Thursday, 23 September 2010


"The creative process, so far as we are able to follow it at all, consists in the unconscious activation of an archetypal image and elaborating and shaping the image into the finished work. By giving it shape, the artist translates it into the language of the present and so makes it possible for us to find our way back to the deepest springs of life."
- Carl Jung -

Remember the other day I mentioned that I curled my hair?

M1 Broadband Mobile is so friggin slow that I couldn't upload anything (plus, I was too lazy to take photos of myself lah), but few days ago I got camwhorish at my office during lunch time (got awfully bored) so here are some pics off Facebook:

I know these may not be the prettiest photos, but I just wanted to show off the hair.

And mind you, I was bored at work.

Another bored at work pic:

Sometimes, even I get amazed by what my hand can do with a piece of paper and a pen.

You know what I think about art?

I think the results are best when you've not planned what you're gonna draw. Like, you just allow your hand to dance across the paper and 15 minutes later, voila! Your hand creates a masterpiece of its own.

I'd like to believe that art does not come from the conscious mind, but instead, the subconscious.

Meaning, when I first picked up that pen, I didn't know I was to create an anime girl with boobies. It just...


P.S.: About the part where I said I hated bimbotic homicidal bloggers, as much as you might use this post against me by saying I'm one of them, no, I'm not, coz I don't do this in, like, every other blog post. In fact, this is only one of the rare times I actually bothered to snap some pics of myself and upload 'em.

P.P.S.: Have been feeling pretty artsy lately - hope I can upload more of my artworks, please be gentle on criticisms as I'm no art student.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

perm + recolor black roots + hair treatment

A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake.
-Alfred Hitchcock -

(omigosh the word 'perm' makes me sound so old - I'd rather use the term 'curl') curled my hair yesterday.
Always wanted to give it a go, but never had the guts to - besides, hair was never long enough for it.

Had pretty much received comments from various people about how overly-long my hair is (though I don't think it's that long), hence thought it might be the best time to shorten hair without snipping 'em off.

Another reason why wanted to perm curl hair is that felt hair was too little, hence perming curling it to make it look "more massive". Or more. Or thicker. Or more volume.

Yep, think that's the word. More volume.

After curling.


1. Hair has become significantly shorter. Not a good sign, but thank God for fast-growing hair.
2. Hair seems to have more volume. Nice. =)
3. Hair feels like there's less volume. (Note: word play - 'seem' and 'feel') Probably coz the hair stylist layered my hair a lil before curling it, coz she said curled hair looks nicer when layered. A bit of a bother, espcially when I wet my hair and it becomes all flat and matted. Nevermind, hair grows back.
4. Look slightly older, but I'd rather call it mature.
5. Overall, pretty satisfied with the make-over. At least it's something new. Been getting awfully tired of the same old hair-style lately.

Sorry, no photos up. Too lazy to snap new pic of self just for the sake of blogging about it. Will upload one of new curly hair when feel like it. Won't be long. Wait.

Speaking of hair styles, have been considering getting cornrows/mini braids.

Not now, of course, have just gotten new perm (curl), wouldn't wanna spoil it so fast. 'Sides, wouldn't do to wear cornrows/mini braids to work. Supervisor mightn't like it and decide to give a bad grade for internship.

Might get it at the end of the year (or beginning of next year), or when my curls grow out, whichever comes first.

Which do you think I should get:

1. Cornrows - mini french braids that stick to scalp like so:


2. Mini braids - braids that grow out of head like normal hair, just thicker, like so:

Difference between 'em both is that one sticks to the scalp, one doesn't. So which is it, cornrows or braids?

Personally I think braids are much better coz cornrows make one look more bald; what with my already low hair count/hair densitiy.

Though it wouldn't hurt for me to hear your two cents.

Btw, perm + recolor black roots + hair treatment cost me $140.

Not too bad I guess. Cheap + pretty good hair salon just outside Boon Lay MRT Station.


First time in life, realised that had watched all movies screened at cinema; was at Cathay Cineplex today when Kevin and I realised we had ran out of movies to watch.

Excluding horror movies, of course.

Hence, had no choice but to brace ourselves, and against better judgement, bought two movie tickets for Devil.

Yeah, sure we always had the option of not watching any movie at all for the weekend (and hence saving us 20 bucks), but for the past consecutive 8-9 weeks, had been watching one movie per weekend, and we weren't about to make this weekend any different.

The weekend feels incomplete if not gone for a movie.


Devil is a movie about 5 people stuck in an elevator, and 1 by 1, they die off.

You guessed it.

Killed by the Devil.

Almost regretted settling for this movie just because we couldn't find any other better ones to watch.


Work tomorrow.


