Monday, 30 June 2008

Farewell party invitation


You are cordially invited to attend my farewell party, as I shall be leaving for Singapore soon.

Event: Rachel's farewell party
Event type: Potluck 
Date: 6 July 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 4 p.m. - 11.30 p.m. (or any time in between)
Venue: My house
Dress code: Anything goes.  

May I request that each guest bring her own food to be shared with everyone else, as this is going to be a potluck. (Also a way for the host to save more money on food. *winks*)

Everyone is free to give her own opinion on what kind of activities are to be held. So far, the suggestions I have received are:
1. Truth or Dare
2. Mother hen and chicks
3. Ice-Man
4. Heart Attack
5. Monopoly

Please contribute any good ideas that you may have! 

Please also confirm if you are coming or not, as I'll need a rough estimate of the number of guests. 

For those of you who don't know where my house is, you can contact the following for directions:
Pauline, Pin Yin, Jia Ling, Cindy, Yoke Kueen, Erdiana, Ai Fern.

Of course, alternatively, you can also contact me.

Parking spaces are limited, so you might wanna consider carpooling. 

Everyone, please come!!!! I miss you guys! Yes, each and every one of you!

Lets all revive the good old schooling days!

Penang hill trip

Here are the pictures we took during our hike up Penang Hill.

Photos are in chronological order.

A dog we met on the way up. Aren't my pink Adidas sneakers just pretty? Unavailable in Malaysia!

The dog's a smart one.

It even looked towards the direction I pointed~

Cindy and I. Still looking energetic, eh?

A little resting hut.

It's called 84. Weird name for a resting hut, huh?

Cindy and I again.


Managed a weak smile for the camera.

When will we reach the peak???


Breeze blowing at my hair.

Trying to keep my hair out of my face.

Pretty scenery.

Random photo of the sky.

Cindy and I at the cannon

Me, humping the cannon.

Group photo.

Me, posing.

Me, the photographer.

Cindy, the photographer.

Yeat Hon, the photographer.

A centipede with an orange body and a blue head. 

Giant ants. About an inch long.

I love Penang Hill.

All photos are credited to Yeat Hon, the owner of the camera.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Hike up Penang Hill

Today, I woke up at 8.30 a.m..

Cindy, Yeat Hon, and I went to Penang Hill. 

Correction - We hiked up Penang Hill.

Today was also MGS' Cross Country Racing day! What a coincidence, huh?

We went to Botanical Gardens to hike up from there, and we saw some MGS students. So, we went in to visit the teachers and (my) students there.

Then, we began hiking up the hill. Energetic and full of zest.

However, ten minutes later, Cindy and I began sweating like hell. But still vigorously going on. This went on for another 30 minutes. Then, the complaints and groaning and moaning stopped. We were too tired to say anything. 

Silence is golden.

We began to regret deciding to hike. By the time we were half way there, we were already half dead. If you do the math, according to arithmetic progression, if being half way there means being half dead, doesn't that mean that being there means being fully dead?

Eh, you think very easy to hike ah? Five kilometers may seem like a short distance, but if you put the steep gradient of the trail into consideration, hiking up Penang Hill isn't an easy feat.

*After 5 kilometers and 3 hours of suffering that nobody could ever comprehend*

We. Finally. Reached. The. Peak.


Ate. Drank 100 plus. Walked around a little. Snapped pictures. (Dry humped the cannon.) Played at the playground.

When it was time to go back down, we couldn't find a jeep. So, we had no choice but to hike down.


The trip down was comparably much easier. It only took us half the time it took to hike up. My toes were aching like hell, though. The gradient was really steep at some places and the tip of my toes pushed so hard to the front that they hurt.

I almost lost my balance a few times. Blame my tired legs.

By the time we got into the car, I couldn't feel my legs anymore. 

When I finally arrived at home, I went right to bed.

We took lotsa pictures, but they're in Yeat Hon's camera. Will upload all of them when he sends me the folder.

Promise. My next post will be full of pictures.

For now, it's back to bed.

Damn tired.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I have always wondered what is so interesting about the share market that gets everyone so agitated. The big earnings? The (false) sense of material security? The speculations?

I have always wanted to speculate, despite the huge (and I mean huge) risks I will be taking.

