Thursday, 31 May 2007

The dumb blond

The other day during my Phsyics Practical exam, we were supposed to carry out two simple experiments. The first was to tie a steel ball to a string of rubber, pull the ball downwards, and see how high the ball would bounce up to. Simple enough. The second experiment required us to connect a d.c. circuit to resistors and measure the potential difference across it using a voltmeter. We were to carry out the experiment first with one resistor, then with two, three, four, five, and six, measuring the potential diference across the resistors each time we changed the number of resistors used.

Maybe some of you reading this may not know what a resistor, a voltmeter, or even a d.c. circuit is. Not to worry. The main point should be easy enough for you to understand.

Anyway, I connected the voltmeter and the resistors to the batteries provided with some wires. After the connection was complete, I tried the voltmeter but it gave no readings. I tried adjusting the wires into position but it still didn't work.

0 V.


Sensing that I needed help, my lab tutor came to my assistance.

"What's wrong?"

"My voltmeter always zero one." (Yes, as every typical Malaysian, I use Manglish in everyday conversations.)

"Check your connections."

"I check d. Everything also okay."

My lab tutor checked my circuit. He picked up a wire with a loose end.


I forgot to complete the circuit by connecting the wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

"See, what is this?"

"Oh." *blush*

"So careless."

Hey, at least I don't ask if my sandwich is tuna or chicken, right?

Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Yesterday, I felt hungry and I ate one of my mother's Ferrero Rocher. Little did I know that the little bratty ants in my room were craving for them too.

As much as I love the chocolate layers on the outside, I loathe the little nut in the middle. I popped the whole thing into my mouth but after swallowing all the chocolate, I spit out the ball of nut and carefully wrapped it back in the wrapper. There. Good as new. It looked a little smaller than before though....

I didn't want to throw it into my trash bin in my room because if I did, a few moments later I would see troops of ants marching towards it. Besides, my rubbish bin is only for mucus-filled Kleenaxes, useless pieces of papers, and my sanitary napkins (used ones, of course). However, I was way too lazy to walk all the way to the kitchen just to throw away a piece of nut wrapped in gold foil.

There was only one option left. Since I couldn't throw it into my trash can and I was too lazy to walk all the way to the kitchen, I just left it on my study table, where I continued to build castles in the air.

I guess I had been pretty productive, because when I turned to look at the wrapper, I had already studied (while still building castles) for a whole hour. And the ants were pretty hardworking, too. They had already reached the nut.

There was a line of ants marching to and fro from it. I made a huge mistake. I picked up the wrapper to kill the line of ants but when I dropped the wrapper back down on the table the ants began to crawl out from inside the wrapper.


The pool of ants grew bigger and bigger until its radius was about two inches long. Imagine my horror. I didn't know what to do so I acted on impulse. I quickly grabbed my bottle of nail polish remover (which I bought at a blood-sucking price of RM 12.90) and poured it all over the ants. They died instantly.

And there goes my RM 12.90.

When ants die, you normally see their body still solid and intact, although at times they curl up into balls. It's a little different when you pour nail polish remover on them. They die instantly, almost like magic. And they become soft and squishy. Lembik, you could call it.

No, I definitely did not touch them to know that they literally became pulp at the instant they come into contact with nail polish remover. I used a tissue paper to wipe them off my table.

Correction. Not a tissue paper, but loads of tissue.

You could see blobs of red on the tissue after wiping them off. Yuck. I hate ants. Especially dead ones, because their body could rot any moment. Live ones are okay, because you could kill them off and dispose them to make sure they never come back.

But the dead ones give me goosebumps. You will never know where their corpses are, and therefore, you are at risk of having their dead bodies coming into contact with yours, which is awfully disgusting.

The worst is when ants die on your body, because even if you wiped them off, there is a possibility that parts of their body might still stick onto your skin. Eww.

I noticed a brown stain on my exam timetable yesterday. At a glance, it looks like I smeared chocolate onto it. If you look closer, you can see that it's actually a dead ant. Its' legs were a millimetre apart from its body and its ass (the part of the ant which is black) was disconnected from its squished body.


