Thursday, 30 October 2008

Bad day.

This morning, I woke up feeling damn groggy coz I spent the whole of last night procrastinating and telling grandmother stories on the phone studying till 5.30 a.m..

At 8.30 a.m., I woke up in a relatively sour mood coz I had three CA's that day and I didn't study for my Physics CA at all. Not that I studied much for the other subjects either.

I walked to the bathroom, just to find that the cleaner was cleaning the bathroom.

WTF lah... She usually cleans the washroom at about 10 a.m.. Of all days, why must she clean it now???

So, from the 6th floor, I had to walk downstairs to use the bathroom on the 4th floor.


The first cubicle that I went into, the shower's heater was out of service.

The second, the door didn't close.

The third, the water was damn freezing cold. Having no choice, I stood under the shower, shivering my way clean.

Imagine standing under freezing water at 8 in the freaking morning. The icy water practically washed away all the information I painfully stored in my brain a couple of hours ago.

Fancy that even the cold water couldn't shock me awake.

I was still half asleep as I trudged back up to the 6th floor after my brief (possibly unclean) shower.

At 9.30 a.m., I sat for my Physics CA.

No comments.

Immediately after that, I crashed at K1's place. He had to practically drag me awake for the next lecture at 1 p.m..

At 2.30 p.m., I sat for my Materials Science CA and immediately after that, my Chemistry CA at 3.30 p.m..

Also no comments.

And now, I don't know if I should feel relieved that the torture is finally over, or should I freak out coz I obviously didn't do very well.

Numbness is overwhelming me.





The study-zombie in me has awakened.

I'm a walking undead.

The last time I felt this way, I was sitting for my A-Levels examinations.

I'm numb. Immune. Stress-less. Lifeless. Sleepless.

I'm a study zombie.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

The opposite sex...

After being in NTU for almost three months, I can safely say that my social circle has finally achieved a stable state of equilibrium.

I'm sure many of you back in Malaysia (and many others overseas) would like to know a little more about my life in NTU.

Hence, I shall now blog about the few specimens of the opposite sex I have found interesting.

*Note* To avoid being charged guilty of being biased, specimens are listed in alphabetical order. Some specimens encountered which are comparatively less significant in my social circle may not be listed down.

Specimen A
Ain't called "A" for no reason.
High memory capacity (suspected of the ginko effect).
A good dance partner.
Love Like at first sight, but he already has a girlfriend.
Enjoyed dancing with him during orientation camp.
K1's best friend.
My (sort of) close friend.
Academically good.

Specimen C
Good looking.
A great friend to be with.
Damn good dancer.
Previously had a very, very, very slight crush on him.*blush*
One of my 'more senior' friends.
Seems academically stable.

Specimen J
Previously showed (a whole lot of) interest in me.
A fucking pervert.
Had a short competition with K1 once. Yes, it was over me.
Tried very damn hard to win.
Resorted to tricks and aggression.
Immediately stopped being friends with me after he found out K1 'sort of' beat him flat.

Specimen K1 and K2
(Previously) good friends.
Smart asses.
Academically good.
My tuition teachers.
Good at analysing and psycho playing although both do not openly show their abilities.
Often are good friends in public, but I'm always stuck in the middle of their psychological wars.
I love observing their moves coz it's pretty much like chess.
All's fair in the game of love and war.

1. Specimen K1.
My personal Physics tutor.
More than just a friend.

2. Specimen K2.
My personal (ex) Chemistry tutor.
My ex-best friend.
I miss him.

Specimen M
I was initially kind of interested in him.
Not too bad looking.
Pretty smart.
Too bad he already has a girlfriend.

Specimen V
A really great shopping companion.
(Very) metrosexual.
A nice friend.
Knew him during Orientation Camp.

New phone!!

Sorry for the late update. Exams are coming so damn soon, and I've not been studying much. Stress is getting to me. Plus, the guilty feeling for not blogging for an extended period of time is gnawing at me.

The longer I leave my blog idle, the more guilty I feel. The more guilty I feel, the worse mood I'm in. Doesn't help that I keep reminding myself that I've not begun studying for my exam.

Of thus my cycle of not blogging and stress and moodiness goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

Gosh, what am I rambling about?

I should just shut up if I have nothing solid to say.

Anyway, this blog post is mainly just to inform you guys that I just bought a new phone yesterday.

Sony Ericsson C902.


Cool rite? Only $398; comes with the iOne Plus plan.


I'm in a damn fucking bad mood now coz I've got THREE WHOLE CA'S this Thursday.

Three. Continual. Assessments. In. One. Day.

Even having one CA already stresses me out like hell.

Doesn't help much that the three CA's are coincidentally the three hardest subjects in Sem 1.

