Friday, 29 June 2007


I'm bored. My Physics class ended at 3 pm and now I'm in the General Lab waiting for my mother to pick me up. She's coming at 5 pm. I have another hour and a half to waste. My bladder is already half full although I emptied it an hour ago. I know I need to pee, but I can't possibly leave my bag here with nobody to keep an eye on it, right? I'm awfully thirsty but my water bottle is empty. My eyes are dry from the long hours of wearing contacts. What else could go wrong?

If only I could drive.


Camera phones are convenient. Too convenient. I had no idea what my Physics lecturer was taking about just now; I was too busy snapping pictures of myself. All the snapshots were from various angles, but none was satisfactory. I deleted them all.

That is partly why I'm not in a very good mood right now. Not only did I not get the results I wanted from my snapshots (I looked too fat in one, too pale in another, and just plain retarded in the rest), I didn't get what the lesson was all about.

Oh yeah, I do remember.

"Find the speed of the orbit of the satellite if it were to appear stationary relative to the Earth."


Oops! I dropped my pen. I squirmed around, winding my right leg around one of the legs of a chair to kick the pen into reachable range.

"Rachel, your leg like snake hor!"

"(Turning around) Haiyo, I want to pick up my pen ma."


"Rachel! Stop talking!"

Hey, it wasn't my fault! Blame the pen! Sheesh.

I copied down the weird equations written on the board. Apparently, my lecturer had already scribbled the solution to the question in the time I bent down to retrieve my pen.

I reached the bottom of the page before I was done with the solution. I flipped my book over to the next page. The book must have decided to hate me, because it slipped out of my hands the moment I held it.

I'm telling you, the book hates me! I didn't drop it! It actually slipped out from my grip on purpose! On purpose!

And you would think it would be would be enough for the book to trouble me on purpose, but apparently, it didn't think there was much fun in doing just that. It happily dragged my pencil, eraser, and liquid paper along with it as it tumbled to the ground.

I bent down to pick them up.

No, cut that.

I bent down to pick them up while cursing angrily under my breath.

That's not right either.

I bent down to pick them up while cursing angrily and audibly.

How am I supposed to pay attention when my stationery are going on strike?

Oh, and for some unknown reason, I made a whole lot of mistakes in my book. My pen seems to have it's own mind and it's obvious that it does not want to write what I want it to.

Of course, I missed out on the rest of the lesson after that.

I suspect that as I'm typing in my blog, they are having a conversation of their own in my backpack:

Book: Hey, didn't we have fun today!
Pen: Yeah, did you see how I made her make all those mistakes?
Liquid paper: She kept fumbling for me to correct her errors, but I hid myself deep inside her pencil case so that she couldn't find me!
Pencil: I'm glad I contributed by dropping onto the floor out of her reach. Did you see how hard she had to bend down to retrieve me?
Eraser: My elasticity helped me. I squeezed myself into a tiny ball to minimize my size and hid myself deep under all of you so that she would have a hard time looking for me!
Book: I doubt she absorbed much from her Physics lesson today.
Pen: She is definitely in a foul mood now!
In unison: YEAH!!!!

I'm really, really worried about my exams.


Wednesday, 27 June 2007


I received a weird comment on my previous entry. I had no idea what language it was supposed to be, so I used a web translator and tried translating it from French to English. It made no sense. Then, I tried translating it from Italian to English. I had hints it was talking about T-shirts and stuff. Then, I translated it from Spanish to English. I made out some of the words, but most of it was still gibberish to me. The comment had a link there, so I clicked on it and I was linked to a blog.

Unfortunately, neither was the blog in any language I could actually understand. I translated the whole web page.

I'm not sure what the blog was actually advertising, but it showed pictures of people sporting T-shirts which had their blog page printed on it. As if being the author of their own blog isn't enough, apparently these people want their blog to be with them everywhere they go.

This is the first time anyone has used my blog for advertising purposes. Should I feel happy that people actually look so highly upon my blog that they actually want to advertise in it? Or annoyed that someone had actually took advantage of my blog?

No matter, I will not tolerate any form of free advertising in my blog, nor will I tolerate anyone who misuses my blog for their own personal benefits.

I have deleted the comment.

