Monday, 16 June 2008

Another birthday party

My brother celebrated his birthday today. It was pretty boring at first. A (huge) bunch of guys hogging all three televisions, playing Play Station 2. 

A bunch of guys. Video games. Put them together and you should know what to expect.


I plopped myself in front of the computer, being completely ignorant of their existence.

The latter part was really, really fun, though.

I never expected I'd enjoy myself at my brother's birthday party, what more make new friends.

It all began when I was playing the piano (while trying to drown out the noise in vain) when one of the guys talked to me. 

Oh, another piano enthusiast!

What joy!

Unfortunately, to my disappointment, he didn't play the piano. He just loved it, that's all.

We began talking anyway. My first friend. 

His name was Henry.

A really loud and noisy guy. But he was fun. Not to mention, cute. No, not cute cute. Cute as in, his antics were fun to watch. And I found that I could actually laugh at his jokes.

Being a studious, lifeless person, you'd think my brother's friends would be all as boring as him. 

So totally not true.

I got along with all of them and I believe I ended up talking to them more than my brother did.

A (somewhat disastrous) piano duet with XYZ, a childish argument with Henry, friendly talks with the rest. 

In short, I had fun.

My brother's friends did comment that I'm his total opposite. I guess they'd expected me to be some kind of boring, studious, lifeless freak. Can't blame them. Brothers and sisters usually are alike.

Usually, but not always.

After the party, I was actually a little sad to see them go.

XYZ added me on MSN, though. He's a great person to talk to. I like talking to him.

XYZ and Henry are both considerable choices...

I like them.

Just one thing. They're only 15. 

I don't date kids. 


Henry did suggest that we could hang out again someday. 


I participated in the 'Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia' contest two weeks ago.

I'm only saying this now because the closing date has just passed.

If I had mentioned anything about it earlier, you guys would all be hopping over to Kenny Sia's blog and joining the contest, too.

I didn't want more competitors than I'm already facing.

I know it's selfish of me.

Sorry lar. I really, really wanna go to Bangkok with Kenny Sia mar.

So Xing and I 'joined forces' and came up with a really good picture.

First, we took a few shoots at my house and picked the best:

Next, I cleared the background and edited the picture (I also conveniently made my leg look skinnier):

Then, I highlighted the chip:

Added Kenny Sia into the background and made Xing's mouth unusually bigger (Xing almost murdered me for that, but I justified myself by erasing off her pimples):

Lastly, I touched up a little bit more and added some lighting effects...


Save fuel - Use Mister Potato chips!

Aren't I an Adobe expert??

Credit goes to me for the idea. Credit goes to Xing for willingly allowing me to sit on her and letting me distort her face with my beloved Adobe.

Kenny Sia, I wanna go to Bangkok with you!!!