Friday, 5 December 2008

Penguins and the look alikes.

During my visit to Jurong Bird Park, K and I visited the souvenir shop.

I saw many, many, many awfully cute stuffed animals birds there.

The stuffed penguins especially attracted my attention (and of course, I squealed at them like how all girls do when they see some really, really irresistable, adorable, huggable toy) and K proceeded to say that the penguins looked just like me.

He has also mentioned that resemble:

1. My stuffed dog Rufus.

2. The fat, gray cat with a chipped ear which usually sits on the wall near K's room and sleeps on the ironing board (I wonder if anyone still uses it for ironing during the day?) in the laundry room at night. We inauspiciously named it Meow Meow. K once asked me how I would feel if one day I were to walk past the wall and I didn't see Meow Meow there. Surprisingly, I honestly admitted that I would somehow miss it, though it isn't the friendliest of all cats; in fact, Meow Meow seems pretty stuck up and arrogant. It took me weeks for it to finally acknowledge my presence and play with me.

3. The birds we saw at the bird park.

4. The fat owl.

5. The somewhat cute-looking (well, if you were to imagine an animated version of it) cockroach with twitching antennas we saw outside Esplanade.

6. The wooden carved lizard I'm wearing on my neck.

7.The lizards crawling at my ceiling.

Curious, one day I asked him, "You just mentioned ten minutes ago that I looked like Meow Meow. Yesterday, you said I looked like my dog. Now you say I look like that lizard. So, which animal am I?"

To which he replied, "You're all of them. Your features change according to the animal I mention."


He also loves calling me 'wou wou', similar to the noise a dog makes.

Back to the penguins.

K proceeded to make-believe a conversation between two identical stuffed penguins. He even made them move as they talked.

Stuffed penguin 1: (whispering to its neighbour) Pfft... (cocks it's head towards me) That girl over there looks just like me!!!!
Stuffed penguin 2: Huh? Where? (looks around) Wow!!!! Yeah, she really DOES look like you!
SP 1: How is it that somebody can have looks so similar to mine?
SP 2: Hey, have you noticed? She looks just like me too!!!
SP 1: Wow, really? You're right. That's amazing!! She looks like me and you!
SP 2: She looks like both of us!
SP 1 & 2: *amazed* Wah....

K deserves a whack on his head.


P.S.: K has also mentioned before that I'm an expensive (and i'd like to imagine exotic) pet to keep. Geez.

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