P.S: My apologies if this entry is short; I have a mountain of assignments sitting at my study table. I'm quite sure they are waiting for me to complete them.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

A message to all readers

I have received suggestions that some of you want to be informed everytime I update my blog. For those of you who would like to be informed, I will send you an e-mail everytime I post a new entry in my blog. If you want to receive these e-mails, just e-mail me at Your e-mail title should read: I want to receive updates on raedarlingz. Once I have received your mail, I will send you an e-mail everytime I update my blog. I hope this makes things easier for some of you guys.

Warm regards, the Author.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

really cute phone!!!

Damn. I have classes from Monday to Saturday, then homework comes on Sunday. When will I ever find the time to rest?

My dear readers, I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid that from now onwards till my final exam is over, I can't blog that often anymore.

Yay! I got a new phone today! Nah, I haven't gotten rid of my Sony Ericsson W900i yet (I doubt I'll be parting with it anytime soon) but Tree got me a late birthday present today. It's a really really cute phone which is only two-thirds of the size of my palm. Imagine how small is that! It cost RM 150. Pretty cheap, if you asked me. At first glance, you would think it's just a plastic toy phone, the one little kids love carrying around.

The key-pad isn't very good for sms-ing, but what the heck. It's cute.

So I have two phones. My official SE W900i, and my unofficial cute miniature 'fake' phone.

"Why two phones?", you may ask. For a youth like me whose parents are very srtict, I have no choice. The official W900i phone is the one which I usually for short calls and sms-es. I also normally use it to call my parents in emergencies. I put my post-paid SIM card in it. The other unofficial phone is the one I use for my nightly calls, which normally lasts for hours. I put my prepaid SIM card in it. Because my dad actually pays for my postpaid phone bill, I can't use it to chat with my friends in the middle of the night for hours on end, since the bill actually prints the time and duration of the call. That's where the 'illegal' phone comes in.

That's why I'm so happy to finally have such a tiny phone. It's so much easier when it comes to hiding the phone from my parents. Because of it's small size, I can hide it easily behind my palm. At night, I stuff it into one of my stuffed animals (there is a small opening in one of them where the stitches came off).

Oh, and I went for a wedding dinner today.

Overall, it was an okay experience. The 'entertainment' there sucked. Of course, there were times when the 'entertainers' actually made a fool of themselves (which they did most of the time anyway), and then that would be real entertainment for me.

Please lar, if you can't sing, DON'T GO ON STAGE!

Some went offkey. Most sung the wrong notes.

There was an old lady (and I mean really old) who sung a song. I can't remember the original title, but it was along the lines of "I will always wait for you".

Wah, you wait until your hair all white still don't want to give up waiting ah!

The only times I actually enjoyed good music was during intervals, when the prevoius singer had finished and the next singer wasn't present yet. During that short interval, they would play songs like 'Everyday I Love You', 'When You Say Nothing At All', 'Pretty Boy'... well, you get the idea. However, those intervals normally lasted no longer than 10 seconds. You can imagine how tormenting it was to my ears.

You may think I suffered there. I didn't.

I'm a optimist, and I always look on the bright side of things. Despite their bad singing, I took this opportunity to finally enjoy one of my favourite past times. Insulting people.

Hey, it's not like I said untrue things about them! I never tell lies.

For now, I'm gonna curl up in bed and enjoy my new book, 'Memoirs of a Geisha'.


Thursday, 21 June 2007

the dream

I had a short nap just a few hours ago and guess what I dreamt of?

Three things:
1. Maple Story provides a variety of new Party Quests to choose from.

2. My mum made a delicious chocolate-marshmallow-cheesecake. For lunch.
3. There was nothing else in the refrigerator but sushi, sushi, and more sushi.

If only those three actually happened in real life...

The cake was soft and moist, and it was very colourful. It was a dark shade of brown at the top (the chocolate fudge-like part), a light shade of baby-blue in the middle (the whole thing was actually a giant piece of blueberry flavoured marshmallow) and a really, really thick layer of creamy/milky white (the cheese!!!) at the bottom.

Oh, there can never be found another cake more perfect than this! The marshmallows literally melted in my mouth and it blended perfectly well with the cheese. The chocolate wasn't too strong; it didn't overpower the cheese and marshmallow, it just gave a little more flavour to the cake.

