Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Homicidal rat

Fifi died a horrible death.

Turns out, Fufu the hamster is homicidal rat in disguise.


All of a sudden, all my love for Fufu has evaporated into thin air.


Ee Lynn said...

HAHA.. What happened? Do elaborate!

raedarling said...

haizzzz......wen i reached home, i thought my hamster was sleeping. den i saw its body was abit squishy....den oni i realised it was dead. the body was torn yucky man. i duno why can lidat...i think they were fighting....sobsobZZZZ

Jasryn said...

Ouch. Die Fufu. DIE!!!

Sorry... sadism.

Yokie said...

Poor Fluffy was killed by Rambutan *pretends to weep*

Not~ Weeee~