Thursday, 16 September 2010


"How come the iPhone sim card so small? Purposely don't want people to change to other phones is it?"
 -Anon at my office-

I have nothing to blog about.

Been reading blogs of others - happy posts, excited ones, stressed, emo, busy, fun, etc etc.


No nothing.

Even if I weren't happy, I could still have something to blog about if I were emo/sad/unhappy/whatever.

Problem is, I don't feel.

As in...


You know.


Been missing lotsa things lately.

Missing the old Harvest Moon Innocent Life I played few months back on my PSP - thinking 'bout starting to play it again but not my tradition to replay games that I've played before.

Missing The Sims 2 on PSP - again, been there, done that, so not gonna.

Missing the good ol' Nintendo Entertainment System console - yep, the ones with hideous pixels you couldn't even begin to imagine how people actually enjoyed those games waaay back then. For those young gens here, you probably don't know what NES is, and I'm not too bothered to tell either. Go Google.

Missing Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town for GameBoy Advanced. Gah. The second best HM game I've ever played (best HM goes to Innocent Life) - just fyi, the first HM I ever played was on the PS1; it wasn't that bad but not the best. Ever since, have been playing lotsa HM games, namely, HM Innocent Life (PSP), HM Friends of Mineral Town (GBA), HM More Friends of Mineral Town (GBA), HM Boy and Girl (PSP), HM Back To Nature (PS1), HM Innocent Life Special Edition (PS2), and most recently, HM Hero of Leaf Valley  - still currently playing.

My fave site for HM stuff: Check it out. Especially now that I'm waaayy too lazy to upload pics of HM. You should at least see what I'm playing. =)

*Lolness I just realised how many HM games I have played. Golly, I think they're more than Final Fantasy.*

Missing FF1 and FF2 - yes, I know the graphics are almost non-existent if compared with FF13 but classics will always be classics.

Missing being able to dance - no, not that I've danced before, thats the whole point. I don't miss dancing coz I've done it before and now I want it back; I've missed it, as in I've NEVER had it. I could have had it years back, and now it's too late and I'm never going to be a dancer.

Missing being a book author. Same concept with the dancing. Had the chance to write adult short horror stories for a publisher (ever heard of Marshall Cavendish?), but gave it up. Regrets 2 da max.

Missing Kevin.

Missing singing. I sang in my school choir back in sec school, but never did ever since I graduated. =(

Missing being able to showcast my talent in art. Same concept with the dancing and the book author thingy.

Turns out this blog post is of reminising and regretting.

At least I've finally found my feelings.

Part emo, part clueless.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Like pasta.

UPDATE - So after receiving this one comment from Anonymous (as you may read from the comments of this blog post), I have hence replied (yes, to my defense) as appropriately as I could. 

However, as I figured some may find this blog entry offense, I have found it obigatory that I explain myself further. Yes, I do find some bloggers annoying (reasons stated very clearly in blog post below), but that does NOT mean I hate bimbo bloggers in general.

I have many friends who may portray an bimbotic image when blogging, but there are times when they do make a point, and times when they do voice out their thoughts, rather than merely uploading slutty/bimbotic/cute/homicidal pictures of themselves in sexy/new/cute outfits/bags/shoes/accessories while clubbing/shopping/eating.

Those whom I hate are those who cannot think for themselves nor have anything in their lives to be proud of, hence resorting to cheap superficial stuff, and are oh-so-apparently proud of their meaningless merry-making, guys, clubbing, shopping, eating, and drinking, and that is all there is to them miserable sods. 

As for my friends reading this, if you think you really know me, no, you are not one of them. Never in my life have I ever degraded myself to making acquaintances with those incapable of being able to think for themselves or acting in a childish manner of merry-making, not knowing that those "adult-like" things that they do does not only NOT portray their image of being a real grown up, but in fact accentuates the fact that they are, indeed, living empty lives.

No, I'm not saying that thou shalt not club, shop, eat, have sex, date, have fun, or get drunk. I'm just saying that I think that it is miserable that some people do all those things as though they're the only things that matter most in their lives.

Hence, if you think you know me, if you think our relationship were that of friendship, then worry not; you are not in the category of people stated in said group of "shallow, bimbotic bloggers". In short, to all my friends reading this, no, I am not talking about you. (I found it necessary to state this, coz I don't think I need any more of my friends turning into enemies.)

Last but not least, NO, I DO NOT ADMIRE ANY BLOGGER; XIAXUE INCLUDED. If there was any blogger I'd admire, that'd be me.


at first, it was like "one extra pink outfit wont hurt nobody" and just about 3 years later my entire wardrobe turns Barbie. @.@
-Rae on FB-


Haven't been blogging lately - reason be, as usual, coz I have absolutely nothing to blog about.