My mother named the cake Phoebe. Or was it Purgatory? I can't remember.

I had two big helpings. The cake seemed like it would never be finished because no matter how much I ate, the remaining amount never decreased.

I opened the refrigerator and guess what I saw? An infinite amount of sushi! Ahhh...... this is the life.

As I was enjoying my portion of Phoebe/Purgatory while gleefully thinking of how my Maple character will level-up so much faster with Party Quests, my mum woke me up for lunch.

Rice, meat, vegetables.

When will my dream ever come true?

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


I'm really, really sorry for not updating my blog again, but I have been awfully busy lately, getting ready for the second semester of my course. I updated my blog today only because my tutorials do not start until the second week of the semester. My lesson was only 8 to 10 am today. Once my tutorials and my lab classes start, I'm afraid I will not be able to update my blog as often anymore. Why? Because they crammed the whole damned semester into 13 weeks, which means I have classes 6 days a week. I HAVE CLASSES EVEN ON SATURDAYS! There goes my late Friday nights of Mapling.

I have a feeling this semester will be tough. I guess I will have to stop choir practices for the moment.

Because I have not updated my blog for a very long time. I will compensate by typing a longer entry. Besides, after so many days, you can be sure I will have lots of stuff to say.

I went to Prangin Mall with Crystal and Ute last Sunday. My dad dropped me at Crystal's house at around 10 am and I napped in her room (I stayed up late the night before, Mapling again) while she got ready. By the time I woke up, it was already 12.20, and she was just putting on her make-up. Fantastic Four starts at 12.55 pm! And neither of us knew how to drive; we had to take a bus. Public transport again! Urrgh! We were sort of lucky (at least I thought we were) because we caught a bus after only about 5 minutes of waiting. After going up the bus, the driver took us round and round. Literally. We went past my home, turning around to an unknown area. Then the bus driver told us to get down because we had to change buses. I was a little pissed off because we still had a movie to catch, but I kept my cool. The second bus we boarded took us round and round again, eventually ending up at the bus stop where we boarded the first bus. WTF!

My apologies, but I certainly do not wish to recount the events that happened so as to avoid my anger being aroused again. All I can say is, we reached PM at around 2.00 pm, and we only saw the last 20 minutes of the show. Oh, and the movie ticket cost me 10 bucks. Bummer.

I realise that I have been having weird dreams lately. There was once when I dreamt that a guy, S, whom I have had a slight crush on lately, actually confessed to me that he liked me too. Anyway, I was sort of excited because S would never like me in real life. Ever.

Oh well, like that matters much to me. Crushes come and go. If you want to know more, read my other blog entry, My Sexuality.

And just earlier, I had another dream. The problem is, I can't remember what it was about. =(

Tree's Maple account got banned. Some idiot named 'guang007' (members of Maple, defame him if you see him! He is from Bootes, level 93) hacked Tree's account and stole about 50 million worth of stuff. Tree got pissed off and changed his Maple password to 'bitches'. Then, he got banned for using foul language in his password. That, of course, made Tree even more pissed off than ever. I pity Tree.

Oh damn, I haven't took my driving lessons yet! I haven't even gone for the 8-hour lecture yet. Sob sob. And they do not have lectures on Sundays, which means I will have to skip classes to attend the lecture and the driving lessons! Oh, what will my results of my studies become?

My life is gonna be hard for this half of the year. What with me having bad time management, my laziness, long hours of classes (6 days a week, mind you!), and driving lessons. Not to mention my addiction for Maple. I'm dead.

(A short paragraph here was omitted because I suspected it would offend some readers.)

Tree and I went to Gurney Plaza yesterday and we went to Toys"R"Us (Haha, I actually had to Google it to check how its spelled) to look for my birthday present. We looked at Barbies, stuffed animals, electronic pets and action figures. Tree was fascinated with the action figures, which I was totally uninterested in. I mean, which 18-year-old plays with Transformers? Tree explained that those were not to be played with; they were collectibles. Well, I suspect some people love expensive hobbies. Tree was especially attracted to a Transformer robot. It cost RM 189.90. That's the exact same price as my Nike pants.

Who on earth would trade in their clothes for kids' toys?

