Saturday, 20 December 2008

Little Grass outing to Penang!!!

So!!! Have been awfully, awfully busy these few days, hosting some NTU-ians who have come to Penang for holiday!!!

Peeps who visited:
The cute gals - Yurong, Wan Theng, Zhi Vern, Jia Yi.
The silly guys - Boon Cheng, Vincent, Wai Hon.

18 Dec 2008

At 8 in the freaking morning, I had to crawl myself out of bed coz Uncle Cheng said he would arrive at Penang early in the morning.

Got an hour or so of sleep after settling him in the guest room, and then my mum brought us for breakfast at 10am.

BC, my little cousin, and I went to Prangin Mall after that to get a fake iPod (2GB for RM *** only!!!! Cheap right!!) for Yurong as her birthday present.

Inside some more got record our voices saying happy birthday to her one okay!!!!

Then, we met Yurong and we wasted some time at the arcade (stupid punya Initial D) before going back home, where BC, Yurong and I teamed up on DotA ( I LOVE DOTAAAA!!!) against AI. Me on my laptop, Yurong on hers, and BC on the desktop. We lost.


Then, my mum brought us to eat laksa!!!! Yum!

Later in the evening, we went to meet the other five people, who just took a cab from the bus terminal to Gurney Drive. Of course, we had dinner at the famous hawker centre there. Damn delicious leh!

After dinner, we went to Gurney Drive for a 'romantic' walk, where we bought 3 bottles of bubble-blowing-soapy-thingy-whateveryoucallit. RM 1 per bottle. Damn cheap leh!!!

Nearby was a little boy shooting bubbles out of his soap-gun. Walao. How come kids these days so high-class one? Bubbles also use gun to shoot already. When I was younger, I had to blow my own bubbles till I went out of breath.

So there we were, a bunch of 20+ year olds (except me lor...), blowing bubbles and popping them. Zhi Vern even had a bubble fight with the boy with the bubble gun. Of course the gun produced more bubbles lar.

Later at night, we went to Coffee Bean, where we bought a mini cake and gave Yurong a surprise birthday celebration. You should have seen her surprised expression when we brought her the cake and sang her Happy Birthday. Just as she thought that was all, we presented her with the fake iPod, which shocked her even more.

I think she was so touched, she almost got teary eyed.


We camwhored a little more at the Christmas tree in front of Gurney Plaza before heading home.

Snuggled comfortably in my room, all of us began our discussion on tomorrow's plans, discussed money matters ("Eh you owe me RM10 leh!" "No lah, you owe me RM 50!!"" "Then Yurong's birthday present not yet include leh?" "I paid for the dinner and the cake!!" "Hey, you owe me money for bus tickets!"), and looked for cars to rent.

19th Dec 2008

The next day (I woke up at eight in the friggin' morning!!), my mum brought the guys to the airport to pick up two Kancils, while us girls went out to the nearby kopi tiam to tah pow breakfast for everybody. After breakfast and some more procrastinating, we finally got into the cars and headed off to Penang Hill.

We had to wait fucking long for the tram lor.

Being the impatient me, I got bored and began molesting the girls' asses, blaming the guys for it. In the end, nobody wanted to stand near me. =(

Penang Hill was okay. We saw some really, really big spider webs with really, really big spiders on them. The canopy walk was closed, though. How sad.

After buying some snacks, Yurong broke her skewer into three parts.

Me: Here are three sticks. Each guy takes one, and he who gets the longest one gets to sleep with me tonight. The rest of you can sleep in the car porch.
*BC got the longest one**
BC: Just now, you said that who gets the longest one doesn't need to sleep with you tonight, right?

Hello!!! some people have been waiting their whole lives to sleep with me okay!! I'm now giving you the opportunity of a lifetime and you're throwing it away just like that!!!


After some wrong turns and missed junctions, we finally arrived at Penang Road for some chendol, and to New World Park for lunch.

In the car, Vincent (the driver of the car) suggested that me and him pretend to have gotten into an argument and he told me to tell Theng (she's in the other car) that I want to swap places with her.

So, when we arrived at the Toy Museum, I walked up to Theng. BC was standing nearby.

Me: Hey, I wanna swap places with you later, okay?
Theng and BC: Huh? Why?
Me: Nothing.
Theng and BC: ...


Theng: Hey, why did you want to swap places with me?
Me: This one you have to ask Vincent yourself lor...
Theng: ...

The Toy Museum had soooooo many toys and action figures!!! I found many favourites there (Lara Croft *Damn, her boobs here HUGE!!**, Nightmare before Christmas, Pokemon, etc), but my favouritest was a life size figure of the Night Elf from War Craft.

After that, we visited the beach, where I emo-ed.

Can't blame me. Beaches in the evenings make me go sappy.

After that we went to Batu Ferringhi.

Me: Eh, Batu Ferringhi got sell a lot of kiam pneah, you know? Wanna buy some? We could watch it together tonight.
BC: Aiya, no need to waste money lar, go home download yourself lar.

('Kiam pneah' literally means salted biscuits in hokkien, which is a slang for pornography.)

Upon arrival at Batu Ferringhi...

Me: Ah Cheng!!! I wanna eat kiam pneah!!
BC: Yala, you always also like one lah...
Me: Eh, btw, have you tried kiam pneah with Milo before? Damn delicious leh.

We made a fool of ourselves.

Wai Hon and I took silly 'lala/act cute' pictures together.

BC and I checked out hot chicks.

Vincent and I (or maybe it was just me alone) tried our best to act like we were still fighting.

That night, we had snacks while watching Death Note, but we were too sleepy and tired to even finish the movie.

Apparently, Vincent and I weren't very good at acting, because nobody even realised we were fighting. In the end, Theng just laughed at us.

20th Dec 2008

Boon Cheng barged into the girls' room (my room) and made so much noise ("Oi!!! Time to wake up!! Don't sleep anymore!! We guys got ready a long time ago. Why are you girls still sleeping??") that I had no choice but to wake up.

We went to return the two cars to the airport, then we walked a little at Queensbay.

Vincent: Eh, lets go to the lingerie shop.
Me: Har??? Who do you want to buy underwear for?
Vincent: Of course I want to buy it for somebody who can wear it for me to see lar...
Me: Who? I thought you don't have a girlfriend?
Vincent: Yeah, I'm waiting for one.
Me: Ohh... Okay. Then why would you want to buy lingerie now? Oh, I know! Did you want to follow the idea of the Cinderella story?
Vincent: What Cinderella?
Me: Remember the prince had the glass shoe and he said that whichever girl whose foot can fit the glass shoe perfectly gets to be his wife? So why don't you get a D cup bra, and you let all the girls in NTU try it on? Who fits the bra best gets to be your girlfriend.
Vincent: ...

Zhi Vern was the main photographer in this trip. I'm still waiting for her to send me the tons and tons of pictured we took.

Please be patient!!! I promise, I'll upload them all!!!

P.S.: Vincent, you left your toothbrush at my place. Do you want me to return it to you when we meet again in NTU?

P.S.2: The price of the fake iPod was removed just in case the birthday girl happens to read this.


Anonymous said...

ahem... are u sure u want to put the price of the "fake Ipod", I think yu rong will read ur blog as well...


raedarling said...

okok....sorry i remove the price...haha