Sunday, 1 July 2007

Mensa test, Japanese food.

Further Statistics is damn hard! I couldn't understand a thing during the whole two-hour lecture. All I did was stare blankly at the lecturer while trying as hard as I can to catch anything familiar to me. All I remember from the lesson was this:

P(X=x) = Some weird stuff which I don't remember.

I was really relieved when the lesson was finally over, although I doubt I actually learned anything.

After the lesson, Marcus and I went to Kevin's place. It was at around 10.30 am at that time, and we were supposed to attend the Mensa test at 12.00 pm.

We watched a movie called 'Saw'. It's a really interesting show, although I just watched the first few minutes of it. The introduction reminds me of Silent Hill. Two men wake up in a dirty bathroom (The bathroom part reminds me of Silent Hill where the character sometimes finds himself locked in a dirty room), not knowing how they got there. Then, using their wit, they have to look for clues to save themselves. I shall not say anymore, you just have to see it for yourself. I assure you, you will not regret it.

We arrived at Masyarakat Penyayang (That's the venue of the Mensa test) at 12.00 pm, but we had difficulty searching for the room. By the time we found it, it was already 12.30 pm. By then, my tummy was already aching real bad. The 30 minute 'treasure hunt' with my lunch jiggling inside me made me feel so unwell that Kevin had to carry my backpack for me.

However, the guy there told us that the test actually starts at 1.30 pm. WTF! But it was printed 12.00 pm in the papers! We had no choice but to wait for a whole hour doing absolutely nothing.

The test was pretty easy in the beginning, but it began to get harder and harder. By the time I reached the last 5 questions, I couldn't think at all. It was way too difficult.

Later at night, my dad brought us (my family) to the Equitorial Hotel for dinner. Japanese buffet!!! I had lots and lots and lots of sashimi, mussels and raw oysters. This is the best buffet I have ever been to! But of course, nice things come with a price.

RM 78.00 ++ per person.

All I can say is, I'm glad I'm not the one paying.


~glory~ said...

wah, what exactly is Further Statistics? Is it a SUBJECT?? in your A level? No, i suppose....

Well, frankly, the MENSA test is the easiest IQ test in global ranking. And since you had already sat for the General Ability Paper in the ASEAN scholarhsip selection tests,which is exactly the same as this MENSA thing, you should be fine then. Getting 140 over (lowest score to be a MENSA member) is a piece of cake for everyone, more especially for an express student like you.....
Hope to see your name in the coming issue of triple-M. GoodLuck.
p.s. I am a member of mensa,by the way. and i think you should know what's triple-M.

raedarling said...

Further Statistics is a sub-subject in Further Mathematics. Futher Math is divided to 3 sections: Further general math, Further mechanics, and further stats. Ur a Mensa member? wow, i hope i get to be a member too.