I really need to get new games for my PSP. I finished Afterburner and Bomberman long ago (OMG, Bomberman is really, really addictive! Not to mention, the graphics are good and the characters are cute! Cute is a definite plus for me when it comes to picking games), Tony Hawk sucks, and now I'm stuck playing Pocket Pool. It's getting more and more boring the more I play it; the whole game just features sexy girls. Half-naked girls are all over: the title screen, the loading screen, even during game play.

Every time I win a game, new items are unlocked. "What kind of items?", you may ask. To that I reply, "New snooker and pool tables with half naked girls imprinted on the surface, different coloured cues, and balls with special designs. Oh, and there is even a gallery where you collect pictures for every game you win." Yep, you guessed it. Pictures of half-naked girls. Or, rather, pictures of a half-naked girl. The pictures are all exactly the same, just that you get more and more copies of it every time you win a game. And you wouldn't even want me to describe the woman in that picture. She wears a semi transparent spaghetti striped top and almost-transparent undies, so that you could actually see her nipples and her pubic hair.

I think most people play Pocket Pool just for the girls, not for the game.

I assure you, the only reason I'm playing it is because Tony Hawk is worse, and I've finished Bomberman and Afterburner.

And so, I need new games. I wanted Harvest Moon: Innocent Life, but they only have it in Japanese version. *sigh* I will have to wait until the English version comes out.

For now, its back to studying.


Friday, 15 June 2007


I meant to update my blog yesterday, but I lost all means of inspiration because my mum kept nagging and nagging at me for sitting in front of the computer 24/7. In order to avoid loss of inspiration again, I have resorted to writing my entry on a piece of paper first (which I'm doing right now, at an ungodly hour of 3.30 am) in the vicinity of my own comfy room, where no nagging can ever disrupt my concentration. I will then transfer my 'entry' to my blog later in the day.
I just hope I can actually read what I've written.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and we (my family and I) had dinner at Evergreen Laurel Hotel. It was a Chinese + International buffet. Well, what can I say about it? Almost half of the food there sucked.

Okay, maybe the lamb was good but the fish fillet was as hard, I don't know what, but all I know is, my knife had a hard time wrestling with the fish. And my tongue immediately decided it was more of cardboard once it came into contact with the orangery piece of meat.

And then, there was the tempura. I love tempura. Just not from this hotel. the deep-fried cauliflower felt (and tasted) like sponge, but a harder version of it. Oh yeah, like foam. You know, the white pieces which come in boxes when you buy electrical items. I loved those white pieces when I was a kid. Some of them came in weird shapes and I liked to imagine that the whole thing was actually a big house and the small portions in it were divided into rooms. I remember there was once when my dad bought a brand new television and I immediately took over the matter of disposing of the Styrofoam pieces. Of course, I didn't throw them away. That would be a total waste. Instead, I made it into my 'dream house'. The main portion of the foam (that was probably where the TV previously fit) was made into the living room and the smaller rectangular shaped 'cubicle' (probably meant for the TV's remote) was turned into a bedroom. The long and thin spaces ('cubicles' for TV wires) were the kitchen and the bathroom.

Back to the food. As you know (or should know), I loathe Chinese food. Therefore, the main course didn't appeal much to mw. There was a dish called 'mixed vegetables' and I took a potato from it. OMG. The potato was so hard; I suspect the chef forgot to cook it.
Then, my dad helped himself with a bowl of oxtail soup, but I finished it. *blush*
Dad: Huh? You finished all? Very nice ah?
Me: Yup! But the soup nice only. The meat not nice.
Dad: You finished my soup. Bring me another bowl.
Me: You want to drink, you take yourself lar......
They even had sashimi! Mmm! my favourite!

The dessert was okay, I guess. Nothing special, but I loved it. As usual, they had all my favourites: Cheese cakes, puddings, jelly, pies,brownies, ice-creams, etc. I LOVE desserts!

Overall, the main items weren't very good, but the sashimi, the lamb, and the delicious desserts made up for that. My rating? A mere 5/10. There are definitely better buffets out there.

Oh, and here are pictures of my blog's 'draft':

Notice my Quiksilver pencilcase? It's brand new. I couldn't resist the temptation. It was 30% off, reducing the price to RM 48.00. Blood-suckers.