I can imagine how it got there. While it was happily strolling on my table, my arm must have accidentally pressed it flat onto the paper. I must have been concentrating hard on my work at that moment, when my arm would sub-consciously rub up and down on any surface it was in contact with. And at that time, it was that piece of paper.

Double yuck.

These days, I constantly find ants crawling on my phone. I suspect these ants come from inside my phone. I try hard not to think of them every time I put my phone close to my ear.

I suspect the ants favor me more than anybody else.

Money matters

I can't believe I paid 5 freakin' bucks for a plate of fried oysters! I thought they only cost around RM 2? Since when did cheap kopi tiam food become so expensive? Blood-sucking oysters they are! And they won't even do me any good. They are fattening and unhealthy. Heck, if you tilted the plate a little you could even see the oil flowing out! Eww.

But of course, you can't blame me for complaining. I'm so used to my dad paying for my food (blush) that I myself am not sure of the prices of kopitiam foods these days. 5 bucks should be an acceptable price, considering the fact that the oysters were big and juicy. If I had sufficient money at that time i wouldn't be complaining, but I only had like 20 bucks with me and it was supposed to last till end of the month!

Don't tell my parents, but I actually had another RM 100 in my savings. I spent it all on Digi reload cards. I know, I know. It's a waste of money. But what could I do? Digi rewards all customers with 50% extra credit on their birthdays. I couldn't resist. *sigh* Sun Tzu has so many students these days. If only he was still alive....

That is why I will never venture into the world of business, where I will just be treaded upon until I'm nothing but a speck of dust.

It's the 30th of May and I have 10 bucks left. I hope the 1st of June comes before my cash runs out, thanks to blood-sucking oysters, phone companies, shopping malls, and Sun Tzu's students.

As you can see, I'm poor.

I know my spending habits has given me lots of trouble, but it's not my fault. Don't blame the shopaholic, blame the blood-suckers. These are some of the few depriving me of my cash:

1. Digi
2. Gurney Plaza
3. Roxy
4. Disted Stamford's Cafeteria
5. Sony
6. Popular Bookstore
7. Maple Story

I hate them.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Rae's paradoxes and theories on life

I'm still having blogger's block. Lets call it BBS (blogger's block syndrome). *sigh*. Currently, I do not only have BBS, but ASS (Acute Stress Syndrome) as well. I'm having ASS because I'm wasting my time online instead of studying and I'm having BBS because ASS is bothering me. And I'm having ASS because BBS is making me sit blankly in front of the computer with nothing to type and although I know I should be studying, I'm sitting here wasting my time thinking of what to write. The more BBS i get, the more ASS i have. And the more ASS i have, the more i cannot concentrate on blogging, and that's where BBS comes in. And this horrible cycle goes round and round and round till I actually explode or die of ASS and/or BBS.

Which reminds me. Have you ever experienced feelings where you get frustrated because you cannot concentrate on doing something and then because of that frustration it wipes out your concentration all the more? And when your frustration does that, you get even more frustrated than ever because your previous frustration wiped out your little concentration that you had. And when that happens, you get even more frustrated and you cannot concentrate all the more. For some unknown reason, I constantly find myself in this kind of situations where this horrible cycle will eventually reduce me to nothing but tears. And then even those tears do not sympathize me. Instead, they make my eyes painful and tired so that I can never ever concentrate on what I was doing ever again. Then the frustration comes again. And it goes on and on and on.

I call this 'Rae's Paradox of Uneasiness'.

However, there is another kind of circle of events which is quite the opposite. I call it 'The Theoretical Paradox of Infinite Happiness'. I say it is theoretical because in theory, it is logical but in real life, it never does happen. If it did, practically everyone in this world would be laughing and the slogan "make love, not war" would never exist.

My theory is this: When you are happy (for various reasons) and your enemy sees you being happy he/she will obviously be unhappy because of your happiness. And when you see his/her unhappiness, you will be happier because the person you hate is being unhappy. And when your enemy sees you becoming happier, he/she will become even more unhappy. And this pleasant circle goes on. Unfortunately, I have never been in this situation before. *sigh*...Why do only bad things ever happen to me?

