Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Nice or not?

Yokey called me today.

Says, "I don't like nice people."

Hence, the discussion and analyzation on nice people versus people who are more like... you know... me. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a 'not nice' person, as some would put it. I'm just, well, not very nice.

Apparently, Yokey prefers 'not so nice' people compared to nice people because according to her logic, "you'll never know if nice people actually like you very much or not, because they're nice to everyone. I prefer people like you."

So from what I gathered, she actually prefers 'not so nice' people like me compared to really nice people.

I kind of got what she meant.

And I actually agree with her.

If people were nice to you all the time, you wouldn't know how he/she really feels about you because that's how that person is treating everyone. 

"That's where the insecurities creep in," Yokey says.

One of the reason Yokey loves me so much (yes, she does. She told me herself) is because I'm not nice to everyone. I'm only nice to people I like. And I can be very, very, very bitchy towards people I dislike or hate. 

Enemies, beware. *evil grin*

Yokey prefers people like me because she knows that I'm only nice to her because I treat her as a real friend, not because I'm generally nice.

So, yes, Yokey dislikes people who are generally nice.

I have to agree with her on that.

Not being a nice person myself, I think I would prefer people not to be nice to me unless they really like me. At least I'd know how that person really feels about me. If a person were to be nice to everyone all the time, I'd be constantly on the look out. 

So, yes.

People, it's not good to be nice all the time.

Scrap everything your parents ever taught you about 'being nice' to everyone.

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