Zooming in...

A close-up of my handwriting.

P.S: Looking for a sumpteous meal? Try the buffet at E&O Hotel. (Rating: 8.5/10)

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

swallow, burp, then sneeze

I'm awfully sorry for not updating my blog for the longest time. Please excuse my laziness. I was too busy playing Maple Story (It's such an addictive game and I spent 8 hours on it yesterday! Currently, I'm a level 42 Ice-Lightning Wizard). I hope my number of readers hasn't deteriorated yet.

Have you ever had the experience of having to swallow, burp, and sneeze all at the same time?

Last night, I drank some water and just before swallowing it, I suddenly had the sensation to sneeze. And for some unknown reason, my stomach had also decided to give out air at that exact instant. It's a really difficult situation, because you have to think carefully before acting. All three have the same priority but only one can come first.

I suppressed all three for a moment to think. With my mouth full of water, I thought to myself: "If I sneezed first, the water would spurt all over. So the sneeze can't come first. If I burped, I would have to open my mouth and that would be dangerous too, because the water might 'spill' from my mouth. That leaves two options. I either swallow, burp, then sneeze, or I swallow, sneeze, then burp. But if I sneezed right after swallowing, the burp would probably go away and I would have the uncomfortable feeling of suppressed air in my stomach." So I told myself, "I shall
swallow, burp, then sneeze." All those worked in my brain in about 3 seconds.

Have you ever heard of the proverb
"Easier said than done"? Do you know what it means? It means it's easier pronouncing or writing the word 'said' than pronouncing or writing the word 'done'. Well, both words seem equally difficult to me. I don't know which idiot came up with such a ridiculous proverb. mean the proverb actually means it's easier to say something than actually doing what you said? Ah..............

So it's easier telling myself to
swallow, burp, then sneeze compared to actually doing it.

First, I swallowed the water and I quickly burped before it went away. The sneeze was almost gone after the burp, though. I had quite some difficulty summoning the sneeze back. I looked up to my fluorescent lamp (did you know that looking at bright light sometimes makes you sneeze?)......And I sneezed! Yay! I actually sneezed!

I sneezed. What joy.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

I watched porn

OMG. I just watched porn.

Hey, Don't look at me that way! It wasn't my fault! Blame Ares.

I downloaded what seemed to me like Spiderman 3 a few days ago. How was I to know that it was actually porn?

Anyway, I felt bored so i decided to watch the "Spiderman" movie I downloaded. When I opened it, there were some French (at least I think it was French) words. I should have sensed something was not right. Since when did Spiderman movies have French introductions?

Anyway, I continued watching. After the 'introduction', guess what I saw?

Before I proceed, let me get this straight. I certainly did not get excited, nor was I in any way aroused by what I saw. On the contrary, I got so scared that my whole body went cold, considering the fact that both my parents were home.

I saw a naked girl. Not entirely naked though; she had white undies on. Her boobs were...ahem...

I don't want to go into the details. Besides, I minimized the video right after I saw her. How much 'details' could I get?

It wasn't the naked body that scared me, it was the fact that I was actually watching porn while my parents were literally behind my shoulder.

Luckily, there wasn't any "oohs" and "aahs". All I heard was some kind of weird music. (The music was still playing in the background after minimizing it.)

A few minutes later, I maximized it again to stop the video. Guess what I saw?

A blow job.

This time, a chill ran down my spine. My mum could be right behind me any moment! I quickly minimized it again. Shit! Now what?

Then, the music stopped and the guy began moaning. Damn! It's getting worse! I switched off my speakers.

Finally, I regained my common sense and I right clicked the toolbar (where the minimized programs are) and I closed the whole thing. Phew!

But that wasn't the end. I'm still a human bean, you know. The temptation to watch it again was great. Luckily, thanks to Tree's help, I managed to delete the whole thing from my computer. (I have heard of some people who have watched porn out of curiosity and they eventually become porn addicts. They switch from soft-porn to hard-core ones, then to same-sex porn and even animal porn. Then, their desire becomes so great that they actually have sex more often than they should.)

That was close!

P.S: Okay, so you may think I'm a noob/weirdo/nerd because I have never watched porn in my entire life. And I do not plan to watch it anytime soon. Go ahead, laugh. At least I know I have not gone against my conscience.

