Sunday, 27 April 2008

Shopaholic turns broke.

Shopping at Queensbay. With Yokey, Martina, and Erdiana.

I borrowed RM 100 from my mum before I went out. Unfortunately, I left home without the money.

Was moping the entire time.

Ate only three plates of sushi at Sakae Sushi, because I had to be thrifty.

Martina still spent less than I did, without even trying.

To think that I tried so hard not to spend, and my dinner still cost a few bucks more than hers.

Left Sakae Sushi with a (huge) hole in my pocket.

Moped around because I was still hungry, despite the fact that I'd already spent TEN FREAKING BUCKS (yes, I know that's not like a whole lot of money, but it was to me at that time because I was broke) on my dinner.

Bought a new pair of Croc shoes.

Yes, I know I already have a pair at home, and it's utterly unnecessary to get a new pair.

But I was feeling impulsive today.

I'm a shopaholic, remember?

Besides, they aren't any normal Croc shoes. They're the Christmas Edition kind.

See! The shoes even have 'fleece' at the soles and the sides!!!

Don't blame me. The shoes have fleece!!! They have fleece!!! It's not everyday that you encounter shoes with fleece.


The fleece justifies my impulsive and utterly unnecessary purchase of the shoes.

And, yes, my shoes are the exact colour as the ones shown above.

I think I'll get a 'Santa suit' this Christmas. And I'll wear it with the matching shoes.

Furry and comfy, they are.

Love them, I do.

I JUST had to get them once I laid eyes on them.

Too cute.

RM 169.90.

Plus a cute little Gary (the snail from Spongebob Squarepants) pin (the cute rubber things u stick onto the ventilation holes).

RM 9.90.

Moped even more after buying the Croc shoes, because I owed Yokey a whole lot of money after that.


How much?

RM 180.00.

Went for the MGS concert, A Musical Evening 3. Was 30 minutes late for it because we shopped a little too long.

Okay, I shopped a little too long.

By the time we arrived at the concert, we had already missed the entire orchestra's performance.

Sob, sob.

Watched the school choir sing a few songs.

Left during the 20 minute interval, because they (yes, they. I wanted to stay on but they didn't want to) didn't want to stay to watch the Jazz Band from USM.

"Let's go play else where," said Yokey.

"Play". Gosh. That sounded so wrong.

All in all, we only watched about 20 minutes or so of the entire concert, which was supposed to last 2 hours.

After we left, we couldn't decide where to go next.

Drived aimlessly while singing (or rather, yelling) to the song 'Low'.

I love Flo-Rida.

Almost got lost.

Finally decided to visit Gurney Drive, but there was no place to park the car. So we went to 1 Stop instead.

Bad idea.

The parking fee was TWO FREAKING BUCKS (by that time, I was really broke. Only had 30 cents with me) and there was practically NOTHING in 1 Stop.


So we decided to leave the place.

However, not wanting to waste the two bucks we paid for the parking fee, we decided to walk to Gurney Plaza.

Sheesh. Should have parked our car there in the first place.

Had supper at Secret Recipe.

Correction. They had supper at Secret Recipe. I just sat and watched.

It sucks being cash-less.

But now I'm fine again.

Dad gave me the remedy.

I got my May allowance early, plus a little extra.

Yes, I still get an allowance even though I have a job right now.

According to my father's logic, "Now that you're working, you'll need to spend more money."

So he raised my allowance by a hundred bucks.

Plus that little extra, you can bet I've got a lot of cash right now.

I know he's gonna spoil me this way. I'm so tempted to return him some of the cash and tell him I don't really need that much, but that's just so not me.

A shopaholic, returning her dad cash, just because she "doesn't need it".

You can imagine how much he gave me.

Oh, well. Call me a spoiled brat, but I think I'm just a very lucky girl.

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So so lucky!