Saturday, 9 June 2007


I was IM-ing with A.Peng the other day.

Me: Go visit my blog.
AP: Ok.
(after a few minutes...)
Me: What do you think about it?
AP: Ok la. But all ang moh ji one.
Me: Or else what do you expect me to write? Chinese ah?
AP: Malay....
Me: Crazy meh.
AP: Haha....

I'm sorry if I have offended any of my readers with my so-called 'sophisticated' English (Tree told me he gets annoyed at my blog because I use perfect English), but English is the only language I know.

I can't possibly type my blog in Mandarin because I only know spoken Chinese. And Malay? Wah....I punya Bahasa Melayu tak bagus lo.

And please don't expect me to type my blog in Hokkien dialect. If I did, lu eh hiau thak meh?

But of course, that does not mean I'm going to do away with all imperfections. I'm still a Malaysian, and like all typical Malaysians, I love Malaysia's most used language, Manglish.

Sorry loh if this blog is short. Apparently BBS is back.

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