Thursday, 21 June 2007

the dream

I had a short nap just a few hours ago and guess what I dreamt of?

Three things:
1. Maple Story provides a variety of new Party Quests to choose from.

2. My mum made a delicious chocolate-marshmallow-cheesecake. For lunch.
3. There was nothing else in the refrigerator but sushi, sushi, and more sushi.

If only those three actually happened in real life...

The cake was soft and moist, and it was very colourful. It was a dark shade of brown at the top (the chocolate fudge-like part), a light shade of baby-blue in the middle (the whole thing was actually a giant piece of blueberry flavoured marshmallow) and a really, really thick layer of creamy/milky white (the cheese!!!) at the bottom.

Oh, there can never be found another cake more perfect than this! The marshmallows literally melted in my mouth and it blended perfectly well with the cheese. The chocolate wasn't too strong; it didn't overpower the cheese and marshmallow, it just gave a little more flavour to the cake.

My mother named the cake Phoebe. Or was it Purgatory? I can't remember.

I had two big helpings. The cake seemed like it would never be finished because no matter how much I ate, the remaining amount never decreased.

I opened the refrigerator and guess what I saw? An infinite amount of sushi! Ahhh...... this is the life.

As I was enjoying my portion of Phoebe/Purgatory while gleefully thinking of how my Maple character will level-up so much faster with Party Quests, my mum woke me up for lunch.

Rice, meat, vegetables.

When will my dream ever come true?


~glory~ said...

MapleStory obsessive! dun stick to that stupid thing lar....studies come first.

By the way, it seemed to me, that you are pretty interested in those studying in other countries. here i have a recommendation - go to my blog and under the *main courses* side pane, look for 'siang ing'. she's studying in the UK too. her blog is quite interesting to me. loads about food. duh.

raedarling said...

im a maple addict! no-one can stop me! hahaha!!!!