Plus, I missed several lectures on them. The ones I didn't miss, I fell asleep in the comfortable air-conditioned lecture hall. The one's I didn't fall asleep, my mind wandered away.

I've not begun studying yet.


Last Friday, I walked into my tutorial class without studying for a quiz.


I didn't even know there was going to be a quiz coz I was absent the previous week when the tutor announced it.

I was even considering skipping the tutorial coz I was feeling lazy.

Imagine if I did.

I'd fail the quiz.

Thus, losing a significant percentage of marks from my final exam.


Going to die now.

Friday, 17 October 2008

But then again...

I am academically challenged.

Then, there's the text books...

My Materials Science text book takes up four whole pages explaining what I can retell to somebody else in one sentence.

And you wonder why university text books are so thick.

And the problem with university lecturers...

They tell long, long, long confusing and unnecessary stories when it can be summarised to one simple formula we learnt in secondary school.

They think too much.

The problem with university students...

Today, I spent two whole hours trying to solve a simple physics question a 13-year-old kid could solve within 30 seconds.

We think too much.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

I hate my period

Yes, it's that time of the month again.
This is when that annoying little nuisance comes along and ruin everything.
No swimming.
Stained pants.
Missed tutorials.
Painful vagina.
Troublesome toilet trips.
Depressing and short blog posts.


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Food Poisoning

It's been a pretty long while since I last updated my blog. Blame my horribly, horribly, horribly hectic schedule.

(Also partly because I have recently taken up a new hobby: Procrastinating.)

Was down with food poisoning.

Last Thursday night, I had my dinner at one of the canteens around the new hall area (cannot say which hall lar, later that canteen no business liao) and the next morning at around 7 a.m., I had my first poop, liquid style.

Instead of the usual single solid phase, my poop had 2 phases. Solid and liquid.

From my imaginary binary phase diagram,

Composition of solid phase: 80 wt% undigested food - 20 wt% bacteria.

Composition of liquid phase: 0.1 wt% undigested food 99.9 wt% water.

Solid mass fraction: 0.001

Liquid mass fraction: 0.999

Sorry for the scientific terms; I spent my whole of last night studying about the microstructures of alloys. For those of you who don't understand what I am rambling about, no worries. You'll understand when you study Materials Science in university.

Back to my point.

I had food poisoning.

Damn, it was bad.

Real bad.

I was bed-ridden for two whole days.

On Friday morning, after my first visit to the toilet, my tummy ache got worse.

Unfortunately, (almost) everyone was already attending lectures.

After spending 30 minutes calling almost everyone in my phonebook, K1 finally answered my call. Soon, he arrived at my room and brought me to the medical centre. He missed two lectures and a tutorial coz he wasn't comfortable about leaving me alone in my room. Later, K2 came along with some medicine and they took turns taking care of me while I alternated between my bed and the toilet bowl.

They took turns buying meals for me as well.

That night, I was beginning to feel better but come midnight, it got worse than ever. K2 accompanied me till I fell asleep at 4.30 a.m..

I thought I'd be okay by Saturday, but my condition was still as bad. K2 came over with lunch. He called a taxi and brought me to the nearest medical centre (this time, out of campus), only to find that the doctors there didn't work on weekends. So, he called a second taxi, which brought us to another clinic, which, unknown to us, was only 5 minutes walk away.

Altogether, K2 spent $12 on my taxi fare alone.

After receiving so much care and concern from two very good friends (what with two days of free meals, free transportation, and scarification of time and studies), anyone would automatically start to feel much, much, much better.

So much so that I even went shopping and bought a new pair of shoes right after my visit to the doctor.

What can I say? The shoes tempted me.

That night, the three of us went to China Town and I treated them to a sumptuous meal (eh, I spent $47 okay!!!) as a HUGE thank you.

And guess what?

I spotted Xiaxue and her ang moh boyfriend there!!!!

Too bad I didn't have the guts to approach her.

That night, we celebrated my recovery at Clarke.

Back to catching up on my studies.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Malaysian-Chinese are immigrants

I know this news is a little outdated, but I'd just like to share.

Click here for funny Kenny Sia-style comic!!!

Fuck the guy lah. He can just go to hell for all I care.

Government, if you wanna arrest me, you don't have enough proof, hor!!! I said fuck the guy but I didn't say which guy hor!!

Ok lah, ok lah.

Now I say sorry.

Better than some people never say sorry at all, right?

Sorry I said 'Fuck the guy'. Sorry I even posted this blog post to drop the image of the country. Malaysian government very good. They treat non-bumiputra and Bumiputra all equal. Mr Badawi very good. I love him very much. I love Malaysia very much also because it is a fair country. The Malaysian politicians never discriminate race one. Thats why I love the politicians in Malaysia.

See? I say sorry liao. Don't arrest me har...