Friday, 15 June 2007


I meant to update my blog yesterday, but I lost all means of inspiration because my mum kept nagging and nagging at me for sitting in front of the computer 24/7. In order to avoid loss of inspiration again, I have resorted to writing my entry on a piece of paper first (which I'm doing right now, at an ungodly hour of 3.30 am) in the vicinity of my own comfy room, where no nagging can ever disrupt my concentration. I will then transfer my 'entry' to my blog later in the day.
I just hope I can actually read what I've written.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and we (my family and I) had dinner at Evergreen Laurel Hotel. It was a Chinese + International buffet. Well, what can I say about it? Almost half of the food there sucked.

Okay, maybe the lamb was good but the fish fillet was as hard, I don't know what, but all I know is, my knife had a hard time wrestling with the fish. And my tongue immediately decided it was more of cardboard once it came into contact with the orangery piece of meat.

And then, there was the tempura. I love tempura. Just not from this hotel. the deep-fried cauliflower felt (and tasted) like sponge, but a harder version of it. Oh yeah, like foam. You know, the white pieces which come in boxes when you buy electrical items. I loved those white pieces when I was a kid. Some of them came in weird shapes and I liked to imagine that the whole thing was actually a big house and the small portions in it were divided into rooms. I remember there was once when my dad bought a brand new television and I immediately took over the matter of disposing of the Styrofoam pieces. Of course, I didn't throw them away. That would be a total waste. Instead, I made it into my 'dream house'. The main portion of the foam (that was probably where the TV previously fit) was made into the living room and the smaller rectangular shaped 'cubicle' (probably meant for the TV's remote) was turned into a bedroom. The long and thin spaces ('cubicles' for TV wires) were the kitchen and the bathroom.

Back to the food. As you know (or should know), I loathe Chinese food. Therefore, the main course didn't appeal much to mw. There was a dish called 'mixed vegetables' and I took a potato from it. OMG. The potato was so hard; I suspect the chef forgot to cook it.
Then, my dad helped himself with a bowl of oxtail soup, but I finished it. *blush*
Dad: Huh? You finished all? Very nice ah?
Me: Yup! But the soup nice only. The meat not nice.
Dad: You finished my soup. Bring me another bowl.
Me: You want to drink, you take yourself lar......
They even had sashimi! Mmm! my favourite!

The dessert was okay, I guess. Nothing special, but I loved it. As usual, they had all my favourites: Cheese cakes, puddings, jelly, pies,brownies, ice-creams, etc. I LOVE desserts!

Overall, the main items weren't very good, but the sashimi, the lamb, and the delicious desserts made up for that. My rating? A mere 5/10. There are definitely better buffets out there.

Oh, and here are pictures of my blog's 'draft':

Notice my Quiksilver pencilcase? It's brand new. I couldn't resist the temptation. It was 30% off, reducing the price to RM 48.00. Blood-suckers.

Zooming in...

A close-up of my handwriting.

P.S: Looking for a sumpteous meal? Try the buffet at E&O Hotel. (Rating: 8.5/10)


~glory~ said...

Hi, Rae.
wOw, you re nocturnal tOO!
from ur hand writing i really can tell you re a english sch student....cursive writing, you know...chinese school students cant get that type wan
Last time, about a year ago, the food in Laurel hotel was very nice. maybe it's becoz it's my first time havin buffet in that hotel. but a few months ago, think is around Jan2007 i went there again and had the same buffet and the food wasnt as tasty as before. maybe they change chef d. I LOOVVEE the salmon, by the way.....and deserts, of coz-make me so fat =.=
Wah your pencil case so exp! mine less then RM15...
Buffet in E&O nice arh? I longed to go there for buffet. but the menu varies everyday one right? Which buffet did you take? buffet DINNER or LUNCH or tea? which day?

raedarling said...

i took lunch buffet at E&O. if not mistaken its on a friday.....