Wednesday, 6 June 2007

I'm innocent!

I can't believe it. People actually stumble upon my innocent blog through search engines with keywords like 'boob fights' (United Kingdom) and 'my photos nude' (Spain)

Hey, my blog is innocent, okay! If you guys are actually looking for nude pictures of yourselves or girls fighting with their boobs, please visit:

(Alternatively, you can also use search engines like Yahoo! or Google for a full list of porn sites.)

Not that I've been to those sites, of course. I'm a good girl and I surf the web innocently.

There are also people who have come to my blog with these referal links:

1. (United States)
2. (Singapore, United States, Malaysia)
3. (Malaysia)

And there are also loyal readers who come directly to my blog. They actually take the effort to type my blog url into the address bar. I love these people.

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