Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Life's greatest lesson.

I am aware that there are a significant number of people who dislike me.

Regardless in NTU, or back in Penang. Or anywhere else, in that case.

They have problems with my attitude, my thinking, my personality, my language and whatnot.

So far, it hasn't bothered me.

It doesn't bother me that there are a significant number of people out there who loathe me, because I know there are many others who love me for who I am.

I know what I am doing, and I know I haven't done anything wrong towards anybody.

But isn't it a little too much when you allow your resentment towards someone influence you to inflict hurt to that person on purpose?

Isn't it a little too much when you adopt her life as a joke, where you can mess around with and enjoy watching her suffer as a result of your irresponsible actions? Is it so fun to make her cry just for your enjoyment?

Is it that fun to be able to ruin somebody's life, just to give yourself the illusion that you're greater than others, because in reality you know you're just a pathetic nobody?

Is it fun to be able to spread vicious gossips about your enemies just to get them into trouble, even to the extent of influencing parents to think that I'm bad company? Is it that fun to see parents coming into play, banning their kids from being friends with me?

There's a parent who thinks that I am a promiscuous, shameless girl who hops from one guy to another faster than the speed of light and thinks I put curses onto my enemies, hence, disapproving of her son's friendship with me.

That's only whom I know of.

So what if a guy drives up to my home to take me out? So what if you see me in the shopping mall with him? Does it necessarily mean that we have something going on? Does it have to mean that I'm flirting with him?

Does that mean I am a playgirl?

Can't it be that we're just friends?

So now I can't even have the freedom to be friends with the opposite sex, without having others thinking I am a cheap slut?

Who knows what other worse things other people might have heard about me?

I have learnt the hard way never to trust anyone.


Not even my closest friends.

Not even the people whom I spent more than half of my lifetime sticking with, through thick and thin.

Friends, please accept my greatest apologies.

I love you guys to bits, but I cannot trust anyone of you anymore.

I only hope that I shall not receive anymore bad news which will eventually result in the closing down of my blog.

It's my life, and I will not allow anybody else to interfere with it. I shall have my privacy respected.

Succeeding this blog post, I am sure the drama will continue.

In a more careful way of course, considering the fact that some of their actions have leaked out to me.

Just a note, isn't it interesting how much I can influence people to think of me, to talk about me, to try to make an impact in my life? Gosh, I must be pretty important in their lives to be able for them to go to so much trouble just for me.

Usually, I don't even bother trying to hurt my enemies coz they're too insignificant for me to waste my precious time on.

It seems that I am a pretty significant figure in many people's lives, for them to spend a significant amount of their time trying to hurt me.

I'm famous. Lol.

Kevin and I? It's none of your business whether we're an item or not.

Get out.

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