Sunday, 3 June 2007

Shortest choir member

I just love being in a choir. Its hard work, what with the practices and stuff, but it pays off when you see yourself singing in front of an audience. I have forgotten how it feels like to be singing in a choir since I quit my school choir a few years ago.

Today, the great feeling came back. I was there, standing proudly with the other choir members, singing my heart out.

I can't say I love singing, but for some reason, I enjoy being in a choir. Its a really great feeling to be singing along with other people, making great music.

The feeling is so good that I don't mind that much that I'm the shortest among all the other singers.

P.S. I'm awfully, awfully sorry because I do realise that this entry is short, boring and meaningless. Apparently, BBS isn't gone yet. Maybe you guys could tell me what you would want to expect from my blog, and I'll make improvements.

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