colorize their names ^^), and many thanks to everyone else who wrote on my card!! ^^


Sunday, 14 June 2009

The silly things

"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever."
-Elizabeth Lawrence-

On the road, I felt happy when the vehicle in front of us was the last one to cross the green light, and we were stuck behind the red. I thought "Yeah!! We're first in line!!"

I thought a guy and a girl being in close proximity for long periods of time would result in the girl being pregnant. Hence, why I seldom sat beside guys when I attended tuition classes in my primary school days.

I thought sex was a very bad thing, and nobody is allowed to do it. Not even with their wives/husbands. Those who did it, regardless of who they did it with, would have committed a great sin and would go to hell when they died.

My friend told me babies popped out of their mother's urethrae/anuses. I believed her.

I always thought that rice cost a lot more than chickens, because its harder to plant paddy than to raise chickens. Every time I couldn't finish my food, I'd try to finish the rice first before eating the chicken.

I thought first gear was the weakest and fifth gear was most powerful. Think car gears.

It never occurred to me that my plastic cooking set and my pretend doctor set cost so little. I thought they'd cost my parents a fortune, and I always took good care of my toys because of that.

I didn't know my parents' cellphones cost so much. If I knew, I would be horrified by it.

My mother once told me not to allow anyone to touch my nether regions. Asked why, she said that they were 'private parts' and I should be careful not to let anyone touch them. I didn't see what was so private about it. Isn't it the same as any other body part?

I thought owning a dollar bill was a great deal, and I envied my friend who brought a two-dollar-note to school. All I had was coins.

My friend said the devil was going to take me to hell when I went to bed at night, and I believed her.

I thought people 12 years old and above were categorized as adults.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Marshmallow Ginny

"The best thing about animals is that they don't talk much."
-Thornton Wilder-

Here's a video of my hamster, Marshmallow Ginny, stuffing food into her mouth and cleverly placing them into her food container.

Once the food container gets full, she hides her food somewhere else.

If the video doesn't load, try this Youtube link instead.

I love my hamster!!!

Monday, 8 June 2009

I won!!!

My little scam in April '85 went like this: Give me $50,000; here's some names of some people we've recruited.
-Aldrich Ames-

This morning (Or rather, this afternoon, at 1.30 p.m.), when I woke up, I received this SMS from an unknown number:

Tahniah Kad sim anda telah dipilih "SHELL SDN BHD" Berjaya meraih Hadiah Utama RM 19,000.00.
Sila dail di talain 017-8985994. Terima Kasih.

For those who don't understand Malay, translated:
Congratulations, your sim card has been chosen by SHELL PTE LTD. You have won the Grand Prize of RM 19,000.00. Please call 017-8985994. Thank You.

To which I replied by sms-ing:

"Fuck off."

I wonder what will happen if I call that number. Shall update you guys if I do.

*Oh boy, oh boy, I just won RM 19,000!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!*

*eye roll*

Sunday, 7 June 2009


"I'm not vain. I just happen to have very high self-esteem."

Just 10 minutes before my parents brought me out, I was sitting in my room, with totally nothing to do.

Then, I heard my 5.0 megapixel camera phone squeal, "Use me!! Use me!!!"


Not my fault.

Blame my camera phone.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Tagged: Paparazzi

In twenty years you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked.
-Mary Schmich-

So I was tagged again by Jasryn (I didn't know you still remembered me!! =P); this time, its about some 'posting weird pictures of yourself' kinda thing.

Gah!!! Jasryn's conveniently dragged me down with her into the inconvenience of having to dig out all my old Friendster photographs of my weird self.

This post took me three freaking days to complete coz I had such a hard time digging out all my old photos.



1. Please entitle your post 'Paparazzi' or something of the like.
2. Follow the 'pictures of ..... ' as closely as possible. Be creative. No photoshop-ing. If you cannot find a picture for one of the descriptions, scratch it off and replace it with something else.

3. Tag whoever you want to see look funny.

1. picture of me looking down:

During Merdeka Night.

2. picture of me with my mouth open:
Me, as a teacher during MGS Canteen Day.

3. picture of me with my mouth closed:

4. picture of me holding in fart:
I had a pretty hard time searching for a pic of myself holding in fart; this is the best Rachel-holding-fart-ish picture I could get.

5. picture of me hugging someone:
Celebrating New Year's eve, about 3 years back.

6. picture of me acting rocker-ish:

7. picture of me doing something i shouldn't:

Oh, this picture is perfect. Way back when I was only 12 years old. In secondary 1.

8. picture of me looking like a noob:
Noob dunno how to use cell phone.

9. picture of me looking like an ape:
Academic stress = insanity.

10. picture of me looking disgusted:

11. picture of me kissing an inanimate object:

I tag: Piggy Ping, Ee Lynn (coz you love taking photos), Elizabeth Lau (coz I wanna see you in weird pictures!!), Marcus Tai (Coz I wanna see you in weird pictures too!!), Andrew Kon, Pin Yin, and anyone else who wants to play this game for the sake of tagging others!!!!