Sunday, 1 June 2008

I dictate others' future.

I fucking, fucking, fucking hate people who are biased.

And also those who judge a book by its cover.

People, just because I act childish and immature, doesn't mean I am.

And though I may act slutty, I assure you, I'm as chaste as a puritan.

I know what's good for myself, and I am pretty sure I am able to carry myself pretty well.

Of course, there's the occasional (well, maybe not-so-occasional) undisciplined me, but that's just because I'm not fucking working. And I'm currently not studying yet. If you haven't noticed, I'm FREE.

Free as in, I am utterly deprived of any responsibilities whatsoever.

Of course I can afford to be undisciplined.

Once I begin my studies in university, of course I'll buck up.

Who was the one who scored straight A's in her PMR? 10A's in her SPM? Who was one of the top scorers in her college for her A-Levels examinations with 3A's and a B?




As you can see, I know what's good for myself.

I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. I don't go clubbing. I don't sneak home at 3 in the morning.

But some people still think I'm not good enough. For their sons, apparently.

And I also pity those who allow my presence to influence their important life-changing decisions.

Like not sending their child to the top rated universities in the world, just because I'm going there.

Is that plain stupidity, or what?

Gosh, people actually ruin their kid's education and future just because of me.

Who am I?

Just a girl.

Who, apparently, happens to have the ability to control others' kids' futures.


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