Monday, 2 June 2008

Reader's poll

Scroll to the part where you can see Nuffnang's poll in the side bar.

Now, observe the results of the poll.

Of course, the results should be satisfying enough.

But take a look at the first question. Some people actually think my blog is horrible.

Now, second question.

People actually hate me.

I dunno why.

Have I offended anyone in the past? Is my blog really that bad? Isn't it humorous enough to brighten up your day?


Maybe someone read my previous blog entry and decided I was talking about someone who was related to them, and so, got very, very offended.

I'd be too, if someone talked about my family/friends that way.

Good that the person realised who I was talking about.

And so, I don't care if they hate me for doing so.

Because it's not my fault

I was merely pointing out the facts. It's not my fault if someone out there took offense of what I said.

Did I mention who I was talking about?


It might very well be someone else.

But some other sensitive person took it oh-so-personally.

Remember the proverb 'berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah' (you shall be brave if you are right, fearful only if you are wrong)?

Or maybe the results of my blog poll isn't in anyway connected with my previous blog post.

Maybe I'm just thinking too much.

Maybe people just hate me for no apparent reason.

Oh, well.

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