Saturday, 9 June 2007


I was IM-ing with A.Peng the other day.

Me: Go visit my blog.
AP: Ok.
(after a few minutes...)
Me: What do you think about it?
AP: Ok la. But all ang moh ji one.
Me: Or else what do you expect me to write? Chinese ah?
AP: Malay....
Me: Crazy meh.
AP: Haha....

I'm sorry if I have offended any of my readers with my so-called 'sophisticated' English (Tree told me he gets annoyed at my blog because I use perfect English), but English is the only language I know.

I can't possibly type my blog in Mandarin because I only know spoken Chinese. And Malay? Wah....I punya Bahasa Melayu tak bagus lo.

And please don't expect me to type my blog in Hokkien dialect. If I did, lu eh hiau thak meh?

But of course, that does not mean I'm going to do away with all imperfections. I'm still a Malaysian, and like all typical Malaysians, I love Malaysia's most used language, Manglish.

Sorry loh if this blog is short. Apparently BBS is back.

Innocent life

I love HM. I hope you are a Harvest Moon fan too.

I have greatly enjoyed Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (FoMT), Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town (MFoMT), and Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

In FoMT, I play as a guy who has just inherited a farm from a deceased old man. Since the old man didn't have any relatives, I was supposed to be the one closest to him (I met him many years ago as a young boy, when I was on vacation with my parents).

Then my farming life starts.

FoMT is very addictive because the game does not only feature farming; it requires the character to socialise with the other people there. Lots of secrets can be unlocked in mines. In addition, there is even an opportunity to bond with the other characters, allowing you to get involved in courtship and even marriage. Now, that is definitely a plus.

MFoMT is almost similar to FoMT, but you play as a girl instead of a boy. That's what made me buy the game in the first place. Plus, you get to change the colour of your clothes and the character is actually pretty, too.

Back To Nature is another older version of Harvest Moon, which I played on PlayStation One (
I played FoMT and MFoMT on my Gameboy Advanced SP) many years ago. I still miss it, though. It was my very first HM game I had ever played.

I checked out the new HM for PSP. I felt pretty thrilled when i read about the new HM game, Harvest Moon: Innocent Life. However, my excitement only lasted for an instant. There are a few reasons:

1. The new character is actually a robot
WTF!! A robot! Where has the originality gone to? I don't want to play my new role as a machine; I want a human! I thought Harvest Moon was all about playing your role as a guy (or a girl) running a farm to make a living.

2. The courtship and marriage has been omitted.
Of course, as a robot, you can't possibly fall in love or get married, right? That makes the game a little more boring, don't you think?

3. Money is easy to come by
That should be a plus point, but think about it. If you earned money that easily, where is the thrill? According to a review I read, you actually earn more than you can spend, and there isn't even much worth buying. Of course, you can buy lots and lots of seeds, but once you plant them, they will just produce lots of crops and that just gives you more useless money.

4. There are too many helpers
In the game, there are even helpers to help water the plants, feed the animals and care for your farm. All you have to do is enjoy your earnings from your helpers' hard work. Where is the fun in that? It makes you feel like the game is on auto-pilot.

Of course, I have not actually bought the game yet, and the information is from reviews I have read. But I still think the new Harvest Moon: Innocent Life is a real let down to all HM fans.

Will I buy the game, then? Well, that depends on how much money I will have left by the end of this month.

P.S: Here is a full review on Harvest Moon: Innocent Life.

Friday, 8 June 2007


I really can't stand those blood-suckers anymore! I had RM 400 just two days ago and now it has reduced to RM 120. WTF!

Stupid Quicksilver. Stupid Sushi King. Stupid Baskin Robins. Stupid Golden Screen Cinemas. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Alright, maybe I have no right to complain because its partly - alright, mainly - my fault for being such a shopaholic.

Dear readers, please bear with me. I have come to the realisation that I have not been my sarcastic, witty self these few days. I will try to improve on my blogging style.

Btw, did you know that Mimzy is awfully cute?

Thursday, 7 June 2007

The shopaholic

Today was another exciting day.

2.00 am
This is an important event to record down because it involves money. Today is also a significant day because my dad gave me my allowance for the month of June.