Unless you're very, very experienced, most speculators usually end up being broke. 

So, instead of using real money, I decided to join, a virtual stock market game. It's a stock exchange simulation, where you get to experience buying and selling shares without using real money.

I can't say I'm very good at it.

First off, I decided to buy some stable shares. Though the earnings might not be high, at least it's a start. I bought Nasdaq Composite. Next, I tried Dow Jones. 

Few hours later, I decided that stable shares weren't good enough if I wanted to earn quick money (that's what speculation is all about, isn't it?). So I looked for less popular shares, which shoot up and down like bullet trains. So I bought Dow Chemical Co. and Solei Systems Inc. 

Dow was dropping rapidly 30 minutes ago, but it's rising, as we speak. Should I sell them off, or should I wait for it to rise more? 


I think I'll wait. 

Nasdaq, on the other hand, dropped awfully low, but it's rising again. Still not enough to cover my loss, though. I'll have to wait some more. Hope it doesn't drop again.

*why the hell is this blogger rambling on about shares and confusing adult stuff?*


I know this post might bore some of you to sleep (congratulations if you have managed to read this far without dozing off), so I guess I'll stop here.

Shares isn't really everyone's thing.

So, I'm off to earning big bucks.



my dream

I dreamt of you and it was sweet, but you changed and it became a nightmare.


Maybe I should stop talking to you that often before I fall in love with you again.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


I wanna go for the fish spa at New Word Park!!!

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!!!!

Looking for fish spa kaki's.



Jasryn is finally back.

Didn't realise how suffering it would be being Jasryn-less.

Yes, Jas. It's a compliment. Thank me.

Don't make me think you're an incompetent blogger, kay?

Ha, ha. One of my tactics to pressure her to update her blog. 


Oh, yes. Congratulations to Jasryn for her ownership of a new iMac.

Printed on Page One of the iMac manual. See, Jas. It's nothing to worry about.

Good luck to Jas on her quest of exploring the wonders of the iMac.

Don't get into too much trouble, 'kay? If you do, though, you can always resort to black mailing. Tell your iMac that if it doesn't work for you THIS INSTANT, you're going to switch back to the PC. Works every time. *winks*

With that, I warmly welcome Jasryn to the iMac club.

PC users are obviously one class lower than us, the Macintoshians/iMacians.

I'll bet ninety-nine percent of readers would get pissed after reading the previous sentence.

Sorry, lah. Joking only what. I don't look down on PC users; I think PC works just as well. the iMac is just, well, different.

Trust me, I'm not biased towards PC's.

iMac is just slightly prettier, sleeker, and less space consuming. Not to mention, it's faster, has more memory, more capacity, and a little more of everything else. Besides that, Apple computers can also run both the Mac and Windows. The iMac is also smarter and more efficient. Apple computers also have a wider screen, for viewing comfort. Apple computers are also generally more costly, so as to show their competence compared to PC's.

Besides those trivial points mentioned above, I see no other difference between the PC and the iMac. 

So, as I said, I am not biased towards PC's, nor do I look down on them.

PC users, no hard feelings, 'kay?

*stifled laugh*

Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Just kidding.


I'm not going to spark an argument of which system is better, nor am I going to start declaring myself as a member of the iMac cult. Though I'm an iMac user and have fallen deeply in love with it, I definitely do not think that iMac users are one class higher than the rest.

Just for laughs, you might be interested in watching these.

See!!! iMac is definitely better than the PC.


I keep contradicting myself.

Okay, okay. I'll be serious. 

I have to admit, ever since I started using the iMac, I have fallen in love with it because of its efficiency, speed, memory, capacity, and competence. In some ways, it is definitely better compared to the PC. They're facts; nobody can deny that. However, I still miss the PC at times. I miss how I enjoyed playing Solitaire when one of the programs crashes, and I miss the times I keep visiting the refrigerator for snacks while waiting for the PC to load. I miss how I was able to play pirated computer games on my PC and use pirated software. 

But, unlike some (if not most) iMac users who go "I'm an iMac user! I'm better than PC users! I'm more 'high-class'!", I'm not interested in that kind of debate. 

Besides, PC is good. It allows the user to use pirated softwares and download media illegally.

As Jas says, "Stupid honest Apple users."

I agree with her.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

A new composition

Writer's block is gone!!!!

