Tuesday, 19 June 2007


I'm really, really sorry for not updating my blog again, but I have been awfully busy lately, getting ready for the second semester of my course. I updated my blog today only because my tutorials do not start until the second week of the semester. My lesson was only 8 to 10 am today. Once my tutorials and my lab classes start, I'm afraid I will not be able to update my blog as often anymore. Why? Because they crammed the whole damned semester into 13 weeks, which means I have classes 6 days a week. I HAVE CLASSES EVEN ON SATURDAYS! There goes my late Friday nights of Mapling.

I have a feeling this semester will be tough. I guess I will have to stop choir practices for the moment.

Because I have not updated my blog for a very long time. I will compensate by typing a longer entry. Besides, after so many days, you can be sure I will have lots of stuff to say.

I went to Prangin Mall with Crystal and Ute last Sunday. My dad dropped me at Crystal's house at around 10 am and I napped in her room (I stayed up late the night before, Mapling again) while she got ready. By the time I woke up, it was already 12.20, and she was just putting on her make-up. Fantastic Four starts at 12.55 pm! And neither of us knew how to drive; we had to take a bus. Public transport again! Urrgh! We were sort of lucky (at least I thought we were) because we caught a bus after only about 5 minutes of waiting. After going up the bus, the driver took us round and round. Literally. We went past my home, turning around to an unknown area. Then the bus driver told us to get down because we had to change buses. I was a little pissed off because we still had a movie to catch, but I kept my cool. The second bus we boarded took us round and round again, eventually ending up at the bus stop where we boarded the first bus. WTF!

My apologies, but I certainly do not wish to recount the events that happened so as to avoid my anger being aroused again. All I can say is, we reached PM at around 2.00 pm, and we only saw the last 20 minutes of the show. Oh, and the movie ticket cost me 10 bucks. Bummer.

I realise that I have been having weird dreams lately. There was once when I dreamt that a guy, S, whom I have had a slight crush on lately, actually confessed to me that he liked me too. Anyway, I was sort of excited because S would never like me in real life. Ever.

Oh well, like that matters much to me. Crushes come and go. If you want to know more, read my other blog entry, My Sexuality.

And just earlier, I had another dream. The problem is, I can't remember what it was about. =(

Tree's Maple account got banned. Some idiot named 'guang007' (members of Maple, defame him if you see him! He is from Bootes, level 93) hacked Tree's account and stole about 50 million worth of stuff. Tree got pissed off and changed his Maple password to 'bitches'. Then, he got banned for using foul language in his password. That, of course, made Tree even more pissed off than ever. I pity Tree.

Oh damn, I haven't took my driving lessons yet! I haven't even gone for the 8-hour lecture yet. Sob sob. And they do not have lectures on Sundays, which means I will have to skip classes to attend the lecture and the driving lessons! Oh, what will my results of my studies become?

My life is gonna be hard for this half of the year. What with me having bad time management, my laziness, long hours of classes (6 days a week, mind you!), and driving lessons. Not to mention my addiction for Maple. I'm dead.

(A short paragraph here was omitted because I suspected it would offend some readers.)

Tree and I went to Gurney Plaza yesterday and we went to Toys"R"Us (Haha, I actually had to Google it to check how its spelled) to look for my birthday present. We looked at Barbies, stuffed animals, electronic pets and action figures. Tree was fascinated with the action figures, which I was totally uninterested in. I mean, which 18-year-old plays with Transformers? Tree explained that those were not to be played with; they were collectibles. Well, I suspect some people love expensive hobbies. Tree was especially attracted to a Transformer robot. It cost RM 189.90. That's the exact same price as my Nike pants.

Who on earth would trade in their clothes for kids' toys?

I really need to get new games for my PSP. I finished Afterburner and Bomberman long ago (OMG, Bomberman is really, really addictive! Not to mention, the graphics are good and the characters are cute! Cute is a definite plus for me when it comes to picking games), Tony Hawk sucks, and now I'm stuck playing Pocket Pool. It's getting more and more boring the more I play it; the whole game just features sexy girls. Half-naked girls are all over: the title screen, the loading screen, even during game play.

Every time I win a game, new items are unlocked. "What kind of items?", you may ask. To that I reply, "New snooker and pool tables with half naked girls imprinted on the surface, different coloured cues, and balls with special designs. Oh, and there is even a gallery where you collect pictures for every game you win." Yep, you guessed it. Pictures of half-naked girls. Or, rather, pictures of a half-naked girl. The pictures are all exactly the same, just that you get more and more copies of it every time you win a game. And you wouldn't even want me to describe the woman in that picture. She wears a semi transparent spaghetti striped top and almost-transparent undies, so that you could actually see her nipples and her pubic hair.

I think most people play Pocket Pool just for the girls, not for the game.

I assure you, the only reason I'm playing it is because Tony Hawk is worse, and I've finished Bomberman and Afterburner.

And so, I need new games. I wanted Harvest Moon: Innocent Life, but they only have it in Japanese version. *sigh* I will have to wait until the English version comes out.

For now, its back to studying.


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