Monday, 30 June 2008

Penang hill trip

Here are the pictures we took during our hike up Penang Hill.

Photos are in chronological order.

A dog we met on the way up. Aren't my pink Adidas sneakers just pretty? Unavailable in Malaysia!

The dog's a smart one.

It even looked towards the direction I pointed~

Cindy and I. Still looking energetic, eh?

A little resting hut.

It's called 84. Weird name for a resting hut, huh?

Cindy and I again.


Managed a weak smile for the camera.

When will we reach the peak???


Breeze blowing at my hair.

Trying to keep my hair out of my face.

Pretty scenery.

Random photo of the sky.

Cindy and I at the cannon

Me, humping the cannon.

Group photo.

Me, posing.

Me, the photographer.

Cindy, the photographer.

Yeat Hon, the photographer.

A centipede with an orange body and a blue head. 

Giant ants. About an inch long.

I love Penang Hill.

All photos are credited to Yeat Hon, the owner of the camera.

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