I've just finished Emotions.

This time, I've written something more thoughtful. Less of a story, more on contemplating. 

I have to admit, my own emotions, feelings, and life experiences have influenced the story for the most part.

In other words, Emotions actually reflects my life and my thoughts. Partly. 

Still, it's fiction.

Do not, by all means, assume that the protagonist is in anyway affiliated with me.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

i passed.

I passed my driving test. 

I am trying my very best to be very composed here.

To know my real emotions, click here.


Nothing much, but I got a hair cut today.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Nice or not?

Yokey called me today.

Says, "I don't like nice people."

Hence, the discussion and analyzation on nice people versus people who are more like... you know... me. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a 'not nice' person, as some would put it. I'm just, well, not very nice.

Apparently, Yokey prefers 'not so nice' people compared to nice people because according to her logic, "you'll never know if nice people actually like you very much or not, because they're nice to everyone. I prefer people like you."

So from what I gathered, she actually prefers 'not so nice' people like me compared to really nice people.

I kind of got what she meant.

And I actually agree with her.

If people were nice to you all the time, you wouldn't know how he/she really feels about you because that's how that person is treating everyone. 

"That's where the insecurities creep in," Yokey says.

One of the reason Yokey loves me so much (yes, she does. She told me herself) is because I'm not nice to everyone. I'm only nice to people I like. And I can be very, very, very bitchy towards people I dislike or hate. 

Enemies, beware. *evil grin*

Yokey prefers people like me because she knows that I'm only nice to her because I treat her as a real friend, not because I'm generally nice.

So, yes, Yokey dislikes people who are generally nice.

I have to agree with her on that.

Not being a nice person myself, I think I would prefer people not to be nice to me unless they really like me. At least I'd know how that person really feels about me. If a person were to be nice to everyone all the time, I'd be constantly on the look out. 

So, yes.

People, it's not good to be nice all the time.

Scrap everything your parents ever taught you about 'being nice' to everyone.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I'll have to admit. I suck at transcribing songs. 

I give up.


There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who grow old without growing up, and those who grow up without growing old. 

I'd like to believe that I'm the second kind.


I'm bored. I haven't been doing anything lately. Thus, this short blog post.


Might not be updating my blog for awhile, since my life seems to have resumed its monotonous routine of eating and sleeping.

Will update you when something interesting finally crops up.

In the mean while, I'll try my best to update Chimera.

That is, when my writer's block is finally gone.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Another birthday party

My brother celebrated his birthday today. It was pretty boring at first. A (huge) bunch of guys hogging all three televisions, playing Play Station 2. 

A bunch of guys. Video games. Put them together and you should know what to expect.


I plopped myself in front of the computer, being completely ignorant of their existence.

The latter part was really, really fun, though.

I never expected I'd enjoy myself at my brother's birthday party, what more make new friends.

It all began when I was playing the piano (while trying to drown out the noise in vain) when one of the guys talked to me. 

Oh, another piano enthusiast!

What joy!

Unfortunately, to my disappointment, he didn't play the piano. He just loved it, that's all.

We began talking anyway. My first friend. 

His name was Henry.

A really loud and noisy guy. But he was fun. Not to mention, cute. No, not cute cute. Cute as in, his antics were fun to watch. And I found that I could actually laugh at his jokes.

Being a studious, lifeless person, you'd think my brother's friends would be all as boring as him. 

So totally not true.

I got along with all of them and I believe I ended up talking to them more than my brother did.

A (somewhat disastrous) piano duet with XYZ, a childish argument with Henry, friendly talks with the rest. 

In short, I had fun.

My brother's friends did comment that I'm his total opposite. I guess they'd expected me to be some kind of boring, studious, lifeless freak. Can't blame them. Brothers and sisters usually are alike.

Usually, but not always.

After the party, I was actually a little sad to see them go.

XYZ added me on MSN, though. He's a great person to talk to. I like talking to him.

XYZ and Henry are both considerable choices...

I like them.

Just one thing. They're only 15. 

I don't date kids. 


Henry did suggest that we could hang out again someday. 


I participated in the 'Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia' contest two weeks ago.

I'm only saying this now because the closing date has just passed.

If I had mentioned anything about it earlier, you guys would all be hopping over to Kenny Sia's blog and joining the contest, too.