I call this field of study Lifentology. And I am, of course, a lifentologist. After 17 years of research, I have come up with this conclusion: Theoretically, it is possible to have pleasant and unpleasant life paradoxes (like the two examples mentioned above) but in reality, only unpleasant life paradoxes like the '
Rae's Paradox of Uneasiness' ever happens to us. 'Us' as in, all the human beans in the world.

Yes, beans. There was no spelling error.

But of course, as I have been a lifentologist for only 17 years, there are still lots of things to research on. 17 years of experience is not enough. Therefore, I do not think I am in the position to verify my theories yet. There is still room for argument.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Blogger's block

Have you ever experienced blogger's block? It's a terrible and painful experience. First of all, you feel awfully guilty for not updating your blog because that means you are letting your readers down. Secondly, the thought of readers excitedly coming to your blog hoping for a new episode of your life but find that you apparently have nothing to tell them makes you feel terribly afraid that they will eventually lose their trust in you and find a new blogger to feed their raging kaypoh hunger.

That's why, i asked Tree for some inspiration. Guess what he gave me? Just some random words: arcade, Queensbay, red chopsticks, Siam Express, Secret Recipe, BMW. Hmm....

Speaking of arcades, have you ever wondered why so many people love it? Are they there for the noise, the games, or just for the lau-juakness? Some people say they are too poor (so they claim) to buy their own Nintendo so they go to arcades instead. If they were really that poor, wouldn't it be a waste for them to spend their hard-earned money (or, more accurately, their parents' hard-earned money) on arcade games? I really don't know....

I know I have lots of gadgets at home, but I still love visiting arcades. Definitely not for the noise - I think the noise there sometimes annoys me, what with the occasional vulgarities - but i think I go there for the
lau-juakness. My apologies if you don't know what lau-juak means, but apparently my command of English has deteriorated so much that i forget some of the English terms (blogger's block comes in a package which includes weak vocabulary, bad grammar, a tendency to use broken English, usage of slang, and loss of ideas). Anyway, I love arcades. My favourites there are the car-racing games and the dancing machine.

As for Queensbay, I really have no idea why Tree mentioned it. Maybe it's due to the fact that Tree's house is only 5 minutes worth of drive from there? I have no intention to elaborate on that. You have no idea how jealous I am.

Red chopsticks. They remind me of the Chinese Tradition. I'm proud to be Chinese. You should be proud of your own race too.

Siam Express and Secret Recipe? Boy, Tree is making me hungry.

I love cars. Especially expensive ones. For example, BMW.

Blogger's block, please go away soon.

Monday, 21 May 2007

The birthday girl

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say, although i didn't celebrate it, I went to bed a very happy birthday girl.

Lots of friends wished me 'happy birthday'...but Tree forgot. Imagine that! *sigh*... Tree and I finally solved our conflicts (for the moment) and although i didn't follow my parents and my lil bro out to watch Spiderman 3 (I had to study for my exam), my mum got me a nice unexpected birthday present from The Body Shop. Definitely not cheap
. It was wrapped in a gift box and in it there was a bottle of strawberry flavoured bath and shower gel, a tiny bottle of strawberry perfume oil, a tube of strawberry body polish, and a container of strawberry body butter. What can i say? The birthday girl loves her Ichigos.

Here is a picture of the present:


I just took my shower and i smell damn good.

P.S. Ichigo means strawberry in Japanese. Just so you know, my favourite tamagotchi, Ichigotchi, looks like this:
Happy days!

Saturday, 19 May 2007

My Sexuality

Are you heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual? Are you still in the confusion stage where you don't know which category you belong to?

As for me, I'm 1% heterosexual, 69% plantaesexual, and 30% selfsexual.

As you know, a person who is heterosexual is someone who is attracted only to the opposite sex. Of course, I'm mostly attracted to the Coconut Tree (That's the part where I'm plantaesexual), but as a normal homo Sapien, my heart, too, skips a beat when a cute guy brushes past me. Or talks to me. Or smiles at me. Or asks for my phone number. Or flirts with me.

You get the idea.

