Friday, 18 April 2008

Butterflies in my stomach

Referring to Jasryn's latest blog post, The How-To Manual, I was reminded of an incident.

Just a random memory picked from my (sometimes dysfunctional) brain.

There was once when he (you know who) was cooking chicken chops at my place (no kidding! At my place!!!) and he was sweating all over because the kitchen was kinda stuffy and well, you know... just looking at the way he was concentrating on the cooking made butterflies magically materialize in my stomach.

I was so tempted to take a tissue to wipe the sweat off his head, but didn't have the guts to at that time.


Imagine if I did it.

He'd be so shocked.


1 comment:

Jasryn said...

Awww. Sweet. Glad I could inspire that memory. Although you must remember I'm just posting an MSN article.