Saturday, 23 June 2007

really cute phone!!!

Damn. I have classes from Monday to Saturday, then homework comes on Sunday. When will I ever find the time to rest?

My dear readers, I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid that from now onwards till my final exam is over, I can't blog that often anymore.

Yay! I got a new phone today! Nah, I haven't gotten rid of my Sony Ericsson W900i yet (I doubt I'll be parting with it anytime soon) but Tree got me a late birthday present today. It's a really really cute phone which is only two-thirds of the size of my palm. Imagine how small is that! It cost RM 150. Pretty cheap, if you asked me. At first glance, you would think it's just a plastic toy phone, the one little kids love carrying around.

The key-pad isn't very good for sms-ing, but what the heck. It's cute.

So I have two phones. My official SE W900i, and my unofficial cute miniature 'fake' phone.

"Why two phones?", you may ask. For a youth like me whose parents are very srtict, I have no choice. The official W900i phone is the one which I usually for short calls and sms-es. I also normally use it to call my parents in emergencies. I put my post-paid SIM card in it. The other unofficial phone is the one I use for my nightly calls, which normally lasts for hours. I put my prepaid SIM card in it. Because my dad actually pays for my postpaid phone bill, I can't use it to chat with my friends in the middle of the night for hours on end, since the bill actually prints the time and duration of the call. That's where the 'illegal' phone comes in.

That's why I'm so happy to finally have such a tiny phone. It's so much easier when it comes to hiding the phone from my parents. Because of it's small size, I can hide it easily behind my palm. At night, I stuff it into one of my stuffed animals (there is a small opening in one of them where the stitches came off).

Oh, and I went for a wedding dinner today.

Overall, it was an okay experience. The 'entertainment' there sucked. Of course, there were times when the 'entertainers' actually made a fool of themselves (which they did most of the time anyway), and then that would be real entertainment for me.

Please lar, if you can't sing, DON'T GO ON STAGE!

Some went offkey. Most sung the wrong notes.

There was an old lady (and I mean really old) who sung a song. I can't remember the original title, but it was along the lines of "I will always wait for you".

Wah, you wait until your hair all white still don't want to give up waiting ah!

The only times I actually enjoyed good music was during intervals, when the prevoius singer had finished and the next singer wasn't present yet. During that short interval, they would play songs like 'Everyday I Love You', 'When You Say Nothing At All', 'Pretty Boy'... well, you get the idea. However, those intervals normally lasted no longer than 10 seconds. You can imagine how tormenting it was to my ears.

You may think I suffered there. I didn't.

I'm a optimist, and I always look on the bright side of things. Despite their bad singing, I took this opportunity to finally enjoy one of my favourite past times. Insulting people.

Hey, it's not like I said untrue things about them! I never tell lies.

For now, I'm gonna curl up in bed and enjoy my new book, 'Memoirs of a Geisha'.


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