Thursday, 7 June 2007

The shopaholic

Today was another exciting day.

2.00 am
This is an important event to record down because it involves money. Today is also a significant day because my dad gave me my allowance for the month of June.

3.00 am
Finally went to sleep. Zzzzz.......

8.30 am
Omg is it time to wake up? I'm so sleepy.....Why does A.Peng want me to meet him at this ungodly hour where I'm supposed to be enjoying my peaceful slumber?

9.30 am
I met A.Peng at the bus stop opposite my house. Why are the bus services so damn terrible? It takes like around 30 minutes for a single bus to actually pass by! Penang actually has bus services this horrible? I didn't know that. I'm so glad I'm gonna get my driver's license soon.

11.00 am
Phew! It takes one whole freaking hour to reach KOMTAR! I hate public transport! urrgh!

11.30 am
I woke up at 8.30 am just to have 2 hours of my life wasted on transportation. I can't believe it actually took me 2 freaking hours to finally arrive at Queensbay Mall from my home! Please remind me never to take Malaysian public transportation ever again.

12.45 pm
Caught a movie with Tree. The movie was so lame that I can't even remember the title of the show. It's a comedy about Singaporean ghosts. Whatever.

2.00 pm
Stupid movie. A.Peng, Boon, Crystal and I went skating. I can't believe the damned skating thing actually cost me 16 bucks. Imagine that. 16 bucks! And its not even ice-skating. Its just normal skating. You know, those kind with four wheels underneath each shoe. At least they could have charged like maybe 4 bucks or something. Blood-suckers.

3.30 pm
We had Baskin Robins. The girl behind the counter was pretty rude! Hey, isn't it my right to try out the flavours before buying them? Besides, the stall/shop doesn't even belong to you. What are you so annoyed about? And to think I actually purchased 4 cones from them. Urrgh.

Anyway, we took some pictures. I love my camera-phone. whatever will I do without it?

5.00 pm
We took a bus back to KOMTAR and lepak-ed at Prangin Mall. I assure you, PM is definitely not one of my favourite shopping malls. The entire building looks dirty and the air-conditioning there sucks. None of my favourite shops are there; they are mostly situated at Gurney Plaza. We tried to have fun anyway. I have to admit, I did have fun when we were snapping away at the photo booth. Those blood-sucker machines cost us 20 bucks for some low-quality half-passport sized photos. Grr....

Then we shopped. I bought:
1. a cute stuffed-dog for Cindy's birthday
2. a cute mouse-puppet for myself (Hey, I couldn't resist; it was awfully cute!)
3. a green mushroom phone holder (Yes, I know that was unnecessary as well)
4. South Park DVD

And then we ate. And shopped. And ate again. And shopped.

And snapped photos of ourselves...

9.30 pm
We took a bus back home.

10.00 pm
Home sweet home! My eyes were awfully dry from my contacts, my whole body was sticky, I felt awfully tired, and nature was calling real bad. Not to mention, I left the house this morning with RM 400 in my wallet but now it has been reduced to only RM 173.30. Please don't tell my parents!

11.30 pm
Blogging time! I hope I don't end up sleeping at 3 am again. I need to go to QB tomorrow. Again. *sigh*...

P.S: I meant to post the photos we took today, but for some unknown reason, Blogger seems to be unwilling to upload my photos into my blog. I think it hates me. I have uploaded them in my Friendster profile instead.

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