Wednesday, 27 June 2007


I received a weird comment on my previous entry. I had no idea what language it was supposed to be, so I used a web translator and tried translating it from French to English. It made no sense. Then, I tried translating it from Italian to English. I had hints it was talking about T-shirts and stuff. Then, I translated it from Spanish to English. I made out some of the words, but most of it was still gibberish to me. The comment had a link there, so I clicked on it and I was linked to a blog.

Unfortunately, neither was the blog in any language I could actually understand. I translated the whole web page.

I'm not sure what the blog was actually advertising, but it showed pictures of people sporting T-shirts which had their blog page printed on it. As if being the author of their own blog isn't enough, apparently these people want their blog to be with them everywhere they go.

This is the first time anyone has used my blog for advertising purposes. Should I feel happy that people actually look so highly upon my blog that they actually want to advertise in it? Or annoyed that someone had actually took advantage of my blog?

No matter, I will not tolerate any form of free advertising in my blog, nor will I tolerate anyone who misuses my blog for their own personal benefits.

I have deleted the comment.

P.S: My apologies if this entry is short; I have a mountain of assignments sitting at my study table. I'm quite sure they are waiting for me to complete them.

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