Wednesday, 17 December 2008

An achievement

"Of course, if you pierced the top part of your ear, it'd hurt more than the usual."

"Oh, and when you bath, do take extra care when you're washing your ear."

"You will have to remember to wipe your ear dry after bathing. It may hurt a little though, so wipe it gently."

"If you accidentally sleep on the side of your ear where you just pierced it, it'll hurt, so be careful."

That's what the girl told me, while she was preparing the equipments for ear piercing.

Like my own fear isn't enough, she just had to tell me all those.

"It's just some things I thought you should know, you know?"

Yeah, but what if after telling, I decide not to pierce my ear anymore?

They'd lose RM6 off their total revenue.


Today, I finally overcame my fear of pain and courageously went for a sixth piercing in my ear!!!

Congratulate me!!

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