Saturday, 14 June 2008

'L' license

Motorcyclists holding the 'L' license (learner's license) aren't allowed to take any passengers. 

You'd be in deep, deep shit if the police caught you doing that.

But some guys want to fetch their girlfriends out wor...

You know how guys love showing off, especially to the opposite sex.

I heard a true tale from my friend, who heard it form her friend, who heard it from her older brother, who experienced it, firsthand.

He was taking his girlfriend out for a ride, with a giant 'L' plastered on the front of his bike.

The girl was wearing a white outfit, and had very, very long hair.

There was a road block, and the girl quickly pulled her hair over her face. 

Police: Hey, boy. Why are you taking a passenger with an 'L' license?
Boy: Huh?? What passenger? I'm riding alone.
Police: *freaked out* Alright. You can go now. Quickly.

A true story.

Guys, you might wanna consider getting a girlfriend with long hair.

Girls, if your boyfriend still hasn't gotten rid of his 'L' license, make sure you have long hair or buy a wig. A very good idea to don yourself in white, when going out on a date. 

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