3.00 am
Finally went to sleep. Zzzzz.......

8.30 am
Omg is it time to wake up? I'm so sleepy.....Why does A.Peng want me to meet him at this ungodly hour where I'm supposed to be enjoying my peaceful slumber?

9.30 am
I met A.Peng at the bus stop opposite my house. Why are the bus services so damn terrible? It takes like around 30 minutes for a single bus to actually pass by! Penang actually has bus services this horrible? I didn't know that. I'm so glad I'm gonna get my driver's license soon.

11.00 am
Phew! It takes one whole freaking hour to reach KOMTAR! I hate public transport! urrgh!

11.30 am
I woke up at 8.30 am just to have 2 hours of my life wasted on transportation. I can't believe it actually took me 2 freaking hours to finally arrive at Queensbay Mall from my home! Please remind me never to take Malaysian public transportation ever again.

12.45 pm
Caught a movie with Tree. The movie was so lame that I can't even remember the title of the show. It's a comedy about Singaporean ghosts. Whatever.

2.00 pm
Stupid movie. A.Peng, Boon, Crystal and I went skating. I can't believe the damned skating thing actually cost me 16 bucks. Imagine that. 16 bucks! And its not even ice-skating. Its just normal skating. You know, those kind with four wheels underneath each shoe. At least they could have charged like maybe 4 bucks or something. Blood-suckers.

3.30 pm
We had Baskin Robins. The girl behind the counter was pretty rude! Hey, isn't it my right to try out the flavours before buying them? Besides, the stall/shop doesn't even belong to you. What are you so annoyed about? And to think I actually purchased 4 cones from them. Urrgh.

Anyway, we took some pictures. I love my camera-phone. whatever will I do without it?

5.00 pm
We took a bus back to KOMTAR and lepak-ed at Prangin Mall. I assure you, PM is definitely not one of my favourite shopping malls. The entire building looks dirty and the air-conditioning there sucks. None of my favourite shops are there; they are mostly situated at Gurney Plaza. We tried to have fun anyway. I have to admit, I did have fun when we were snapping away at the photo booth. Those blood-sucker machines cost us 20 bucks for some low-quality half-passport sized photos. Grr....

Then we shopped. I bought:
1. a cute stuffed-dog for Cindy's birthday
2. a cute mouse-puppet for myself (Hey, I couldn't resist; it was awfully cute!)
3. a green mushroom phone holder (Yes, I know that was unnecessary as well)
4. South Park DVD

And then we ate. And shopped. And ate again. And shopped.

And snapped photos of ourselves...

9.30 pm
We took a bus back home.

10.00 pm
Home sweet home! My eyes were awfully dry from my contacts, my whole body was sticky, I felt awfully tired, and nature was calling real bad. Not to mention, I left the house this morning with RM 400 in my wallet but now it has been reduced to only RM 173.30. Please don't tell my parents!

11.30 pm
Blogging time! I hope I don't end up sleeping at 3 am again. I need to go to QB tomorrow. Again. *sigh*...

P.S: I meant to post the photos we took today, but for some unknown reason, Blogger seems to be unwilling to upload my photos into my blog. I think it hates me. I have uploaded them in my Friendster profile instead.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

I'm innocent!

I can't believe it. People actually stumble upon my innocent blog through search engines with keywords like 'boob fights' (United Kingdom) and 'my photos nude' (Spain)

Hey, my blog is innocent, okay! If you guys are actually looking for nude pictures of yourselves or girls fighting with their boobs, please visit:

(Alternatively, you can also use search engines like Yahoo! or Google for a full list of porn sites.)

Not that I've been to those sites, of course. I'm a good girl and I surf the web innocently.

There are also people who have come to my blog with these referal links:

1. (United States)
2. (Singapore, United States, Malaysia)
3. (Malaysia)

And there are also loyal readers who come directly to my blog. They actually take the effort to type my blog url into the address bar. I love these people.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The 4th of June 2007

Yesterday was such an eventful day.

3.00 am
I had the greatest conflict with Tree and I finally let Tree go. I guess trees need their freedom too. Maybe thats the best way for them to grow.

4.00 am
Finally went to sleep after chatting with Tree for the final time....

