Sunday, 22 June 2008


I wanna go for the fish spa at New Word Park!!!

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!!!!

Looking for fish spa kaki's.



Jasryn is finally back.

Didn't realise how suffering it would be being Jasryn-less.

Yes, Jas. It's a compliment. Thank me.

Don't make me think you're an incompetent blogger, kay?

Ha, ha. One of my tactics to pressure her to update her blog. 


Oh, yes. Congratulations to Jasryn for her ownership of a new iMac.

Printed on Page One of the iMac manual. See, Jas. It's nothing to worry about.

Good luck to Jas on her quest of exploring the wonders of the iMac.

Don't get into too much trouble, 'kay? If you do, though, you can always resort to black mailing. Tell your iMac that if it doesn't work for you THIS INSTANT, you're going to switch back to the PC. Works every time. *winks*

With that, I warmly welcome Jasryn to the iMac club.

PC users are obviously one class lower than us, the Macintoshians/iMacians.

I'll bet ninety-nine percent of readers would get pissed after reading the previous sentence.

Sorry, lah. Joking only what. I don't look down on PC users; I think PC works just as well. the iMac is just, well, different.

Trust me, I'm not biased towards PC's.

iMac is just slightly prettier, sleeker, and less space consuming. Not to mention, it's faster, has more memory, more capacity, and a little more of everything else. Besides that, Apple computers can also run both the Mac and Windows. The iMac is also smarter and more efficient. Apple computers also have a wider screen, for viewing comfort. Apple computers are also generally more costly, so as to show their competence compared to PC's.

Besides those trivial points mentioned above, I see no other difference between the PC and the iMac. 

So, as I said, I am not biased towards PC's, nor do I look down on them.

PC users, no hard feelings, 'kay?

*stifled laugh*

Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Just kidding.


I'm not going to spark an argument of which system is better, nor am I going to start declaring myself as a member of the iMac cult. Though I'm an iMac user and have fallen deeply in love with it, I definitely do not think that iMac users are one class higher than the rest.

Just for laughs, you might be interested in watching these.

See!!! iMac is definitely better than the PC.


I keep contradicting myself.

Okay, okay. I'll be serious. 

I have to admit, ever since I started using the iMac, I have fallen in love with it because of its efficiency, speed, memory, capacity, and competence. In some ways, it is definitely better compared to the PC. They're facts; nobody can deny that. However, I still miss the PC at times. I miss how I enjoyed playing Solitaire when one of the programs crashes, and I miss the times I keep visiting the refrigerator for snacks while waiting for the PC to load. I miss how I was able to play pirated computer games on my PC and use pirated software. 

But, unlike some (if not most) iMac users who go "I'm an iMac user! I'm better than PC users! I'm more 'high-class'!", I'm not interested in that kind of debate. 

Besides, PC is good. It allows the user to use pirated softwares and download media illegally.

As Jas says, "Stupid honest Apple users."

I agree with her.

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Jasryn said...

WEI!!! I'M BACK TO COMMENTING. The iMac totally rocks for watching DVD's though so no complaints there. Oh and btw, I figured out that limewire has a mac compatible version so i can still download. HAH!