Unless you wanna hear all about how stressful, lame, awful, and boring my internship is.

Granted, it's not all that bad, but still.

"Complaining is good. It means your life is interesting."

"Rather than complaining about something, I'd rather marvel at something; life can also be as interesting."

"Yes, but as life has it, there are more stuff to complain than to marvel about, so to avoid disappointment, let's just all keep our hopes down and stick to complaining."

-Rae & Friend on IM-

I have absolutely nothing to say. Nothing to muse about, nothing to ponder, no nothing.

Actually, I do.

You know some shallow bloggers who only blog about their shopping, frivolous merry-making, yummeh food, night out clubbing, etc etc with lotsa lotsa pics of themselves posing prettily in their cute dresses and heels and bags?

Yes, I know.

Mighty shallow, aren't they?

I'm not saying that one should stop blogging about shallow stuff in it's entirety, I mean, I do blog about shallow stuff too, but I don't do it in EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST LIKE SOME PEOPLE DO.

I mean, is that all you have to your life?

Gosh, I feel sad for you.

I mean, can't you even use a little more of your brains to make better use of the blogging opportunity provided and blog about something a lil more... uh...


If even bimbotic Xiaxue can do it, (y'know, she sometimes talks 'bout controversial - and other misc - stuff like, uh, SPG's, cab drivers, school, sex, whateveryounameit) why can't you?

I know I've done this before - "this" referring to, criticizing shallow bloggers - but it has recently gotten on my nerves how some girls blog about their shallow lives and are actually proud of it.

Seriously? You don't have decent job, you don't have own stand of reasonings about anything at all, you let fashion, food, and booze rule your life - heck, become your life - and yet you're *sputters* proud of it?


Guess they can't be blamed; they're probably too shallow/stupid to find the words to express themselves, hence replacing those substantial thoughts/reasonings instead with shallow pictures, which, surprisingly, more often than not, do attract readers coming back each time for more.

*Oh, please kill me if I become one of them one day*

Speaking of shallow, now that I've done my part of being substantial, here's what I bought today:

Cute, ain't it? I bought the - you guessed it - pink one.

Not the bread, silly, was talking about the non-stick 8" square frying pan.

I know I haven't been uploading pics from my own cam - always ripping pictures off the Internet - but that's coz M1's broadband mobile is so damn slow that it takes literally for-freaking-ever (yes, literally - I left it overnight and it still wasn't done the next morning =.=) to upload to Blogger.

Why the heck did I buy it, you may ask.

No, I did not buy it on impulse just because it looked cute (Though I have to admit, I was running around all over Singapore searching for a Hello Kitty pink frying pan and wouldn't settle for the conventional silver ones sold at NTUC/Fairprice).

So. I bought it coz;

Ever since I moved out of hostel (and into the oh-so-brutal world of the rat race *okjustkiddingitsnotthatbad*), I have taught myself how to cook.

Yes, you heard me right. Cook.

Not just lame stuff like instant noodles - that doesn't count as cooking - but real, substantial food.

 Like pasta.

(I've GOT to stop saying the word substantial)

And mind you, when I say "I cooked", it doesn't mean somebody else did the dirty work and I just "helped" out on the easy parts; when I say "I cooked", it means literally what it says - I. Cooked.

As in, I. Cooked. All. By. My. Self.

Kevin says my cooking skills are improving, and my food is getting tastier each time.


Thursday, 2 September 2010

oversee/overview means u too kaypoh and u see/view too much things alr?

"Procrastinate now, don't put it off."

So the other day we were chatting at work...

Jun-Jing Lim/Sin...     doing my logbook now.. ask u sth, wad's the proper
meaning of overhaul from wad u know?
Jun-Jing Lim/Sin...     a major repair wrk?
Jun-Jing Lim/Sin...     work
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     haha
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     i duno wads overhaul
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     but from wad i can picture from that work
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     word*
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     haul means using a rope to pull something up/over
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     overhaul means
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     over-pulling it
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     as in , got something damn damn damn heavy
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     den must overhaul
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     like, over-use ur strength to pull
Jun-Jing Lim/Sin...     dunno whether to believe u anot
Jun-Jing Lim/Sin...     liddat oversee/overview means u too kaypoh and u
            see/view too much things alr?
Rachel Jia Ru Li...     in a way, yes 
And another time...

Rachel Jia Ru Li...     duno y i alwiz get thirsty so easily at work, but at home im ok
Jun-Jing Lim/Sin...     u chat with me so much alr 
Jun-Jing Lim/Sin...     naturally will get thirsty what.

Excuse the lameness.