Wednesday, 13 June 2007

swallow, burp, then sneeze

I'm awfully sorry for not updating my blog for the longest time. Please excuse my laziness. I was too busy playing Maple Story (It's such an addictive game and I spent 8 hours on it yesterday! Currently, I'm a level 42 Ice-Lightning Wizard). I hope my number of readers hasn't deteriorated yet.

Have you ever had the experience of having to swallow, burp, and sneeze all at the same time?

Last night, I drank some water and just before swallowing it, I suddenly had the sensation to sneeze. And for some unknown reason, my stomach had also decided to give out air at that exact instant. It's a really difficult situation, because you have to think carefully before acting. All three have the same priority but only one can come first.

I suppressed all three for a moment to think. With my mouth full of water, I thought to myself: "If I sneezed first, the water would spurt all over. So the sneeze can't come first. If I burped, I would have to open my mouth and that would be dangerous too, because the water might 'spill' from my mouth. That leaves two options. I either swallow, burp, then sneeze, or I swallow, sneeze, then burp. But if I sneezed right after swallowing, the burp would probably go away and I would have the uncomfortable feeling of suppressed air in my stomach." So I told myself, "I shall
swallow, burp, then sneeze." All those worked in my brain in about 3 seconds.

Have you ever heard of the proverb
"Easier said than done"? Do you know what it means? It means it's easier pronouncing or writing the word 'said' than pronouncing or writing the word 'done'. Well, both words seem equally difficult to me. I don't know which idiot came up with such a ridiculous proverb. mean the proverb actually means it's easier to say something than actually doing what you said? Ah..............

So it's easier telling myself to
swallow, burp, then sneeze compared to actually doing it.

First, I swallowed the water and I quickly burped before it went away. The sneeze was almost gone after the burp, though. I had quite some difficulty summoning the sneeze back. I looked up to my fluorescent lamp (did you know that looking at bright light sometimes makes you sneeze?)......And I sneezed! Yay! I actually sneezed!

I sneezed. What joy.

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