Sunday, 30 November 2008


I'm home!!!!

I love my big home, big bedroom, big bed, my big and fat hamster, my piano, my big Apple computer, my big toilet, my big bathroom, my extremely big mirror on my wall, my parents' big cars, and my big stuffed animals.

Though I've noticed that the Internet connection has become slower, public transportation is fucked up, public toilets stink, and the people have become less courteous.

But things here are extremely cheap.



A random conversation between AD and his girlfriend:

GF: Have you had your dinner?
AD: Yes.
GF: What did you eat?
AD: Fried rice.
GF: What fried rice?
AD: Aiya, fried rice is fried rice lah, what do you mean what fried rice!

Yeah, I know it doesn't sound funny here, but K and I were laughing our asses off when we hear it. Especially when you get to see AD's reaction after the girlfriend asked him the stupid question.


My dad just bought a limited edition Tissot watch which cost RM 3800.


I want one too!!!!

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