Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Just for laughs... Don't arrest me!!!

Ahmad Ismail: Malaysian Chinese are illegal immigrants!!!!
Chinese citizens: WTF!!
Sin Chew Daily reporter: Wah!!! Ahmad Ismail say like that ah! Ok!!! I write in newspaper!!!
MCA: Ahmad Ismail must apologize!!!
Pak Lah: Aiyo, why Ahmad Ismail say like that... Ok, ok I apologize on his behalf ok? Sorry, sorry. MCA, please forgive him, ok?
Ahmad Ismail: Oops, so many people angry liao. I better go hide first.
Police: Eh, where Ahmad Ismail go? Cannot find him!!!

*in the mean time...**

ISA: Lets arrest Sin Chew Daily reporter because she wrote nonsense in the newspaper!! We cannot arrest Ahmad Ismail because although what he said is wrong, he is a Malay and Malaysia must protect Malays. Malays are more important than the Chinese.
Sin Chew Daily reporter: Ahhh!!! Why you arrest me!!!! I didn't do anything wrong!! Sobsobzz...
Chinese citizens: WTF!!! Why ISA arrest the wrong person!!
ISA: Oh, no lah. You misunderstand liao. We arrested the reporter because we care for her safety mah. Scared later some people will try to hurt her for what she wrote in the newspaper.
Chinese citizens: Walao. This kind of bullshit also can ah. Swt...
Pak Lah: Ok, ok. I know Ahmad Ismail was wrong. So I suspend him from UMNO for three freaking long years. Ok? Happy?
MCA: No!!! We want apology!!
Ahmad Ismail: Nenebubu!!! I dowan to apologize!!! Pah Lah is protecting me so you can't do anything to me!! Blek!!!!

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