8.40 am
Awaken by Jia's sms. Later kept awake by messages from various people: Woof Woof, Xing, Marcuz, Yoke and Crystal.

11.00 am
I finally dozed off again when Yoke arrived at my h
ouse. I slept while Yoke quietly entertained herself with my PSP while waiting for me to wake up.

12.00 pm

I awoke and took a quick shower. Then had lunch/brunch with Yoke. Lazed around waiting for time to pass.

3.30 pm
We walked to the swimming pool nearby my house and waited for Xing and Silas (Xing's dearest) to arrive.I ate Twisties while waiting. I almost f
orgot how good they tasted, but eventually got bored of them.

4.00 pm
Xing arrived and I gave her my half-eaten packet to Twisties ("Aaaa!!! I want, I want!"). I had a short boob-fight with Xing. Yoke and I jumped into the pool while Xing ("Munch
, munch") and Silas looked on.

5.30 pm
Silas drove us back to my house where Yoke and I took a bath (after another round of boob-fight with Xing). Silas entertained himself with Astro while Xing pigged out at my refrigera
tor. Altogether I lost a few pieces of Cadbury, five bars of cloud 9, and a few bars of Kit Kat. Remind me to lock my fridge the next time she visits.

6.30 pm
Silas drove us (Xing, Yoke and I) to a nearby kopi tiam for dinner. I had a fre
akingly expensive plate of grilled fish.

7.30 pm
Slias put Yoke and I back at my house. I got even by slapping Xing's boob for t
he final time before I jumped off the car. Xing was making faces at me through the car window while Silas drove off. Bye, Xing!

7.45 pm
Yoke's mum arrived at my home to fetch her home. alone again....*sigh*

I killed time by surfing any interesting sites I could find. I thought I was going to die of boredom.....

9.00 pm
A.Peng phoned me and asked me if i wanted to hang out. Great! I can cure my boredom.

9.15 pm
Boon arrived at my house with her car. Crsytal, Boon, A.Peng and I went to Bata and i got myself a pair of new slippers which cost me RM 14.9
9. You could call that dirt cheap, but I only had around RM25 (and that was because I asked for an additional RM 20 from my dad). So, yeah, it was damn expensive to me.

10.00 pm
We went to Gurney Drive and ate at Mr.Pots. The mango pudding cost me RM 3.50. Why so expensive one! No money liao la!

10.30 pm

We left Mr.Pots and had a stroll along Gurney Drive. We took a picture:

Why is there a big gap between A.Peng and Boon?

11.30 pm
We arrived at E-Gate and took another two pictures:

Short to tall....

Omg I look so short in this photo! I assure you, I do not look this short in real life.

Then we had a quick snack at Starbucks. 3 pieces of cheesecakes at a blood-sucking price of RM 27.73. Expensive man! No money liao la!

12.30 am
Phew! Home at last. I had a really fun night!

P.S: For those of you who don't know what boob-fighting means, it is a game which can only be played by girls. The objective of the game is to poke/slap/hit/push your opponent's boob as many times as you can while avoiding and countering her attacks.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Shortest choir member

I just love being in a choir. Its hard work, what with the practices and stuff, but it pays off when you see yourself singing in front of an audience. I have forgotten how it feels like to be singing in a choir since I quit my school choir a few years ago.

Today, the great feeling came back. I was there, standing proudly with the other choir members, singing my heart out.

I can't say I love singing, but for some reason, I enjoy being in a choir. Its a really great feeling to be singing along with other people, making great music.

The feeling is so good that I don't mind that much that I'm the shortest among all the other singers.

P.S. I'm awfully, awfully sorry because I do realise that this entry is short, boring and meaningless. Apparently, BBS isn't gone yet. Maybe you guys could tell me what you would want to expect from my blog, and I'll make improvements.

Saturday, 2 June 2007


I'm having BBS again so I asked Bird and Yokey for some random words.

Bird came up with chauvinist, facade, stupid, and dumb.

Yokey came up with cake, cheese, chocolate, banana, insult, affront, and hate.


My apologies, Bird, but I don't deal too well with negative adjectives.

Sorry Yokey, but I'm no food expert either.

Dear readers, please excuse the lack of words and ideas in this entry. I'm having VSBBS (Very Severe Blogger's Block Syndrome).