Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The 4th of June 2007

Yesterday was such an eventful day.

3.00 am
I had the greatest conflict with Tree and I finally let Tree go. I guess trees need their freedom too. Maybe thats the best way for them to grow.

4.00 am
Finally went to sleep after chatting with Tree for the final time....

8.40 am
Awaken by Jia's sms. Later kept awake by messages from various people: Woof Woof, Xing, Marcuz, Yoke and Crystal.

11.00 am
I finally dozed off again when Yoke arrived at my h
ouse. I slept while Yoke quietly entertained herself with my PSP while waiting for me to wake up.

12.00 pm

I awoke and took a quick shower. Then had lunch/brunch with Yoke. Lazed around waiting for time to pass.

3.30 pm
We walked to the swimming pool nearby my house and waited for Xing and Silas (Xing's dearest) to arrive.I ate Twisties while waiting. I almost f
orgot how good they tasted, but eventually got bored of them.

4.00 pm
Xing arrived and I gave her my half-eaten packet to Twisties ("Aaaa!!! I want, I want!"). I had a short boob-fight with Xing. Yoke and I jumped into the pool while Xing ("Munch
, munch") and Silas looked on.

5.30 pm
Silas drove us back to my house where Yoke and I took a bath (after another round of boob-fight with Xing). Silas entertained himself with Astro while Xing pigged out at my refrigera
tor. Altogether I lost a few pieces of Cadbury, five bars of cloud 9, and a few bars of Kit Kat. Remind me to lock my fridge the next time she visits.

6.30 pm
Silas drove us (Xing, Yoke and I) to a nearby kopi tiam for dinner. I had a fre
akingly expensive plate of grilled fish.

7.30 pm
Slias put Yoke and I back at my house. I got even by slapping Xing's boob for t
he final time before I jumped off the car. Xing was making faces at me through the car window while Silas drove off. Bye, Xing!

7.45 pm
Yoke's mum arrived at my home to fetch her home. alone again....*sigh*

I killed time by surfing any interesting sites I could find. I thought I was going to die of boredom.....

9.00 pm
A.Peng phoned me and asked me if i wanted to hang out. Great! Haha...now I can cure my boredom.

9.15 pm
Boon arrived at my house with her car. Crsytal, Boon, A.Peng and I went to Bata and i got myself a pair of new slippers which cost me RM 14.9
9. You could call that dirt cheap, but I only had around RM25 (and that was because I asked for an additional RM 20 from my dad). So, yeah, it was damn expensive to me.

10.00 pm
We went to Gurney Drive and ate at Mr.Pots. The mango pudding cost me RM 3.50. Why so expensive one! No money liao la!

10.30 pm

We left Mr.Pots and had a stroll along Gurney Drive. We took a picture:

Why is there a big gap between A.Peng and Boon?

11.30 pm
We arrived at E-Gate and took another two pictures:

Short to tall....

Omg I look so short in this photo! I assure you, I do not look this short in real life.

Then we had a quick snack at Starbucks. 3 pieces of cheesecakes at a blood-sucking price of RM 27.73. Expensive man! No money liao la!

12.30 am
Phew! Home at last. I had a really fun night!

P.S: For those of you who don't know what boob-fighting means, it is a game which can only be played by girls. The objective of the game is to poke/slap/hit/push your opponent's boob as many times as you can while avoiding and countering her attacks.

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