But of course, I'm not saying that I'm a bitch/slut who loves flirting/sleeping around with guys. I do not change my soul mate faster than I change my underwear. (I say underwear because I change my underwear more frequently than I change my shirt/pants/shorts/dress.) Anyway, just because cute/cool/handsome guys have the ability to magically make butterflies materialize in my tummy, that does not mean I will fall for them (is that a reader's heart breaking I hear?). In my Social Ring, I divide the guys into 4 groups. Majority will go under the first group labelled 'Just Friends' (did I just hear a reader's heart break again?), and a significant few will go under the group labelled 'Handsome/Cute/Flirtable/Cool But Not My Type'. Some others will go under the third group, 'The Avoidables'. Only ONE lucky (or unlucky?) guy will get into the final group labelled 'My Soul Mate'.

Oh, now I can hear clearly the breaking of hearts (plural). My apologies.

Why do i call myself plantaesexual? If you know me well enough, I think you can guess why. Generally, I hate Nature, what with those ugly bugs, smelly animals, dirty plant sap, itchy fungi poison, slimy river algae, blood-sucking leeches, pinching and stinging sea creatures, and who-knows-what-else. However, I find it different with coconut trees. Especially with The Coconut Tree. Coconut trees are tall and their broad leaves can help protect you from the scorching sun (that's another reason to hate Nature) and its' fruit gives sweet and refreshing water. If only coconut trees had feelings.....

I'm proud to call myself a Selfsexual, a.k.a syok sendiri.
For those of you who don't know what syok sendiri means, good. I won't explain. And I see some of you snickering right now. Hmph. Everyone of us has at least a little bit of selfsexuality in ourselves, no matter what sort of sexuality we are labelled as. So there! *pouts*

Btw, did you know that the layman's term for selfsexual is vain?

But of course, in reality, there is no such word as plantaesexual and selfsexual, so I guess my sexuality is only 1% occupied. The other 99% is filled with imaginary sexual fantasies....Alright, I'm kidding! Don't look at me that way.

I'm a good girl, and my birthday is coming soon.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Trees... *sigh*

Trees are difficult. Really difficult. Have you ever tried growing a tree? Do you get frustrated because it never grows no matter how hard you care for it? On the other hand, the trees which grow in the wild can live so healthily for hundreds of years.

Maybe trees need their freedom.

But I care for my tree too much to let it go, although i know i should. I don't know if Tree needs my care and attention, but if i were a tree, I would really love my gardener to love me and take good care of me.

I dunno why, but lately, tree and I have not been on good terms. Why? What is it that tree wants? I can't really understand trees that well. They can't express themselves very well (they are trees, what do you expect?) and to make things worse, I'm not very fond of nature. I'd prefer technology.

Oh, well.

Everyone has their own tree to care for. I hope yours grows to be a fine one. As for me, I'm working on it.

P.S. I won't be updating my blog for awhile because my exams are very near. Please bear with me. I will be back very soon to cure your addiction for more Raedarling episodes. For the time being, you might consider spending your time thinking of what to buy me. My birthday is coming.

Monday, 14 May 2007

My new Toy...

My dad took me to Prangin Mall the other day....and guess what? I finally got my Longed-for Toy: My very own sleek-black PSP! I'm sure you guys know how a PSP looks like, so i guess there is no need to upload a picture of mine here (Please excuse my laziness).

What is left of my Wish list:
1. I-pod
2. Playstation Portable (PSP)
3. Sony Ericsson Walkman phone

4. Apple Laptop
5. Tamagotchi
6. Bluetooth

7. Wii

8. Gameboy

9. I-phone
10. PS2
11. PS3

As you can see, my Wishlist isn't fulfilled yet.

My birthday is coming very soon.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

My photos are so valuable




Now my dad disapproves of my posting my photos online. As in, I'm not even suposed to put them in Friendster. His reason? "The Internet is used by people all over the world. People might use your photos for bad intentions. Besides, it wouldn't be very good if our relatives saw them."

Uh, may i ask you something? Why on earth is it so bad if my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. see my photos online? Like im posing nude.

