Friday, 13 June 2008

Writer's block

Chimera is killing me.

I'm out of ideas.

The second part of Jack and Jill is almost done, but not quite.

I can't think of a suitable ending!!!!!

It's stressing me out.

Above that, my vocabulary has at this point decided to suddenly collapse.

Don't worry, I'll get around to it.


Readers, any ideas for my next composition? 

Any changes you'd like to see?

A new style, maybe?

A more conventional way of writing, perhaps?

On second thought, nah... Conventional is boring.

Ideas, people! Gimme your ideas!!!


Like to dedicate a special personalized composition to a loved one? Give me your plot and I'll put it down in words. It's nice to be able to involve my beloved readers in Chimera.  

UPDATE: I'm finally done with the second part of Jack and Jill. 


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