I didn't want more competitors than I'm already facing.

I know it's selfish of me.

Sorry lar. I really, really wanna go to Bangkok with Kenny Sia mar.

So Xing and I 'joined forces' and came up with a really good picture.

First, we took a few shoots at my house and picked the best:

Next, I cleared the background and edited the picture (I also conveniently made my leg look skinnier):

Then, I highlighted the chip:

Added Kenny Sia into the background and made Xing's mouth unusually bigger (Xing almost murdered me for that, but I justified myself by erasing off her pimples):

Lastly, I touched up a little bit more and added some lighting effects...


Save fuel - Use Mister Potato chips!

Aren't I an Adobe expert??

Credit goes to me for the idea. Credit goes to Xing for willingly allowing me to sit on her and letting me distort her face with my beloved Adobe.

Kenny Sia, I wanna go to Bangkok with you!!!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

'L' license

Motorcyclists holding the 'L' license (learner's license) aren't allowed to take any passengers. 

You'd be in deep, deep shit if the police caught you doing that.

But some guys want to fetch their girlfriends out wor...

You know how guys love showing off, especially to the opposite sex.

I heard a true tale from my friend, who heard it form her friend, who heard it from her older brother, who experienced it, firsthand.

He was taking his girlfriend out for a ride, with a giant 'L' plastered on the front of his bike.

The girl was wearing a white outfit, and had very, very long hair.

There was a road block, and the girl quickly pulled her hair over her face. 

Police: Hey, boy. Why are you taking a passenger with an 'L' license?
Boy: Huh?? What passenger? I'm riding alone.
Police: *freaked out* Alright. You can go now. Quickly.

A true story.

Guys, you might wanna consider getting a girlfriend with long hair.

Girls, if your boyfriend still hasn't gotten rid of his 'L' license, make sure you have long hair or buy a wig. A very good idea to don yourself in white, when going out on a date. 

Friday, 13 June 2008

Writer's block

Chimera is killing me.

I'm out of ideas.

The second part of Jack and Jill is almost done, but not quite.

I can't think of a suitable ending!!!!!

It's stressing me out.

Above that, my vocabulary has at this point decided to suddenly collapse.

Don't worry, I'll get around to it.


Readers, any ideas for my next composition? 

Any changes you'd like to see?

A new style, maybe?

A more conventional way of writing, perhaps?

On second thought, nah... Conventional is boring.

Ideas, people! Gimme your ideas!!!


Like to dedicate a special personalized composition to a loved one? Give me your plot and I'll put it down in words. It's nice to be able to involve my beloved readers in Chimera.  

UPDATE: I'm finally done with the second part of Jack and Jill. 


I'm single

Oh, yes. Before I forget.

Kevin and I aren't together anymore.


Main point is, I'm single.

Date me.

Friendship and love

I've just finished watching Honey and Clover. A Japanese anime (no, I'm not an anime freak, but I do watch them; some are really nice) about friendship, love, and relationships. 

I'll admit. One of the reasons why I like it is because it has romantic (the sad kind of romance which makes girls cry; I find it difficult to understand why the female species love scenes which make them weep, despite the fact that it gives a negative effect - it makes them weep *duh* - but I guess I'm not in the position to criticize because I'm one of those females) elements and is really, really touching. 

Yes, it may be a little typical (a guy likes this girl, who likes another guy, who likes another girl, who, in turn likes yet another guy) love triangle kinda thing, but still. 

That's what makes the show so addictive, isn't it?

It's also about friendship. About five college students, who are always together, and how they all get tangled up in their love lives (doesn't help when two best friends end up liking the same girl), but still stick together though thick and thin. They have sleepovers, don't hesitate to raid each others' fridges without permission, drop by unannounced, treat each other to meals, throw random parties, go on trips, tease each other and have fun arguing with each other (sometimes getting a little violent).

In short, they're your typical carefree, young, and energetic college kids who are enjoying their lives to the fullest. 

It's weird how one of the females in the show keeps crying over her unrequited love though...

You could say I kind of envy them, which would also explain why I love watching it. 


They have one of the greatest values. 