Besides, who on earth would want MY pictures for 'bad intentions'? As I mentioned before in my previous entry, the Internet is abundant with free porn. Unless someone really hates me (and honestly, I doubt it), I don't think anyone would want my photos at all. Especially for 'bad intentions'.


Im NOT advertising my body

My mum insulted me by implying that I'm just a cheap slut who earns money by uploading sexy photos onto my blog! Yes, you heard it right. My mum.

Yesterday, while I was admiring my blog (yes, I know I’m vain), my mum saw the pictures (the ‘medley’ of photos you see above as my blog heading) and she exclaimed, “Wah, put so sexy pictures in your blog ah!”

Now, I want you to please take a moment and scroll to the very top of this page and have a good look at the pictures.

Sexy meh?

Anyway, I was kinda pissed off and i shot back, “Where got!” Then she got pissed off by my tone and she said “Don’t you use that voice with me! And don’t ever think you can get rich through your photos!”

That really made me mad. Of course, I did mention to her that I was considering earning money through advertisements in my blog, but I certainly don’t remember mentioning that I’m going to use my photos to do that. The way my mum said it made me feel insulted.


Besides, if people really wanted to see sexy photos, would they come to my blog? Of course not. The Internet is abundant with free porn.

I use my wit, my brains and my language to attract readers. I do not attract people here through my pictures.

Anyway, I was really, really angry that my mum insulted me that way (and she didn’t even notice!) so I turned off the computer, stormed into my room and slammed the door shut. A few moments later, my mum came in and started scolding me (I can’t remember the contents of her reprimand; I was too busy fuming). I couldn’t hold it back anymore so I yelled at her, “Do you know how you insulted me?” And she started scolding me again then slapped me (yes, slapped me) on the face. Twice. Very hard.

Then, she took away the modem. Up till now, the modem is still missing (I’m typing my blog with Microsoft Word).

You may or may not see my fuming anger right now, but I’m not using any vulgarities on her just because she is my mum. Names like Fucking Bitch, Stupid Unreasonable Bitch or any other names which has an adjective with negative meanings followed by the word ‘bitch’ very well suits someone like her, but I’m not going to be disrespectful here.

I have nothing more to say.

P.S. Dear reader, if you are here just because you want sexy or nude pictures of me, I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you, because I am not advertising my body. Please leave and never come back.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

the idiotic old hag


they think they are always right and they constantly look down on young people, thinking teenagers are just immature lil brats. I've not exactly calmed down since the Stupid Waitress incident (refer to my previous entry) and before 24 hours has passed, another old hag comes along to piss me off. AGAIN!

Just a few minutes ago, i was in the elevator, which was quite packed. i was alone, with another family (two kids and their parents). since the elevator was pretty small, it was pretty packed, but there was a considerable space to accomodate a few more passengers. Being a considerate civillian, i stood at the side, close to one of the walls of the elevator so that if more passengers happened to come in, they would have adequate space.

Not long after, at the 2nd floor (i think) a lady came in. I can't say she was exactly old, but she was aging. Right in front of me was a large space, enough to fit two more people. TWO. she was just one single lady. Instead of standing at the most obvious space which was right in front of me, she just HAD to squirm all the way behind me, where there was practically no space left. Well, that was fine with me; she could stand anywhere she wanted. but she did something unexpected. She held my right arm and shoved my entire body so that my whole position was shifted!


Its understandable if my mum or my granny did that to me (thats how adults normally love 'shifting' their kids around) and i wouldn't blame them because they are family. but that IDIOTIC OLD BAG OF BONES was a complete stanger and she did that to me, like i was a three-year-old! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOUR MANNERS, OLD HAG? If my mother was there one standing there would you dare do that to her? i should think not. Why? Just because my mother is a full-grown adult and im not.

She only did that to me because to her i was just a lil bratty kid! And then, she proceeded to tell the parents of the two kids (from the family i mentioned earlier) how Singaporeans are more civilised because everytime they see a new passenger in the elevator, they would shift positions to make way for that new passenger.


