Thursday, 4 December 2008

A moment with my Kakiis

Uni life is great.

New life, new friends, new loves.


I received an email from Nuffnang some time back, about a contest organized by

Have been procrastinating and procrastinating about it till the last minute.

The due date is tomorrow.

Anyway, I want the
Sony Skinny T Digital Camera!!!

So here is one of the best moments ever with my new found uni kakiis.

We were camwhoring at one of the most beautiful and posh buildings in NTU, the School of Arts, Design and Media, during one of our Freshemen Orientation Camp games, which required us to rush about the whole campus, 'The Amazing Race' style.

The building even has got grass on it's rooftop!!!

Somehow, I pity the guys at the bottom of the pile of humans. ;)

The weather was great then; it was fairly windy, with a moderate amount of sunny-ness. I loved lying on the grass, though it was a little prickly at first. A really, really nice place to relax after running about for the whole day.

I heard that exam periods, many students come up here to study and de-stress.

Ahh... Those were the times.

Anyone of you wondering what to do after graduating from high school?

Come to NTU!!!!

I promise you, you'll find lots and lots of new kakiis and there's never going to be a dull moment around here.

I love my Kakiis.


Gabriel said...

after all the rants and complains about exam stress in NTU, you'd think they still want to go there? hahaha

raedarling said...

lol. aiya...promoting for NTU ma...haha