Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Yay Day.

To most people, tomorrow is a Wednesday.

Just a Wednesday.

For me, tomorrow is a Yay Day.

Let me explain to you what Yay Days are.

They're usually the beginnings of holidays or the beginning of something exciting. They usually fall on weekends, but they occasionally fall on weekdays, too. Like tomorrow. Yay Days are normally affiliated with holidays, trips, and the likes but in this case (which is quite rare), it falls on a work day.

What makes a day a Yay Day:
1. Holidays.
2. Going for trips with friends.
3. Suddenly being relieved of a huge responsibility.
4. Doing something exciting, which I have been looking forward to for ages.
5. Finally getting something long coveted.


Tomorrow is a Yay Day.

Tomorrow, I've got two classes of P.E., which, on usual times, I'll loathe to death. However, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's P.E. classes because I've told my students that we're not going to the gym.

Thus, eliminating the need to yell across the gym fifty times for each student, getting frustrated about having to remind them over and over again to bring their P.E. attire (and later reluctantly giving them demerit marks as a punishment - oh btw, I gave demerit marks to the entire class today because they did not change into their P.E. attire) but still being turned a deaf ear on, and controlling them from running all over the place. Not to mention skipping P.E. altogether without my knowledge because it's virtually impossible to keep track of every student in the gym.

Instead, we're going to have discussions in class. Which means they're probably going to 'discuss' in their own groups, while I sit at the teacher's table, enjoying my new cell phone game.

Just kidding.

I had to add that I was just kidding, in case some smart-aleck comes across this and tells it all to Pn. Wong, and eventually getting me fired.

So that's the plan for the four periods of classes before recess.

After recess, I've got two Science classes.

The first, I fucking, fucking hate, because the students of that class NEVER PAY ATTENTION and they TALK FUCKING LOUDLY and are always fucking late for classes and one even had the guts to use the computer in the science lab to play Solitaire. During lessons. Even when I told her she wasn't allowed to do that, she insisted that she wanted to.

Jeez, I'm the teacher here. Not you.

Most of the time, she'd trudge away from the computer back to her seat with a disappointed look. At random intervals, she'd remind me that she wanted to use the computer.

Anyway, tomorrow they won't be in school because they're going for this motivational seminar for students.


As for the second class, I'm coming to the end of the chapter. All that's left is about how to conserve and preserve (both words seem the same to me, though) the environment.

"Okay kids, so in order to preserve the environment, you'll have to stop chopping trees, practice car pooling, establish forest reserves, and stop littering into the sea."

"End of chapter."

Can't get any easier than that.

Also, tomorrow Her Wuen is finally giving me a tuna mix for my pie tee!! Yay!!!

I love tuna.

Another reason to label tomorrow as a Yay Day.

Coincidentally, Kevin is also coming back tomorrow. Which means I can finally talk to him on the phone with a decent connection, unlike the fucking, fucking annoying horrid connection at his National Service camp.

Half of our conversations were filled with unnecessary hellos and I-can't-hear-yous.

Or, if he calls me using the public phone, his voice will sound so distant that I have to press the receiver onto my ear to hear him. And it's blood-suckingly expensive. RM 1 for 5 minutes of hey-your-voice-is too-distants and I-(still)-can't-hear-yous.

And there's a long que, so he can't even talk on the phone for long.

When he gets home tomorrow, I'm gonna call him and we're gonna talk to our heart's content.


And then, we're going out for a movie and dinner on Thursday. I really can't wait to see him again. I miss him sooooo much!!!!!

The excitement of going out with him on Thursday has infected even up till today.

I forgot to add. Being able to look forward to something on the next day can also be a plus point to make it a Yay Day. But only if the excitement is really, really, really huge. Being able to look forward to be able to look forward to Yay Day though, does not make that day eligible to be considered as a Yay Day.

I know the rules are complicated. Sorry.

Anyway, by tomorrow, the infection will be even more, enough to make it another reason to call it Yay Day.

And then, since I'm going out on Thursday with him, it will yet be another Yay Day.

Getting a Yay Day is one thing to be happy about, but getting TWO YAY DAYS IN A ROW????


Call me the luckiest girl on earth, 'cause that's how I'm feeling right now.

Usually, when it's Yay Day on the very next day, the final few hours of the previous day are called Yay Hours.

It's Yay Hours now.

Yay, yay, yay!


Ee Ping said...

can u stop using "fu*k"???
so annoying!
no offence ya

raedarling said...

ok ok....haha. no la tat time i really angry ma. i try to use less la. hehe