Old people, where are your manners? I really don't understand. Its not that i don't respect the elderly (heck, i LOVE my grandmother!) but don't you think the elderly should give others some respect in return? Just because they are old doesn't mean they are given more rights than others.

the Stupid Waitress

What is it with people nowadays?

Last night, i followed my parents to a Chinese restaurant...i think its called Jade Blossom. we went there to meet my uncle and aunt from Canada. so you might like to call it a mini family reunion dinner....but sort of a more casual one.

Anyway, i expected the restaurant to be high-class, where they addressed people using 'Sir', 'Miss', 'Madam', etc. Guess what a stupid waitress called me? Xiao mei mei!!!


I just smiled sweetly at her, but inside i was fuming. That gives me another reason why i prefer going out with my friends rather than my parents. At least when I'm with my friends, people call me 'Miss'. (If anyone dared to call me Xiao Mei Mei in front of my friends, they are dead). The best experience i had was at 321K, where i was treated with so much respect. Of course, maybe it was due to the fact that i wasn't with my parents, i was just about to be their potential regular customer (heck, the guy there could even recognize my from my previous two visits!), and i was with Tree. No one ever dares to be funny when Tree is around. The salesguy there was friendly and nice. I happily purchased a nice (but affordable) ring, and i had my necklace (also from 321K) polished. Now, thats how a customer would want to be treated. Learn, Stupid Waitress!

Personally, i think the waitress had the guts to call me that partly because she was not-too-young. When i say not-too-young, i mean OLD. I hate the way these people act towards the younger generation. Just because she is much older than me, does it give her the priviledge to call me that? Im sure the younger waitresses wouldn't. (Not that they could; some of them are only about my age). I know young people are suppoesed to respect the elders, but what about the other way round? Besides, im a CUSTOMER. When it comes to customers, the waitress (and waiters) should always respect the costomers, regardless of age. Im not saying that the Stupid Waitress didn't give me any respect (she did) but she should have been more alert because not all people love being called Xiao Mei Mei, expecially when that someone is only one year short of being 18 years old, a legal adult.

Old people who are waitresses, if you are reading this, please be more alert when you are at work. You wouldn't want to piss off your customers, would you?

P.S. my apologies if i seem like a drama queen; i happen to have a knack in making minor stuff seem like a big deal. I think it makes life more interesting.

fatness, height, and the likes

No doubt, im putting on weight. Of course, almost every typical girl, regardless of thier body size or weight, claims they are fat.

Im not fat. im just a lil over my ideal body shape, size and weight. I can deal with that. I will just have to start exercising, stop eating unnecessarily, and start balancing my diet.

Haha. Like im disciplined enough to do that. As long as my BMI isnt over 20 (and that's good, isnt it?), i dont think im driven to do anything crazy yet.


Who knows, i might turn anorexic one day. dont worry, i wont do bulemia. its so hard trying to vomit, though being bulemic is indeed much better because you get to enjoy delicious foods. However, according to statistics, most anorexics lose weight more efficiently compared to bulemics. So, i think being anorexic would much better suit my style, dont you think? if you had a choice, would you rther be anorexic or bulemic? (put away the thoughts of possible death, please.)

I. Am. Fat.

But the Anorexic-Gurl prospect doesn't much appeal to me. Fatness is Bad, but Hunger is Badder. Being Extremely-Sickly-And-Thin is the Baddest of all.

Am i short?


Everyone else is just tall.

Besides, my height doesn't bring me down. So what if i don't have the so-called ideal height? As i said (and im going to say it again), I. AM. NOT. SHORT. im just not too tall. at least im not like Coconut Tree. that would be much worse, wouldn't it?

As long as my looks are above average (please excuse the vanity, im trying my very best to be modest here) i don't think height matters much. I have the high heels a.k.a. 'Kick-Kock Shoes' to help me.

Another good thing about being short (not that im admitting that im short) is that the point of gravity is lower. that means short people are more stable. isn't that good to know. I especially salute the shorties in the world for being who they are today! as Tree loves to sing, "shortie like mine...."

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

opening speech

welcome. this is my first entry in my new blog. you can view my old entries at this blog is a new just testing to see if i can attract more readers here instead of being stuck at friendster's blogs.