To any of my high school friends reading this, I'd just like to tell you guys that I'll never stop loving you. I'll always remember the happy times we had together at school. Breaking school rules, cam whoring, partying, picking on the juniors, gossiping, and rushing last minute assignments.

Those were the times...

Will I be able to enjoy myself in university like the students in Honey and Clover? Will I be able to find real friends who will care for me and stick with me through thick and thin?

I look forward to a new beginning. I feel excited yet nervous when I think of how my university life might turn out.

I really wonder.

I'm currently watching Honey and Clover Season 2. 


I always thought it'd be impossible to fall in love with an online person.

I mean, how would you know if he is what he portrays himself to be, since you haven't actually met him in person yet?

However, come to think of it, even people you meet in real life hide behind invisible masks.

Eventually, it doesn't make much of a difference whether you meet a person in person or online.

Either way, the probability of being cheated will always be there.

I had always thought girls who fell in love with online friends were either lacking of common sense, or just plain stupid.


Why am I desperately checking my MSN contacts every now and then for the 'insignificant online friend' I met from some stupid dating site? Why do I find myself thinking about him so much when he isn't online? Why am I so tempted to talk to him every single time his name appears in my contacts?

What the hell is happening to me?

Somebody, please wake me up.

P.S. 1 : Yes, I signed up at a dating site, OkCupid. No, I'm not that desperate; I was just wondering what was so fascinating about dating sites, which so many singles flock to. So I thought the best way to find out was to try it out myself.

P.S. 2 : Dating sites are so not my thing. 

P.S. 3 : Apparently, this 'insignificant online friend' of mine is currently studying in Nanyang Technological University, which, coincidentally, is also the university I'm going to attend soon. We did sort of make some plans to meet up when I get there...

P.S. 4 : Shit. As I was just typing the final word of P.S. 3, he came online. And my heart skipped a beat. Not a good sign.

P.S. 5 : I should stop this habit of writing so many PS-es (post scripts), or else it'd eventually lose its significance.

P.S. 6 : This will be the final post script, I swear. I just wanted to add that regarding this 'insignificant online friend' of mine, its nothing to be concerned about. Beloved readers, don't freak out. I won't fall blindly in love. Promise.

P.S. 7 : I know I mentioned that the previous post script would be my final one. But I changed my mind and decided to add a seventh. Just for the fun of it. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

3G iphone

The new 3G iphone will be released on the 11th of July, 2008. The 16Gb one costs only $299. Converted, it shouldn't cost above RM 1000. Freaking, freaking cheap!!! 

I'm so gonna get it.

Await the good news!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Maid (part 2)

On second thought, maybe having a lazy maid isn't all that bad. At least I get to have a messy room. 

I hate having my room kept neat.


I haven't been blogging about anything fun or interesting these days. 

Blame it on my monotonous life.

Attended my uncle's wedding. Didn't bother snapping pictures.

Went to Tao (yes, again) with a few friends after that but had a horrible tummy ache so I didn't really enjoy the meal.

And, yes. The staff there remembered me. The loud, childish, nonsensical one. Who (sort of) made a fool out of herself by asking the waiter's number from his waitress girlfriend.

How was I supposed to know they were an item?


Went to Sushi King some time ago. This is what happened:

Xing: I want to order Tamago (a kind of Japanese omelet).
Me: Then order lah.
Xing: Err... But what is it called?



*eye roll*


"Hello, Xing. Err... What is your name?"

Can't get any dumber than that.


I miss my old maid. She's nice, friendly, and she does her work well. For extra credit, she sometimes even does extra work without being told. 

She's gone back to her hometown. 


While waiting for a new maid, we're having a temporary one.

Who, in my opinion, SUCKS.

Big time.

After two weeks of working here, she has already ruined four items.

She burnt a hole in my father's pants, broke one of the glass decorations, broke the frame of the table fan, and broke the mechanism of the clothes airer (the thing on which you hang your clothes to dry).

All in two weeks.

There was once when I opened the lid of my hamsters' "cubicle" and realised that it was damp with water vapour and hamster pee.

Me: *yuck* Ada tisu tak? (Translated: Do you have tissue paper?)
Maid: Tisu? (Translated: Tissue?)
Me: Ya. *DUH* (Translated: Yeah.)
Maid: Tak ada. (Translated: No.)

The entire time, she was standing there staring at me while I was almost half dead from the stench of hamster poo.

