Friday, 11 April 2008

Canteen day

You may think I'm lame, but Canteen Day got me hyped up.

Also a Yay Day because it didn't involve teaching.

Thus, lowering the probability of me having high blood pressure.

Photo loaded post.

Photos are arranged in chronological order.

Arrived at school in a considerable good mood. Visited the canteen. Students were setting up stalls.

In the gym, Steph and gang were setting up the Dance Machine Thingy.

Y'know, DDR.

I had a free 'trial' before they 'opened business'.

Too bad I didn't get anyone to take a picture of me dancing.

Shu Lyn (sorry if I misspelled the name) attempting the DDR.

Then, back to the canteen.

The 5Sc1 stall, a.k.a. the "I *heart* Me" stall.

"I *heart* Me" people preparing their food. I have their shirt too!!!

Next, the 3H stall. The one I patronised most. Chocolate fondue, seaweed crisps, DDR, and a manicure plus hand massage. All from 3H.

Thank me, guys!!!!

The sticks of marshmallow and grapes. Add on a piece of apple, a slice of banana, some hot melted choc, and VOILA!!! Chocolate fondue!!!

See, teachers are not always lazy. I helped them put the marshmallows on the skewers.

And that's me, being given the privilege to be the first to taste their fondue!!!

The teachers on duty. Selling coupons.

Pn. Ng selling her coupons...

And Lynn purchasing them.

I totally forgot to take a photo with Lynn!!!!!


After walking around a little bit, I went to the field and saw this interesting game:

People throwing soaked sponges at 'hostages'!!! (Can you see the water droplets on the air?)

RM 1 for two throws, RM 2 for five throws.

Lookit, the hostages' wrists are being tied together.

Then, back to the canteen for a manicure plus hand massage.

The 'manicurists' were in sleek black outfits (not to mention tight fitting), making them look very professional.

Yes, yes. I have a bad habit of judging books by their covers.

They even burned this sweet smelling oil, and the whole place was soooooo aromatic!!!

Soaking my hands in lemon water.

Their bottles of 'products', plus the burning oil.

After the lemon wash. All ready for manicuring.

They applied this massage cream on my hands and fingers and began massaging my hands.

A nice hand massage.

A better view of the whole stall. Nicely decorated with flower petals and perfumed with aromatic fragrance.

The two left most ladies were my manicurists.

Then, strolled around the canteen mindlessly a little more. Met Mei Mei and Ann Ting.

Left to right: Mei Mei, Ann Ting, me.

Some students even set up a 'song dedication' stall. 80 cents per song dedication.

The song dedicating section.

Met Jas!!!!

Long time no see!!!

Jas and I.

Sorry if the picture is a little blur.

And I found out that she has developed this weird english accent which I had a pretty hard time getting accustomed to.

Went back to the field for the sponge throwing game.

Me getting ready to throw the sponge at Rebecca's head. Btw, I do have a pretty slim body, haven't I?

That's Rebecca.

Unfortunately, I missed in both my two tries.


I dedicated a song to myself for being pretty. Also dedicated it to Wei Lyn for providing me the 80 cents for the dedication.

Students dancing to the song.

More students dancing to the song.

At around 11 a.m., three students came to me, requesting that I bring them out for grocery shopping, because they ran out of ingredients.

You see, students are strictly not allowed out of the school premises without the accompaniment of a teacher.

Reluctantly (having filled my tummy, I had already settled down in a comfortable position, with my eyes glued on my PSP), I agreed.

At the school gate, the security guard stopped us. He asked me why I was going out.

I told him we had to get some ingredients.

He said that we're not allowed to leave.

Confused, I stared blankly at him.

One... Two... Three...



"I'm a teacher."

He let us out.

Back at school, I met Phaik Yean, Mariel, and Rebecca.

Phaik Yean and I.

Stupid, stupid, stupid Mariel messed up my hair.


From left to right: Me, Mariel, and Rebecca. My hair's messed up.

I bought lots and lots of food. At the end of the day, here's what's left over:

As expected, I feel awfully fat now.

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Jasryn said...

Cool. I'm a guest artist in your blog too. I feel so loved. Ooo... maybe I should've spent money on the manicure but the smell put me off a little.