Friday, 29 June 2007


I'm bored. My Physics class ended at 3 pm and now I'm in the General Lab waiting for my mother to pick me up. She's coming at 5 pm. I have another hour and a half to waste. My bladder is already half full although I emptied it an hour ago. I know I need to pee, but I can't possibly leave my bag here with nobody to keep an eye on it, right? I'm awfully thirsty but my water bottle is empty. My eyes are dry from the long hours of wearing contacts. What else could go wrong?

If only I could drive.


Camera phones are convenient. Too convenient. I had no idea what my Physics lecturer was taking about just now; I was too busy snapping pictures of myself. All the snapshots were from various angles, but none was satisfactory. I deleted them all.

That is partly why I'm not in a very good mood right now. Not only did I not get the results I wanted from my snapshots (I looked too fat in one, too pale in another, and just plain retarded in the rest), I didn't get what the lesson was all about.

Oh yeah, I do remember.

"Find the speed of the orbit of the satellite if it were to appear stationary relative to the Earth."


Oops! I dropped my pen. I squirmed around, winding my right leg around one of the legs of a chair to kick the pen into reachable range.

"Rachel, your leg like snake hor!"

"(Turning around) Haiyo, I want to pick up my pen ma."


"Rachel! Stop talking!"

Hey, it wasn't my fault! Blame the pen! Sheesh.

I copied down the weird equations written on the board. Apparently, my lecturer had already scribbled the solution to the question in the time I bent down to retrieve my pen.

I reached the bottom of the page before I was done with the solution. I flipped my book over to the next page. The book must have decided to hate me, because it slipped out of my hands the moment I held it.

I'm telling you, the book hates me! I didn't drop it! It actually slipped out from my grip on purpose! On purpose!

And you would think it would be would be enough for the book to trouble me on purpose, but apparently, it didn't think there was much fun in doing just that. It happily dragged my pencil, eraser, and liquid paper along with it as it tumbled to the ground.

I bent down to pick them up.

No, cut that.

I bent down to pick them up while cursing angrily under my breath.

That's not right either.

I bent down to pick them up while cursing angrily and audibly.

How am I supposed to pay attention when my stationery are going on strike?

Oh, and for some unknown reason, I made a whole lot of mistakes in my book. My pen seems to have it's own mind and it's obvious that it does not want to write what I want it to.

Of course, I missed out on the rest of the lesson after that.

I suspect that as I'm typing in my blog, they are having a conversation of their own in my backpack:

Book: Hey, didn't we have fun today!
Pen: Yeah, did you see how I made her make all those mistakes?
Liquid paper: She kept fumbling for me to correct her errors, but I hid myself deep inside her pencil case so that she couldn't find me!
Pencil: I'm glad I contributed by dropping onto the floor out of her reach. Did you see how hard she had to bend down to retrieve me?
Eraser: My elasticity helped me. I squeezed myself into a tiny ball to minimize my size and hid myself deep under all of you so that she would have a hard time looking for me!
Book: I doubt she absorbed much from her Physics lesson today.
Pen: She is definitely in a foul mood now!
In unison: YEAH!!!!

I'm really, really worried about my exams.


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