Couldn't she at least make herself useful and grab some tissue for me instead of standing there while I do all the dirty work?

The last time I checked, a maid's job is to help people. 

Why is she supervising me cleaning instead?

So I had to put the lid back on, run to the bathroom for some tissue, and wipe the "yuck" off. All by myself.

And what was the maid doing the entire time?

Watching me. With folded arms.

Okay, I'm not too sure if she had her arms folded at that time, but you get the idea.

Instead of just giving an oh-so-honest "No" to my question, couldn't she at least run and grab some tissue before I died from the awful stench?

At lest that's what my old maid would do.


And ever since this new maid arrived, I've noticed that my wardrobe has reduced to half it's initial size.

I can never find the clothes I want.

Like the time I wanted to wear my white tank top, but I couldn't find it.

I remember putting it in the laundry basket a week ago. After an entire week, you'd expect your clothes to be back in your closet, clean and dry, right?

Apparently not.

I asked the maid where it went, and she gave me her usual ten-second-blank-look before answering my question.

She went to the back yard and pointed.

My white tank top, supposedly put in the laundry basket a week ago, was still hanging out to dry.


I was super, super, super pissed.

Now I know why my closet seems so empty.

Don't even get me started on my underwear.

I have five pairs of bras.

Two of which, I don't wear anymore because they're a little out of shape. 

That makes it three.

You'd think three bras would be enough, if you wore one each day.

Wash the first, wear the second, and keep the third.

The next day, you wash the second, wear the third, and keep the first.

The next day, you wash the third, wear the first, and keep the second.

And so on and so forth.

Considering how this new maid works, you wouldn't be surprised to find all three bras missing.

Just when you thought you'd like to wear your favourite bra on an important date, you open your closet to find all your favourite bras MISSING. What's left are the two out-of-shape ones. 

Imagine you go out with a guy, then just as he thinks you're The One, his eyes wander to your breasts and realise that they're uneven.

Then how????

What if he was supposed to be The One for me but my uneven breasts scared him away and I became a spinster for life? 

An old maid with nine cats?????


If I cannot get married next time, the maid will be to blame.

You say lah, angry or not?

And then, on the next day when you're not having any important events, all three bras reappear in your closet. 


Another incident:

Me: *pissed* Mana baju dalam saya yang berwarna putih? (Translated: Where is my white underwear?)
Maid: Baju dalam? (Translated: Underwear?)
Me: YA. *DUUUUHHHHHHHH* (Translated: YES.)

And she proceeds to looking for my underwear AMONG MY T-SHIRTS.

Yes, among my T-shirts.

I have a special drawer specially for keeping undies, but she doesn't look in there. Don't ask me why.

Then, I go into my mother's closet, and I found my white bra there.

So I changed into my white bra and put on a white shirt.

Then the maid pointed at the shirt I was wearing and asked me, "Baju ini?"

People ask for baju dalam (underwear) she go and find baju (shirt).

So I took one of my out-of-shape bras and waved it at her. "Saya nak ini. Ini baju dalam. Saya nak putih punya." (Translated: I want this. This is called underwear. I wanted the white one).

She looked at the bra I was holding, and then proceeded to give me the blank ten-second stare.

Flustered, I stormed out.

Dunno why, I was suddenly reminded of the time when I held up a ball to my baby cousin and said to her, "This is a ball. B is for ball. Say, 'ball'."

I was already running late and a stupid white bra made me waste even more time. It definitely didn't help when the maid couldn't see that my breasts were obviously smaller than my mother's (that's just because I'm thinner than my mum, okay!), and that she didn't know what baju dalam was.

Big sized bras belong to my mother, smaller sized ones belong to me.

Simple common sense.


Being white, my Nike tote bag is already stained brown in several places.

And I spilled potato chips and popcorn in it.

Didn't help that I kept the bag zipped up for over 24 hours with potato chip crumbs and bits of popcorn inside.

Four days ago, I told my maid to wash it.

This morning, I decided to use it.

I found it in my closet.

*Yay!!! The maid has already cleaned it and kept it back in place! For once, she has done her work efficiently. Not bad...*

After examining it, I recognised some of the brown stains.

I unzipped the bag and saw crumbs of potato chips and popcorn inside.