Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tama-Go Faceplates

So I got bored and decided to design a few Tama-Go faceplates of my own.

Feel free to download them and print them out for your own use:

Firstly, just for laughs:
 Secondly (and this is my personal favorite so far):
Tama-Elfen Lied!
 Lastly (kinda crappy, but whatev):
Tama-MapleStory. =)
NOTE: to use these face plates you must print them at height: 2.77in width: 2.214in.

I'm still an ameteur at this, so pardon the flaws.

I do requests, too! Do drop me a comment if you want any design done. That way, I'll get more ideas, and YOU get the design you want.


UPDATE: New faceplate!! Chobits! Fave of all time. Even beats Elfen Lied. =)


Friday, 22 October 2010

lightning never strikes the same place twice, but your electronic device can get drowned twice.

Remember my Tamagotchi I bought few months back?

This one?

Mine's the white, with Kuchipatchi (the green character)

So anyways, as you can see, each Tama-Go (that's the name of this Tamagotchi edition) comes with a faceplate (which is changeable; I'll explain why later) and a figurine which can be attached to the top of your device.

Upon purchase, you get a default figurine and faceplate, however, you can buy extra figurines and faceplates at $11 each. Each figurine unlocks more games on your device (Bandai's smart but evil way of extorting cash out of poor innocent Tama fans like me) and lets you buy even more items. The biggest catch is that if you have connected up to 5 figurines on your device, you get a special secret surprise.

Well, at the time of purchase, I scoffed and told myself I'd never fall for Bandai's evil plans to extort even more cash than I have already spent on the device alone ($49.90).

1.5 months later, I was strolling along the aisles of Popular bookstore when I saw this:


I just had to have it.

For goodness' sake, it was PINK! PINK, I tell you! How could I resist???

At the time, $11 didn't seem like such a huge amount anymore.

Bought it instinctively, and attached it onto my tama right away.

From plain ol' green guy...
To this cute thing!

You can see Kuchipatchi lying at the back.

 I'm officially addicted to collecting Tama-Go figurines. 

While Googling, I came upon this website.
Custom faceplates!! Now, I can save the trouble of measuring my own dimensions. I can just download a template, PhotoShop it to my own liking, and VOILA! My very own custom made Tamagotchi faceplate!!

Today, at work, my boss saw the tama on my table and he was like "what's that?" 

When I told him it was an electronic pet, he was like "electronic what??"

So then I explained, and he was like "Wasn't that popular 10 years ago? Is it still popular now?"

And then he was so intrigued that he asked to have a look at it. 

Lolness. My boss is cute. =)


This is the 3rd iPod Touch I have owned in 3 years, coz well, my previous two went for a swim and never survived.

Know the saying "lightning never strikes the same place twice"?

Apparently, it doesn't apply to electronic devices; your iTouch can get drowned twice.

Don't think it'll happen thrice, will it?

My lovely, precious iTouch. 

So far, have spent $1500 just on buy iTouches.


Transparent iPhone4!!!
Randomness. LOL.

The Astronomical Society went for a star gazing trip to Pulau Ubin last weekend. Was really fun and educational, but damn exhausted.

 Spent all night looking at stars - I saw the Orion constellation!!!

We were supposed to see the Hartley comet, but the sky was too cloudy that night. =(

Made a few friends - stayed up till 4 a.m. chatting and star gazing.

Slept at 4 a.m., woke at 6.30 a.m., just in time for the picturesque sunrise.

Photo of the sunrise:
Don't expect gorgeous pro-photographer-wallpaper-like quality. Just casually snapped this with my HTC.

Best part of it all?

I slept under the stars.

Not even in a tent, but literally under the night sky. Moon, stars, and all.

Great experience. Will go again next year.

Monday, 18 October 2010


But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling like dew upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.
-Lord Byron -

So I unleashed the creative writer in me.

Read here. 


P.S.: I know some of you may not like it, nor may you agree with my style of writing or the idea or plot, but what the heck. I just thought I'd explore something new, something different from other authors.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Donkey Ears

So today I went and bought this book at Harris for $26.70:

I feel so intellectual. =)

Lotsa stuff to update; no time, no motivation.


Cousin's wedding!!!

Here are a few randoms taken by my bro's EOS 500D. I didn't take any pics myself coz (hate to remind myself of this awfully shameful fact) I do not own a camera.

There. I said it. I do not own a camera.

*Well, unless if you wanted to call that lomo toy of mine a camera...*

Not for long, though. I'm getting the Canon G12 as soon as it launches!!! Gah, when will it EVER launch in Malaysia/Singapore?? Been waiting FOREVER!

Anyways. There you go. Pics. Just a few, not a lot. Sorry. Bro took like hundreds of 'em, but I thought I'd only pick those with me in it, since I'm the one blogging about it.

Okay, here's a bonus pic for you guys:
On cue, lets all go "AWWW!!"

Gratz to my lovely cousin and my new cousin-brother-in-law!

Did I mention? My bro FINALLY got his very own cellphone. Yes, at the age of 17, his very own cell. Personally, I would call it a bit late, but as long as he's happy not owning a cell phone for the last 17 years of his life, who am I to judge?

His first phone's a HTC Wildfire.

Like wtf, first phone already get smartphone. Lucky him.

So anyways.


Reason: 2nd anniversary. =)

Spent $280 on entrance tickets; 2 adult weekend passes at $72 each, and 2 weekend express passes at $68 each.

72 x 2 + 68 x 2 = $280.


Express passes weren't that useful anyway, coz most of the rides were only 15 minutes waiting time tops, save for a few popular ones which had insanely long queues, and if not for those godly express passes, we would have stood in queue for over an hour for the water rafting, 50 minutes for *some ride - I don't remember the name*, and another 30 mins for *some other ride*.

But still, paying $68 just to cut 3 long queues (out of like, 20 rides or so?) wasn't really worth it.

On the bright side, there was a special route for express pass holders, and we felt like VIP's, breezing by all those pitiful people who had to stand in queue for, like, ever. I almost could imagine them staring at us lucky express pass holders with begrudging envious eyes.


My favorite place was FAR FAR AWAY!! OMG it was like damn fairytale like - kinda romantic too, in it's own way.

Made me love Shrek oh-so-ever-more.

We visited the Talking Donkey, and he married us!! Yes, the Talking Donkey from Far Far Away actually MARRIED US!! YAY!! Donkey wise, WE ARE OFFICIALLY MARRIED!!

He (the donkey) even had us stand in front of the crowd (which clapped and cheered for us *grins*) and asked us the big question, and then Kevin and I had to say "I do", and then the donkey insisted that we kissed, but regrettably, we didn't coz at that time I guess we were kinda shy coz of the crowd.

And then there was this B-boy dance group on one of New York's streets, and they dragged me up as a volunteer for free dancing. =.=

So scary okay.

Luckily I managed to do a few moves, which I personally think it'd do for an amateur. Had always wanted to be a dancer, but never had the courage to do it. AT least this time, I was forced into it, and admittedly, I kinda enjoyed the attention as well.

(Ugly pics of me dancing at the bottom, feel free to scroll down and laugh at them.)

I kinda liked the water rafting ride, too. The end part got some of the people in our boat soaking wet, but fortunately for Kevin and I, we didn't get wet at all. =)

Bought souvenirs too!!! Kevin bought me a pillow from Far Far Away, and I bought him a mug that says "Universal Studios Singapore" on the front.

Enjoyed ourselves to the max!!

Just one thing, I took pics using my lomo.

Awfully bad move.

Lesson to learn: Never, ever, ever bring a toy camera into some place you've paid hundreds to get in, just to snap some crappy shots out of it.

Anyways. Scanned the pics, here they are:

The pics suck like hell. I swear I will never use a lomo ever again.

P.S.: The donkey ears were a souvenir meant for my cousin, but I took the liberty of wearing them first. Heck, how many times do you get to wear a pair of donkey ears without getting weird stares?